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h/t to Kenny’s Sideshow for finding this video. very interesting, a few little bobbles in my opinion but overall pretty solid and coming from an insider, that’s the key. you know we people who have been doing what he’s suggesting for a few years, we figured this out without being told. people who think bloggers are wacky conspiracy theorists — they are the ones who need to hear it from an inside person, an “authority” or an “expert” if you will, because they’re just not going to believe a fellow citizen no matter how many links or proof we throw at them.

but hey, whatever it takes to get you there… wake up and smell the coffee. no we’re not making this shit up.

hasbara: FAIL

1. Michael Oren heckled. professor appears to be practically in tears at the outrage, verbally attacks students and threatens to fail them all for disrupting the important speech of busy man Michael Oren.

2. Elie Wiesel repeats a bunch of lies and misquotes attributed to Ahmadinejad, then suggests it wouldn’t be so bad if he were assassinated. jpost puts headlines thusly, with quote marks: ‘i wouldn’t cry if he was killed’  EXCEPT that’s not what Elie Wiesel said. Elie Wiesel used the assassination word.

“I wouldn’t cry if I heard that Ahmadinejad was assassinated,” he quipped, calling the Iranian president “a pathological danger to world peace.”

3. Lieberman whines about Turkey

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Tuesday leveled criticism at Turkey for what he called “weekly” condemnations of Israel.

Speaking during a visit to Azerbaijan’s capital Baku, Lieberman said that Israel had been “supporting close relations with Turkey for 10 years.” He said that the recent change in Ankara’s stance, since Operation Cast Lead against Hamas terrorists in Gaza, was “unexpected.”

Turkey can’t keep repeating this “sharp anti-Israel line” every week, the foreign minister told an Azerbaijani television station.

Nonetheless, he said, Israel is doing everything in its power to maintain ties and coordinate closely with Turkey.

“We hope Turkey will make certain amendments to its foreign policy,” he added.

Lieberman’s comments came some two weeks after Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an said Israel “should give some thought to what it would be like to lose a friend like Turkey in the future,” in an interview with the Euronews channel.

“We have important ongoing agreements between us. How can these agreements be kept going in this climate of mistrust? I think Israel had better take another look at its relations with its neighbors if it believes it is a world power,” Erdo?an said in the interview.The Turkish premier said that the humiliation of Turkish Ambassador to Israel Oguz Celikkol by Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon had “no place in international politics.”

Earlier in January, Aylaon called Celikkol in for a public dressing down over a Turkish television show that depicted Mossad agents as baby snatchers. At that meeting, Ayalon instructed the camera crews, in Hebrew and in the ambassador’s presence, not to film them shaking hands, to show that the Turkish envoy was sitting on a lower sofa, to show that there was only an Israeli flag on the table and not to film them smiling.

When asked by Euronews if Turkey could have handled relations with Israel more diplomatically, Ergodan answered that “I am telling the truth…And I will keep telling the truth.”

news from the mailbox

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Sent: Friday, November 27, 2009 6:51 AM
Subject: “Your Global Warming Hoax Agenda” violates my Invoking of the 2nd Law where all are accountable.

I have Invoked the 2nd Law of the Universe here in Australia to have all accountable for illegal technology on Australian soil and here on Planet Earth and for violating the Laws of Creation. As shown in my CT-Scan, illegal technology is being used on Planet Earth and this illegal technology had been placed in me against my freewill and consent, when I was under the legal adult age of consent (then 21 years old) during the period when I was a Navy Clearance Diver involved in several clandestine acts, as stated in my Affidavit of 11/11/99.

As the Australian Constitution is illegal and invalid shows how no-one has ever obtained the true consent of we the Sovereign People of Australia to have Joint Military Facility’s along with it’s “alien technology” on Australian soil such as Pine Gap or to have Satanic structures such as the Australian Parliament House built on Australian soil (see photos).

- The Laws are what they are and the website is what it is -

As “they” were fully aware of my Invoking as shown at: Australian PM Informed Website Under Second Law is why they are accountable for the action they all chose, which I will now explain.

You’re unable to charge any of “them” on the evil side for “their” criminal acts, and it’s the same for the village idiot who “they” stole 2 elections for won’t be charged for 9-11 or war crimes in Iraq, and the same applies for the atrocities that’s been occurring for the last 60 years in the Middle East. As the Middle East also shows, this killing and violence has been going on long before Crucifixion and the Babylonian days as shown in the Bible, and “their” script we are seeing today was laid out 4000 years ago, before the first Babylon was constructed.

What all the stage players have failed to comprehend is that “their” Annointed One, The Controller, The Illuminated One, The Devil along with his many other names was always accountable for his actions from “Day One” and this is why he laid out this evil game that we see today to make everyone else just as accountable as he is and especially the Dark One’s who were attracted later to the game, which was changed to include them. ( Israel, U.S and including the Jesuits and the Vatican belong to this Dark group )

His mocking of “all of them” is shown in his handy work of unfinished structures around the world and the actors themselves are too silly to see this mocking as shown by the completed E.U Parliament being a copy of the “unfinished structure” of Babylon, which was destroyed as stated in the Bible. Another great example is the Australian Parliament House with the capstone in place without the all seeing eye, further showing this is another incomplete structure. He has also deliberately put flaws in his handy work that allows “them” to fail as shown by “their” failure to obtain the true consent (Allowance) of the Aboriginals and of the Sovereign People of Australia to participate in this evil game by the Australian Constitution being illegal and invalid.

Also, he allowed “their” own actions to put my Invoking of the 2nd Law of the Universe into play when they granted my demand to withdraw my consent and be discharged from the Navy showing this to be the biggest example of how he has deceived “them” by “his knowing” that my Invoking of the 2nd Law of the Universe would have “them all” as accountable as he is, which shows he has mocked “them all” from “Day One”.

The Actors on the world stage, might be able to scoff at Domestic and International Law “they” created but “they” are accountable to the Creators Laws through my Invoking of the 2nd Law and it’s these Laws that will take “their” accountability out to infinity for standing in defiance to the Creators Laws and his Creation.

The Laws of the Universe are Immutable and cannot be changed or distorted. They work without question
as to whom is applying them and dire consequences for those who interfere with them.

View: Australian PM Informed Website Under Second Law and: Government Files a Hearsay Document

As I have Invoked the 2nd Law of the Universe here in Australia, I give No Allowance to anyone or anything in the flow of Creation to violate my Invoking as it’s through my Invoking of the 2nd Law of the Universe here in Australia all are accountable for illegal technology on Australian soil and here on Planet Earth and for violating the Laws of Creation. As shown in my CT-Scan, illegal technology is being used on Planet Earth and this illegal technology had been placed in me against my freewill and consent, when I was under the legal adult age of consent (then 21 years old) during the period when I was a Navy Clearance Diver involved in several clandestine acts, as stated in my Affidavit of 11/11/99.

And also as the Australian Constitution is illegal and invalid shows how no-one has ever obtained the true consent of we the Sovereign People of Australia to have Joint Military Facility’s along with it’s “alien technology” on Australian soil such as Pine Gap or to have Satanic structures such as the Australian Parliament House built on Australian soil (see photos).

It should be remembered “they” used me for “their” Evil Agenda when I was a minor and I withdrew my consent when I was 21 years old which was then the adult age, by demanding to be discharged from the Navy, where I was given an Honourable Discharge in 14 days and it’s this action, which put my Invoking of the 2nd Law of the Universe into play and has taken all these years to for me to comprehend and understand the position I had taken and stand today. - Also see my writings above Letter to John Howard the then Australian Prime Minister.

It’s of no concern to me whether people accept or believe what I am saying as I only have to satisfy my own knowing but the facts speak for themselves, view my CT-Scan and see the objects in my throat and question how evil is this to control ones life and which is in violation to the Laws of Creation and for those who ignore this evil act against me, should ask themselves in what GOD do they believe in?

Yes, “they” thought they could control and do what they liked in the Satanic world they created 4000 years ago and not be accountable but now “they” are accountable through my Invoking for what has been done to me when I was underage and for all the violations that has occurred here in Australia and these violations can never be undone, “they” are accountable and “they” know it.

May I add, I don’t care what people want or say must happen as I give No Allowance through my Invoking, there will be no New World Order, Anti-Christ or Mark of the Beast nor will the Australian Parliament house with it Satanic symbols be the New World Order head quarters as these are in violation to my Invoking.

This is why this evil game on Earth is slowing down dramatically and it will soon be at a stop and then all on Earth will see the illusion that was created including all the Emporers are wearing no clothes as “they” are accountable and have no authority to be here or to play this evil game here on Earth when it is not even “their” Planet. In other words, “their” game is over, “them” and their Satanic God are accountable now to our Highest Authority, our Creator through my Invoking of the 2nd Law of the Universe here in Australia and where now their mocking has come to an end.

The Laws of the Universe are what they are and the website is what it is

thoughts on the resistance

In order for the resistance to work, we need to know individually and as a whole what we’re resisting. The large outlines are pretty clear: world government, financial slavery, martial law, a medical police state. This is about maintaining sovereignty. Sovereignty over our country, sovereignty over our states, sovereignty over cities and towns, sovereignty over our families. Sovereignty over our bodies and our minds.

Sometimes the resistance will require that you do something, and other times it will require that you not do something. It depends what the evil force is doing. An effective resistance implies doing the opposite of whatever the evil force is trying to get you to do. If they want you to stop doing something, you don’t stop. If they want you to start doing something, you don’t start. You simply have to figure out what they want and do the opposite.

In essence, TPTB want to remove all sovereignty. They want total control. At best, they want you to be a slave. But they don’t say that of course, that would tip you off. So instead they weave a narrative. In this narrative they are simply adding a layer on top of the existing structures, which of course will remain with only slight changes not to worry, and this supra-national layer of cooperation will facilitate solving all sorts of seemingly intractable problems that we hear so much about: wars, the environment, the financial crisis, world hunger, terrorism, etc. They helpfully explain that if we only cooperated just a little more, we can solve these problems. Yes we can. You may not realize or even believe that you will cede sovereignty for this to work, but actually, that is the whole point of the exercise. Of course they don’t explain that. You would never agree to it, as they know perfectly well! Thus the lies of omission. Lies of comission. Many, many lies.

The evil works from the top down, from the outside in. The resistance works from the bottom up, from the inside out. It starts in your mind. It starts in you when you reclaim sovereignty over your own thoughts. If there’s one thing the resistance needs, it is for people to think. Thinking is creative. The resistance begins in your mind, in the sovereignty of your mind. If you’re not free there, you will never be free. And if you are free in your own mind, the rest will follow.

Free people have dignity. Dignity means that you don’t sit around waiting for people to do things for you if you can do them yourself. You are free to take care of yourself. Little babies wear diapers and we have to change them. Little toddlers learn to use the toilet and for a while we have to help them. Eventually they can do it all by themselves and everyone is happy. It’s a basic level of dignity. Hold onto your freedom. Hold onto your dignity. Don’t give them away because you’ll enjoy that about as much as having to call someone in to wipe your own ass for you.

It is my belief that God very much wants us to do some very basic things for ourselves at this moment in time. Just as a parent who *knows* his child is capable of managing things in the bathroom might say, “Please don’t make me come in there, you can handle it. Do the best you can.” So perhaps might God have the same attitude with us right now. Yes it’s messy. We can handle it. We can always take a shower after. Thank you God for making human beings completely washable. Even if he decides to come in, the most he might do is start running the hot water for us. That would be ok. That means we can take a nice shower soon.

God created us. He created us in his image. Thus we can create. Human beings are creative. The resistance is creative. The resistance is how God works through human beings to protect his own creation.

Some people never seem to create anything but always want to destroy things. You can tell if they lie, if they say anything that seems convenient and don’t seem to even realize they’re doing it. You can tell if they don’t seem to have any personal integrity, anything inside that helps them resist doing whatever they feel like at any given moment. These sorts of people will not be part of the resistance. Don’t waste your time with them. The resistance is a creative force, not a destructive force. The bare threshold requirement is that people have some ability to think their own thoughts and display some personal integrity.

The resistance also needs everyone to think because the evil force uses trickery, and in particular they use trickery to get people to REact. A sovereign action, a sovereign decision, is not the same as a reaction. When you decide to take your car out for a drive, that is a sovereign decision. When you swerve to avoid hitting a deer, that is a reaction. The evil force will try to elicit reactions that they can then use to justify what they have long planned. That is why we all need to be able to think, so that we can properly assess when we might be walking into a trap.

Sometimes you will need to do something, and sometimes you will need to do nothing. There’s no manual. This will be a creative process. That is why it will work.

UPDATE: Jim Kirwan writes:

“An insidious brainwashing program set to be launched next week will “organically” weave the government’s political propaganda into prime time network television shows, with positive talking points about Obama’s environmental, bailout, health care and “servitude” agenda being seamlessly integrated into the content of dramas, reality shows and comedies.

Under the auspices of a program run by the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), network TV shows will be used to promote “service and volunteerism” on behalf of the public as part of a “week-long of television programming on all four leading broadcast networks ­ ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and all affiliated broadcast and cable properties as well, and other networks, beginning October 19.”

According to the EIF press release, “Network shows that will feature volunteerism in some way during the week of Oct 19th,” include the following.

All My Children, America’s Funniest Home Videos, Brothers and Sisters, Castle, Cougar Town, Dancing With The Stars, Desperate Housewives, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Flash Forward, General Hospital, Good Morning America, Grey’s Anatomy, Hank, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Modern Family, One Life To Live, Private Practice, The Forgotten, The Middle, The View, Ugly Betty

Cold Case, Criminal Minds, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Gary Unmarried, Ghost Whisperer, Numb3rs

America’s Most Wanted, Bones, Brothers, COPS, So You Think You Can Dance, Till Death

30 Rock, Access Hollywood, Community, Days of Our Lives, Heroes, Parks and Recreation, The Biggest Loser, The Office, Today Show

Despite the fact that this was announced back in September, a new investigation by John Nolte has revealed all kinds of surreptitious connections that give a solid indication of what we can expect to be promoted by the TV shows that will effectively be under government control from Monday onwards.

Hokay! Well, if you watch teevee (and I don’t), and you think people like me and Jim are crazy conspiracy theorists, here’s the challenge:

Watch some of these shows with this information in mind, and ask yourself honestly: Are they trying to control what you think?

Now why would they do that?

UPDATE 2: Henry Makow writes:

In the documentary, Demographic Bomb,” the Director of the UN Population Division, Hania Zlotnick admits the UN got women in developing countries to sterilize themselves by having TV stars do it in soap operas.

In developed countries, the Illuminati bankers have achieved the same goal in similar fashion by pushing promiscuity and homosexuality in the mass media.

In a famous 1969 memo, Rockefeller-sponsored Planned Parenthood VP Frederick Jaffe proposed the following measures to reduce U.S. fertility: (a) encourage increased homosexuality,(b) fertility control agents in water supply, (c) encourage women to work, (d) abortion and sterilization on demand, and (e) make contraception truly available and accessible to all.

The mass media is the mental “water supply.” It defines “norms” (acceptable behavior) and therefore reshapes behavior. You can’t watch television without seeing aggressive career women showing up men and engaging in promiscuous sex, often with each other. Homosexuality is treated as normal, the “cool” and “edgy” thing. The Illuminati have moved the goalposts, and created a new bogus reality. They have decreased the birth rate in the United States as surely as in Bangladesh.

An illustration of how tightly controlled the TV plot-lines are: This week, 90 television shows are promoting “volunteerism” in their stories. They don’t tell you what else they have promoting over the years, but it’s plain to see: racism, i.e. the disappearance of race through interracial marriages; disappearance of religion and family (feminism); and the fore mentioned promiscuity and homosexuality. This agenda is mirrored in the school system.

Programming is programming.

i always hated october

Well, in the style of throwing some things against the wall here and seeing what sticks, here goes nothing…

First, a brilliant illustration by David Dees.

Mind control is real.
Ritual sacrifice is real.
Playing with your emotions is real.

IF TPTB wants to effect a paradigm change, which we believe they do, they’re having some problems executing.

People have caught on to the swine flu psyop. People know that the financial system is totally corrupt. People know about false flag operations like 9/11. We still have the internet. We’re still here. Every day we live to resist another day is a day that WE HAVE WON, just like the Palestinians. OK? Give yourself a pat on the back. We are human beings, and we will prevail.

IF TPTB wanted to soften us up, they would do something to get everyone very emotional, preferably weepy emotional rather than fighting emotional. They’d have you crying your eyeballs out while glued to the teevee for the latest CNN crawl to find out WHO DID IT. WHO DID THIS TO US?

And then when you’re down, when you’re confused and you dropped your tissues and your nose is running, that’s when they kick you in the head and the back. That is why I think they might go for Obama first, and then lower the boom on the financial crisis or false flag or bio-attack or some combination thereof. NOT that everyone loves Obama, that’s not what I’m saying because obviously everyone doesn’t. But a lot of people still do. Enough people. I covered the concept of “enough” in the last post. So perhaps the time is ripe to harvest the fruit, before it rots on the vine.

IF Obama is under mind-control, which to be honest I would be astonished if he weren’t, an “accident” wouldn’t be difficult to arrange. I have also covered in my last few posts the way the New Prince of Peace idea fits into the Passion Narrative. If you have any understanding of the goals of the NWO, you realize that a great culture war between Muslims and Christians needs to be arranged. You know that the NWO hates Christianity and wants to destroy Christianity as well as Islam.

Look at the loaded symbolic language here from this Newsweek op-ed by Howard Fineman:

In the rose garden last Friday, Barack Obama, with a deep sense of humility and in the name of all mankind, reluctantly accepted the Nobel Peace Prize committee’s decision proclaiming him president of planet Earth. He will be sworn in at a glittering ceremony in Oslo in December….OK, I’m joking. Obama isn’t going to be sworn in as planetary president. But it doesn’t matter; in his mind, he already is. From the time he announced his candidacy, his appealand his sense of himselfhas been global…For one of his first major speeches, he flew to Cairo, offering himself as a human bridge between the West and Islam in an event that had the aura of a Second Inaugural Address, this one aimed at the whole world…In office for a mere nine months, Obama is now a full-blown “ism.” And Obamaism—the idea that there must be shared global responsibility for virtually every problem we face—makes some obvious sense….But the president had better be careful…The bigger risk for Obama is personal. No one in recent decades has come into office with such high—perhaps dangerously high—expectations…To be sure, he tried to be humble in the Rose Garden.

Obama “offered himself as a human bridge between the West and Islam” in Cairo? Do I need to point out the significance of Cairo, Egypt to the occult world? Does Obama know he did that? What happens if that human bridge gets blown up? I guess there’s no way for “the West” and Islam to get together then, hmm? That fits nicely into a little end-times scenario, along with all the other chaos going on in the Middle East, and especially depending on *who* might be blamed should something happen to Obama, the New Prince of Peace. That’s why it’s convenient that not everyone loves Obama. It allows for the finger to be pointed somewhere with legitimacy.

Also note that “Obamanism” was created in just nine months. Naturally. How symbolic.

Sacrifice is real. Ritual sacrifice is real to the occult, and this culture of death has been exposed via the organ harvesting in Israel. And then you’ve got this angle, the war against women, as symbolized by the attack on the moon. And it all comes together in gory horrific clarity upon learning that in China, where couples routinely abort girl babies, they sell the fetuses to restaurants to be prepared in aphrodisiac soups. I warn you this is gruesome and disturbing to the bone — pictures of little tiny babies on cutting boards.

And it’s October, traditional month of “surprises.”

I had a vivid dream last night in which a young black man was going to attack someone wrongly, using trickery, and the crisis was averted when an ugly, simple woman approached him and whispered “say Amen practice saying Amen” to him, which caused him confusion and diverted his will to attack, and at the same time a very small crowd of people did nothing much but approach and sort of got in the way between him and the person he wanted to attack, very peacefully, and shifted the situation until the danger passed.

I believe something like that can still happen, that the crisis can be averted. But it takes wisdom and attention and the willingness of enough people to pay attention, pray, and have the courage to stand up for each other. May the resistance live as long as it is needed.

diehard resisters

I’ve written about abusive military technology before. It’s a little pet peeve of mine.

super creepy mind control experiments
a laser beam?
laser technology
use your imagination
coverup in full swing
who killed benazir bhutto?
fusion centers
another PR problem
sick minds make sick weapons
a logical conclusion
close enough to see the whites of their eyes
bullshit detector - activated (complete with comment thread military suck-up troll who I would dispatch differently today (link fixed))
the holy grail of crowd control
message control

So now we have the military and militarized police forces abusing the G20 protesters in Pittsburgh. And here’s three big goons doing a terrible job trying to blend in with some students.

h/t Dissecting the New Age (on the blogroll)

What is the point of all this? It is to control the way you think.

The war against our minds has many dark levels, all of which attempt to hide truth which is not sanctioned by the police state, replacing it with a new fabricated “official version” of events. The state/corporate controlled media informs us of what we are to think, while multiple forms of coercion, bribery and intimidation are used to reinforce the government’s ideas and convince people to accept them as their own.

Each political protest that attempts to open people’s eyes to the world of untruths which constantly inundates us, exposes the silent majority to more and more of the police state tactics that the ruling elite has gathered together, to use as it wages war against the American public by less than deadly means. In addition to rubber bullets and flash grenades, the police state brought-out acoustic weapons to herd protestors at the recent G20 Summit in Pittsburgh:

I try whenever possible to unpack things for people as best I can, by showing how the manipulation works. How they use language like ’scientists believe,’ ’studies suggest,’ and ‘experts disagree,’ and all the myriad ways they twist what people see and hear and understand, how they send people off down dead-end roads giving them misdirections that can cost them their lives.

The militarization of American police forces and their adaptation to the new low-level warfare techniques is spoon-fed to us, mixed-in with the usual themes of “terrorism” and other fear factors, hoping to intimidate any potential resistance movement before it even begins—stifling the idea itself. That’s the entire mission of the war against the people, in a nutshell, to stifle all unacceptable ideas within the mind itself, before trouble arises from them.

Exactly right. They strangle the infant independent thoughts in the cradle of your brain. As soon as you start thinking hey what am I doing on my knees and you start to pick your head up they come down on your neck with a spike-soled boot. Aren’t you a GOOD AMERICAN? Don’t you SUPPORT THE TROOPS? Don’t you believe that ISRAEL IS THE ONLY DEMOCRACY IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND OUR BEST FRIEND THAT WE HAVE TO SUPPORT? Go ahead, stand up and say it out loud. Put it on the internet what you really think. Go ahead. I dare you. I dare you to speak the truth.

Oh no. That would be crazy. The truth is radical and most people aren’t cut out for that sort of thing, they’re not diehard resisters. Resisting is more like a hobby than a survival mechanism. They don’t take it all that seriously. Better to remain Anonymous because they think that keeps them safe from the police state. But that is the biggest mind-fuck of all, that submitting to mind-control keeps you safe. The only way out is to RESIST and to THINK YOUR OWN THOUGHTS and to OPEN YOUR MOUTH. If you censor yourself, they have won. That’s exactly what they want you to do. It frees them up for other projects. That’s why they whine so bitterly when people don’t listen to The Authorities, because you’re supposed to police your own thoughts, shut up and make their jobs easy. That’s your Patriotic Duty, to be a mind-controlled slave.

And yes, you *are* under mind-control. If you live in these United States, you are under mind-control.

Resistance begins and ends within the mind. The police state knows this. When they say euphemistically, that it is a war for “hearts and minds,” this is what they mean—a battle to kill-off ideas of resistance. The Master State is attempting to preempt future resistance by anticipating who will be in the resistance, so that their rebellious minds might be swept clean of such unacceptable thinking, before trouble comes from it.

Resistance to the idea of the all-powerful state is all that prevents the rising-up of the global dictatorship. Many plans are afoot now to bring this new order about. Full implementation of the plan will bring-about a massive planetary kill-off, where multiple animal and plant species will disappear, along with a billion or more human beings. Silence in the face of such inhuman plans is a deadly surrender of apocalyptic proportions.

Read the whole thing.

dignity means not letting other people do things for you that you can do for yourself, such as getting up off your knees while you still can

So I might be taking a little break, not sure. Maybe I will maybe I won’t. But read this thing from David Icke because it’s good and it conveys some of the frustration that I personally feel from spending thousands of hours of my life reading and blogging and analyzing, for what I don’t know. For the love of humanity I guess because I certainly don’t do it for the money or the security it brings me ahem.

Here’s the thing up next for us: resistance, non-compliance. If they’re going to take you away make them do it the hard way. Do not cooperate with this agenda coming down the pike because it is dangerous and deadly and evil and it will trap even those enforcing it, to their bitter horror.

We need to come together in mutual support with unbreakable determination and a backbone that will not wilt.

No matter what the intimidation we must refuse the vaccination for ourselves and our families and make it as difficult as possible for the authorities to impose their will. If people react with violent protest, they will be handing all the aces to the police state. It is not a violent response that we need, but a calm and peaceful mass campaign of non-cooperation.

A system run by a few cannot function if the masses will not cooperate with it.

Calmness is essential or we stop thinking straight and never was there a more important time to think straight than in the months and years ahead before this control system is dismantled.

Hey, and you in the middle and lower ranks of administration in governments and their agencies; you in uniform, be it the military, police, whatever … What the hell are you doing? You have children and grandchildren, too. What the hell are you doing?

Wake up, grow up, get informed and start to break ranks before you enforce a prison-state on your own families.

This is no time for faint hearts … we came to sort out this fascist nonsense and the time will come when we will. Let us meet that challenge - look it in the eye - instead of running for cover.

One line sums it up …


it’s not that you’re israeli, it’s that you’re wrong

This is so awesome. Found it at Atheo News.

Israel/America - A Rambling Poem

Every time I think of 9/11
I see burning flesh dripping off the bones of Iraqi children in Fallujah
Now Gaza
I tend to memorialize the forgotten
The collateral damage eclipsing our unpunished crimes

Maybe it’s because I’m a numbers guy
Because if I had a dollar for every time an Iraqi died since 2003
I’d be a millionaire

And don’t get me wrong
Sometimes I don’t know who I hate more
The governments in the West
Or the politicians in the East
Who sell their souls quicker than the oil they export
Straw men who use Palestine as a tool to line their pockets
And don’t give a nickel to their people
Quisling governments
Who stitch mouths shut for a check from Washington and AIPAC
How can you be their prototypical anti-Semite
If you are signing peace accords to oppress your own people?

And then Orientalists and idiots talk about how
We can’t have democracy in the Middle East
Because of what happened in Gaza
A Hamas boogyman wrapped in democratic elections
Rahm Emanuel wants to educate me and my people about democracy gone wrong
Why doesn’t he try implementing one in Israel first?
Instead of bowing down to terrorists like his father and the IDF
Lauding a third rate, racist, European society that’s imploding quicker
Than its moral standing in the world
Enlightened like 1950s Afrikaners and slave traders
Just because the house is beautiful
Doesn’t mean the bones you built it on have fully decomposed

The Israeli left is about as alive as Ariel Sharon
I’m sick and tired of asking for permission to resist
From antiquated leftists and progressives
Who care more about keeping it Kosher than moving things forward
I put down my pen and waving fist to resist with college kids and Palestinians
Boycott and divest!
Because who cares about preserving a living when governments are killing civilians
Complicity by silence and reserve units bombing Gaza
Your academics and scholars, theater groups and practitioners, are part of the problem

And if logic doesn’t fit into your long term plan of rejecting
My right to return, I’m sorry
Maybe one day you’ll return to reality
Where my people have babies quicker
Than Zionists can concoct Jordanian options

I don’t want your sympathy or introspective confessions
Won’t sit on my hands till they loose oxygen
Like the people of Balata and Rafah
Vote for Barack Obama
And pretend that his 22 day silence was golden
While emaciated children starved to death
Surrounded by their parent’s corpses

This can’t be America the Beautiful
A criminal with a few positive attributes
Doesn’t alleviate genocide
Bombing Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq
Into oblivion doesn’t make you historic
It makes you as blind and bloodthirsty
As the white men that came before you
Apathetic hipsters now excited about a president
Who broke history, but not poverty, occupation, or corporate interests

I’d rather proudly walk through the graveyard of peace accords
And failed dialogue sessions
Than see my people just as occupied or third class citizens
We are the gavel that will slam down like a verdict
We are not waiting for Israel or America or the Supreme Court to approve it
We’ll boycott Lev Leviev, Caterpillar and your apartheid companies
We’re taking back the right of return and the keys to a country
Because we never asked you to go back to Europe or sit in open air prisons
I’m not asking for your advice, I’m explaining the decision
You can stay here, with us, but only as equals
It’s not that you’re Israeli, it’s that you’re wrong
That’s why I fight for my people!

Remi Kanazi is the editor of the recently released collection of poetry, Poets For Palestine. He will be touring the US and Canada this fall on the upcoming Poets For Palestine tour.