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Sarah Palin cannot respond to anonymous allegations. But her explanation about the clothes leaves me puzzled. She says the clothes belong to the RNC, and nobody has told her that lawyers are coming to AlasKUH! to rummage through her closets. She said, while modestly polishing her halo, that she never asked the RNC for anything aside from an occasional Diet Dr. Pepper. (She just helped herself, being an independent survivalist gal from the tundra.) But then she said that staffers packed clothes into suitcases that were subsequently placed in the belly of the plane, presumably to go with Sarah back to AlasKUH! But they’re not her clothes, see, because they belong to the RNC. She just gets to wear them.

Or maybe I misunderstood. It’s all so confusing.

It depends what the definition of ‘never’ is

From a very serious open letter to Barack Obama:

Never before has a Presidential candidate failed to fully disclose routine information about their background that might help the voters make an informed choice in an election.

Statement from the McCain camp explaining why Sarah Palin’s medical records have not been released:

“We believe that a candidate should be able to preserve some privacy in this process, and we’re confident the American people will validate that judgment come election day.”

What did you say?

Jerusalem Post Editor David Horovitz is Very VERY Concerned as We Americans Vote

As America chooses its new leader on Tuesday, I’m worried - for Israel, [Israel FIRST, even if it is an American election.] and for the US and the rest of the free world. [Whatevs...]

Because much of America [the obviously WRONG much...] - seven Islamist terror-free domestic years after 9/11 - has long since stopped regarding Muslim extremism as a real, on-your-doorstep, life-ending danger. [See, that's why you guys need another 9/11.]

And because for much of America, [again, the WRONG much...] the Iraq war, however relatively beneficial the surge, was a terrible, era-changing mistake that has recalibrated the nation’s attitude to the notion of self-defense. An ill-conceived act of unconscionable hubris, misdirected and fatal more than 4,000 soldiers’ lives over [Oh, and I don't know anything about the other lives.]. A mistake that ruined America’s economy, its reputation, its global relations. [Is that what you think of the Iraq War? No no've got it all wrong. (Also, we had nothing to do with any of this.)]

This America is certain, through to its scarred soul, that it shouldn’t have fought the Iraq war. There were no weapons of mass destruction. Distant Saddam was not its problem. Even after 9/11 - especially after 9/11 - Saddam was not its problem.

And it doesn’t want to know right now whether the war it shouldn’t have fought was also the wrong war - in other words, that it should have held its fire for a war it might truly need to wage. [That would be the one we want you to do for Israel now.]

Much of today’s America has arrived at the place Western Europe has been occupying for some time. However potentially devilish the dangers may be down the road, unless the killers are here, now, bombing homes and buses and offices and stores, it doesn’t want to fight any wars. No wars, for no causes that are not America’s direct business. [You selfish, selfish Americans.]

However understandable, this is ostrich thinking. It is the kind of head-in-the-sand mindset that, seven decades ago, was central to the delay that cost all those [(adjusted)] millions of Holocaust lives. [Why don't you care about ISRAEL????]

But if Iran’s genocidal regime is capable of implementing its inhumane ambitions, there will be no slow gathering of pace, no Nazi-style gradual refinement of the mass-killing process. The threat, rather, is of simple pressure applied to a nuclear trigger and vast, immediate consequences. There would be no room for the belated realization of the imperative to act that enabled the costly defeat of the Nazis. The damage would already have been done. [The Iranians are MADMEN! Can't YOU SEE THAT?????? Repeat after me: Nazi Holocaust Nazi Holocaust Iran Nazi Holocaust Iran. Ok good. Keep going.]

THIS IS not a Zionist’s entreaty to American voters to choose John McCain [We would never interfere, mind you.] - the candidate who has used the more trenchant rhetoric about his determination to ensure Iran is unable to achieve its nuclear weapons ambitions; the candidate who has internalized man’s capacity to do harm more personally than his opponent, blessedly, has needed to thus far. [Obama is an inexperienced babe in the woods. He just does not understand yet how much harm he needs to internalize. But sadly, he will learn. (fuck fuck fuck)] No, not even though we fear, in the abiding absence of sufficient international economic pressure on Teheran, that we may indeed soon face the stark choice McCain presented between military intervention and the only thing worse: a failure to apply military intervention that enables Iran to go nuclear. [Shakespeare, where art thou as I needeth to convey the urgency?]

For we on the front line of the new war between life and the death cult of Islamic extremism listened to dramatic rhetoric for years from McCain’s Republican predecessor, and saw it persuade our leaders that George W. Bush would take care of Iran one way or another. We came to recognize that this conviction was empty. And in today’s America, bent on avoiding another war at almost all cost, we wonder how much more credible McCain is than Bush has been, how much more latitude for action he would really be able to muster. [They're all talk, NO ACTION. You cannot even begin to imagine our disappointment.]

Nor, however, is it a plea to endorse Barack Obama’s [G-d forbid the schvartz get in!] recipe for tough diplomacy - designed to impress upon the Iranians that they had better abort their nuclear weapons program or risk more “serious action,” with the military option on the table.

The Obama approach may well yield a greater international readiness to economically pressurize Teheran into changing course. And Obama has issued tough statements as he’s neared the White House - in July telling The Jerusalem Post he would do “everything in my power as president to prevent Iran attaining nuclear weapons,” and this month declaring, still more forcefully, that he’d do “everything that’s required to prevent it.”

If that leaves us hopeful but not persuaded that Teheran will be deterred, that’s because the Iranians must surely doubt his willingness to approve an “or else” that would truly devastate them. [He's useless to us.]

How much terrifying weight, after all, can any threat carry when it emanates from an America to which Obama has promised change rather than continued military meddling in confusing foreign parts; an America grappling with economic meltdown; an America shellshocked from the Iraq war; an America insisting that it must not embark on further military adventure, especially when success is anything but guaranteed. [So very, very useless to us.]

And so, here in Israel, we are reexamining whether, if all else fails, our air force would be capable of achieving in Iran what it could not get done in south Lebanon… [(sniff)...Looks like we're on our own. This SUCKS.]

THIS IS not a column offering partisan advice, then. But, [So Not...BUT, while I have your attention...] as America goes to vote, it is an Israeli expression of the most profound concern, and a plea for a reality check and the recognition of some inconvenient truths. [Please please please do what WE want you to do: Vote McCain.] Because America, in Iraq, did fight the wrong war, or at the very least fought it in the wrong way. And, as things stand, neither victor on November 4 will easily be able to persuade his countryfolk that it may soon be necessary to fight the right one. [We really really really need you to attack Iran for us, 'kay? Please?]

I am concerned, as an Israeli, [(your intellectual and moral superior, may I graciously remind you)] that the pressure to let us serve as the test case - and by that I mean to let Iran go nuclear and hope that nothing too terrible happens to us - may be hard to resist for the new president. [You are stepping out of line goyim. Know your place!] He will be inheriting a shaken free world superpower - a had-it-so-good society reeling from financial instability at home and from its ongoing overseas encounters with forces insistently determined to both kill and be killed in the name of a religious perversion. [The Islamofacists, obviously (cough).]

It will be so much more convenient for Washington to hesitate, however briefly, when our unbreakable, unshakable alliance is most acutely examined. [REMEMBER THE SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP?!?!?!] It will be tempting, too, to listen to European whispers that we have brought our face-off with the Islamists upon ourselves, and exacerbated their wider grievances, by failing to find reconciliation with our Palestinian neighbors. [It's ALL LIES! DON'T LISTEN TO THEM!!! Look at me. You are getting veeeery sleeeepy. Listen to me. Israel is your best loooooove Israel.....]

Convenient, but misguided - and not only as regards Israel’s safety. [sniff]

No one can know whether Iran’s spiritual leader will press the button if his nuclear technicians manage to assemble a rule-the-region bombing apparatus for him, [Which only WE are entitled to have!!] or whether the basic care for his own people’s lives, that we define as pragmatism, will triumph. Nor can we know if his finger will halt only to transfer the silkily murderous technology to non-state players who need have no concerns about second-strike consequence. [It is an OUTRAGE that we don't know what we want to know, so you must kill them for us!! We cannot stand being in this position! It's UNBEARABLE!!!!]

What we do know is that even in the least bad of the worst-case scenarios - in which Iran attains a nuclear capability but neither uses it nor delegates its use - Israel, which has triumphed improbably [by directing your every move] over decades of regional hostility, will be in unprecedented trouble. [Nobody messes with Zohan, alright? This is just going too far.]

Every moderate friend of Israel in this region {blank stare} will be weakened, every extremist emboldened. Every investor in Israel will give pause; every Israeli with overseas options will consider them. [PLUS this could be bad for business, you know!? C'mon!]

SO YES, with our principal ally traumatized, I worry for my country.

But I worry for America and the rest of the free world, too. [Being magnanimous, as I am, which you seem to forget in your SELFISHNESS.] For there is no clean air in this coal mine.

As its leadership reminds the global audience at every opportunity, Iran’s ambitions are not confined to our little patch of land on the edge of the Mediterranean. It is bent on remaking the global order - on punishing the great powers that have so abused their authority and so displeased the higher forces. [I'm sure I don't know what you're insinuating with that look.] Even if falling oil prices are starting to hurt and poor President Ahmadinejad is suffering the strains of overwork, such lofty goals are not easily abandoned. [As we should know, as this is all OUR JOB to rule the world, and Iran is completely out of line. I mean...WTF? We can't even believe this is happening.]

The free world, if it wishes to maintain its democracies, its liberties, its choices, therefore, will have to assert itself sooner or later. The only short question is whether Iran is stopped before it can demonstrate that it means what it so viciously says, or afterwards. [Don't fuck this one up, or else.]

A short question, but one that should be weighing heavily on Americans as they choose their new leader on Tuesday. [DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!?!?]

A short question, but one that, if it is to be well answered, will require the new president to remake his country’s battered, bloodied and mistrustful mindset. [You people get right back into your proper scared-shit willing to die for Israel anything for Israel mindset IMMEDIATELY, you hear me?, or we're gonna pull this car over to the curb and yank you out by your collar...and...]

A short question, but potentially for Israel, where the diminished Jewish nation has regrouped and flourished after the Holocaust, an existential one. [WE ARE SO SCARED SHIT OF WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO US IF YOU AMERICANS DON'T KEEP DANCING TO OUR TUNE. FUUUUUCK.]

What if…..

More curious statements from Joe Biden:

BIDEN: “First of all, we’re no where near there. We have 8 days to go. This is the most important election in the public’s life. They are looking at these races very closely. I think this is going to be much closer than everyone thinks it is. Second, with regard to the Democratic Party, this is a new Democratic Party not the party of the 70s and 80s. This is a party that has adjusted to the realities of a new world order.” He went on to say, “I think there is going to be a collaborative effort to make the 21st century an American century.”

Now what does that mean? Predictably, it will be ignored in corporate media while the internet buzzes with the worst-case interpretation: Zionist-controlled Obama/Biden tools ready to implement NWO agenda while corporate media slavishly protects Obama.

Now this could be true. A good case can be made for that. But in following this line of reasoning for months now, I have to say, I don’t trust it. I don’t trust the provenance of this argument. I’m not convinced that it’s not psyops intended to peel away the highly engaged people who do independent research, making them distrust Obama. As anecdotal support, look at the juicy question given to ‘Joe the Plumber’ by a Jewish McCain supporter, Stan Chapman, the other day:

The Ohio plumber, who has no license and is actually named Samuel Wurzelbacher, spoke at a McCain campaign event in Columbus Monday. A McCain supporter asked if “a vote for Obama is a vote for the death of Israel.” JTP hardly batted an eye.

“I’ll go ahead and agree with you on that,” Wurzelbacher said.

So who really fears Obama? Israel-firsters and fake ‘Joe the Plumber.’ I have nothing in common with these people, so why should I be afraid of Obama? As a matter of fact, it becomes harder and harder to deny that just about everyone in the world prefers Obama except some ignorant, pro-war, racist Americans and Israelis. In other words, except for the people who by all rights should be harshly marginalized — all things being equal, which they aren’t, and that’s the problem.

Here’s where the whole fear Obama thing falls apart in my mind. We know about ponerology and psychopaths. We know that the vast majority of people in the world are not psychopaths, but the psychopaths have ascended to positions of power due to their lack of conscience and their ability to lie without remorse. Due to their ’success,’ the psychopaths have ordered the entire system to run on lies and corruption, because that’s the game they excel at. We are all adversely affected.

Are all politicians thus forced to lie? Yes, I would say so. But that does not mean everyone likes it. That does not mean everyone accepts it. The system has been arranged to benefit people who have no consciences. These people, by their nature, cannot appreciate how utterly appalling their system appears to people with consciences. If you were an idealistic, conscienctious young person going into politics or corporate America, for instance, you would eventually either 1) be eaten alive and drop out or 2) become enured and succeed at the game. If 2), you might long for the day when you could dump these psychopathic bastards out with the garbage for making you compromise your integrity and hurting so many people along the way. But perhaps you stay in the game because you find ways to still accomplish some good. Why cede all power to the assholes? Maybe you are stubborn and tenacious. Maybe you have some faith.

Is Obama one of those people? I don’t know. Maybe he is, and maybe he isn’t. I know this comes down to a numbers game. I know that the people who keep trying to throw him under the bus are frequently the very same people who have supported psychopaths in the past. I know that if he is as dirty as they say, he’s the best faker I’ve ever seen because he sure looks good on the top layers. I know if he’s really as good as I hope, he’s the best faker I’ve ever seen because he has taken some really bad positions. Nobody really knows what Obama might do, though we’re pretty sure what McCain would do (start WW III, die, leave us with that crazy shrew). Do I hold this mystery against Obama? How could I? He didn’t make the system, he’s just working it like a master. That does not prove he’s a psychopath.

As a matter of fact, you can look at Biden’s comment this way:

“…this is a new Democratic Party not the party of the 70s and 80s. This is a party that has adjusted to the realities of a new world order.

Perhaps he’s simply saying that this is a party that has experienced 1) and now does 2). It does not follow that everyone is happy about the NWO. It does not follow that everyone accepts it and wants it and can be bought off to make it happen. In order to believe that, you have to believe that everyone in politics has no conscience. The work on ponerology does not support that conclusion. Look at the numbers. Some of them must be compromised, but with conscience, and therefore seeking justice. Psychopaths would be deathly afraid of such people. That’s what I’m seeing.

They’re snapping like twigs

Don’t you be worrying about black riots just yet, ‘kay? You can worry about angry white McCain supporters.

After the rally, we witnessed a near-street riot involving the exiting McCain crowd and two Cuban-American Obama supporters. Tony Garcia, 63, and Raul Sorando, 31, were suddenly surrounded by an angry mob. There is a moment in a crowd when something goes from mere yelling to a feeling of danger, and that’s what we witnessed. As photographers and police raced to the scene, the crowd elevated from stable to fast-moving scrum, and the two men were surrounded on all sides as we raced to the circle.

Nobody knows anger like 1) underachieving white people and 2) racist white people. Both groups make up John McCain’s base (some overlap there…), and they will not take kindly to losing. It does not matter that they have GWB for eight years. That actually made things worse. Now they want a re-do.

Watch out for falling anvils

From Mike Allen’s Playbook:

Gov. Palin, to Fox’s SEAN HANNITY on “Hannity & Colmes”: “I think it’s very close, and I think there is a lot of enthusiasm. … John and I have both been in that underdog position over and over again. And you know what? I, in my career, happen to take on the good old boy network more than once. Having the scars to prove it. Being in the underdog position, it motivates us. Makes us work harder. And I believe that yes, the wisdom of the people will prevail on Nov. 4.”

I see. And what wise ‘people’ are those, Sarah? The people who will pull off the voter fraud for you and John McCain?

WashPost Howard Kurtz, online this a.m.: “‘If the mainstream media are wrong about Obama and the voters pull a Truman, that is going to be the end of whatever shred of credibility they have left,’ says Tobe Berkovitz, associate dean of Boston University’s College of Communication.”

Oh, so it will be the voters who ‘pull a Truman,’ and destroy the credibility of the corporate — sorry, “mainstream” — media? I see.

OK. So this is the narrative backstory, apparently, as it looks to be shaping up:

We voters are like Wile E. Coyote. We bitch and piss and moan and beg and plead and call and write and beg and plead and pray to be delivered from GWB & Friends before they do us in completely. But we’re a little inept, and somebody has an amazing political machine and secret ability to hypnotize us. That would be John McCain. But we don’t know this, see? So, naturally, although we have made people around the world believe that we will elect Obama, and maybe we even believe it ourselves, at the very last minute, in the privacy of the voting booth, we shall en masse, you know, ‘pull a Truman’ — which is the same as making a huge, life-threatening mistake such as holding a giant magnet, for instance, which will attract all sorts of powerful crushing objects directly onto us, and in our wisdom, we will elect John McCain and Sarah Palin instead.

Mm hmm. So that’s what we’re gonna do. And then the corporate media will lose all credibility for not having predicted this. Up to now? Totally credible.


They’re just going to try to steal this thing, and they’re working on the narrative for the morning of 11/5/08.

So remember. Evidently, you just never know what we’ll do, no matter how many times we tell you! Can’t you see Charlie Gibson shaking his head sardonically at the irony of McCain winning this against all odds?!? Seriously. The paid shills might actually break a sweat selling this lie. Thank goodness for high def tv.


Some data about the election:

Obama leads in 6 of 8 battleground states (Zogby).
McCain losing serious ground in his home state of AZ.
Obama leads 65-29 in NY (Marist).
Palin’s hometown paper endorses Obama.
It’s all but over, and Obama wins.


Israelis like McCain over Obama, 48.6-31.5.

So….by applying the logarithmic scale of Israeli influence to John McCain’s results, you can start to put things like this in perspective.

“I guarantee you that two weeks from now you’ll see that this has been a very close race and I believe I’m going to win it.” - John McCain

That’s what the man thinks. Does it fly in the face of the other polls? You betcha. But so what? McCain has his own polls, and they say something totally different; and you didn’t actually think that you could rely on any information rolled out so far….did you?….You. Did. Not! Whatsamatterwithyou?!?!?! Haven’t you heard about all the voting machine problems?!?! You just put together your conflicting polls with your flaky voting machines with your crazy exit polling data and — Voila! — you can pull whatever result you want right outta your ass, and nobody will ever be able to prove a damn thing because it’s all so fucked up. Hell-ooooo.

What? You got a problem with that? Hey, as GWB once said, “Who cares what you think?

*The Country Formerly Known As America

Danger Will Robinson!

Full-size Lost in Space robots, FOR SALE. Only $24,500…but still!

How many times have you heard in the past few weeks that people need to prepare for ‘black riots’ if Obama loses? Even in Great Briton they must sound the alarm. It reminds me of the stories circulated after Katrina. Give me a break. People lived through absolute hell during and after Katrina; and on a national and international scale, peace-loving people have lived through hell with a GWB administration and a perfectly useless Democratic opposition for eight, count ‘em eight!, fucking years.

But let’s get real for a sec. Obama is way ahead. Obama should win this. Even the Republican operative inner sanctum sees the writing on the wall.

With despair rising even among many of John McCain’s own advisers, influential Republicans inside and outside his campaign are engaged in an intense round of blame-casting and rear-covering — much of it virtually conceding that an Election Day rout is likely.

Meanwhile, certain corners in the US just cannot accept this. It must be explained by: bad polls, the ‘liberal media’ (eyeroll), Obama’s psyops ability to hypnotize people, Obama’s secret ability to keep his real birth records hidden, Obama’s nefarious Chicago connections, Obama’s monster ACORN vote fraud machine, Obama’s hidden desire to kill his 85-year old grandmother — who mysteriously fell ill (narrowing eyes)!! — before she spills the beans on her deathbed about his real father, Frank Marshall Davis, etc. etc. etc. You know, I do enjoy digging into conspiracies, and I have serious doubts about Obama, and I despise the current system; but I’m afraid the anti-Obama people are coming unglued in the home stretch. They cannot accept that the Republicans actually blew it with McCain/Palin, but that is the most pertinent Conspiracy Fact at this particular moment in time. Whatever may be said about the Bad Obama Conspiracy Litany, it is much more obvious that we have a truly shitty Republican ticket, exceedingly poorly executed on an irritated electorate, and coming on the heels of eight years of primarily Republican-sponsored hell on earth. Occam’s Razor, people. Palin, in particular, was a high-risk gamble, and they knew it, and it’s not working out. That’s the way it goes.

At least we can say: That is how it appears right now, two weeks out. Any sudden change would rightfully be regarded with extreme suspicion.

Believe me, it would be great if everybody actually researched things indepently and learned about the TLC/Bilderbergers/Illuminati/AIPAC, but they don’t. And anyone who does do independent research, but who somehow only finds the conspiracies around one party while magically keeping the other centered in a halo of pristine democratic light, is no truth-monger to start with.

Now if Obama loses this election, that would be really strange. That would go against everything that most people — people who don’t traffic in conspiracies or hidden agendas from either party but rather rely on the corporate media — have been led to expect up to this point. Will people riot? Who knows? They might. But if Obama wins, will people riot? Hey, who knows? They might. It would seem at least as likely to me given the precious suspicions actively traded about Obama among the right-wing base. Thus, to focus myopically on the likelihood of black people rioting in the increasingly unlikely event that Obama loses strikes me as…um….what’s the word?…..racist?! Yes, that’s it. Do I think ignorant, paranoid and racist white people will make a big stink when their lousy Republican ticket predictably comes up short? Oh, you betcha. And the stories predicting that are….where exactly? Aha.

We are living through a hinge of history

It’s hard to know what to say right now. Certainly there’s plenty to read, but understanding and integrating it all gives me intellectual indigestion. On top of that, certain dogs have not been barking lately, and that has to be factored in the calculus somewhere, too.

My overall impression — 100,000′ view — is that the forces of good are prevailing. However, I do not expect this to be obvious for some time. Something very important must happen first: the filthy infection of greed, selfishness, ignorance and the love of lies and liars must be radically expunged from our nation. Denial must end. Truth must be faced. People must feel shame, remorse, and contrition for what we have allowed to take place in our names. Some of us already feel this, but many still have that smug quality developed from years of professional scapegoating.

Yes, we have been lied to, stolen from, poisoned and abused, but we have also been complacent and greedy. And all our wounds, which we nurse and lick in misery, we’ve inflicted on innocent people around the world. Our country will continue to suffer until massive numbers (ie: 95%) of Americans face these facts and experience remorse.

Given the widespread inability to think and reason, the massive addiction to corporate media propaganda, and the rich veins of racism and anger currently being strip mined by McCain/Palin in particular; we’re nowhere near turning this thing around. But it has begun, and that is something; and it cannot be stopped. We will suffer until we have suffered enough, until the last ignorant asshole in America finally realizes that this country no longer caters to ignorant assholes. It’s going to take awhile, and it’s going to really suck; but this will be worth it.

Ethically Rigorous

How we got here, and how we get out of here and to someplace new and better, depends on each person individually.

Imagine the scales of justice, and imagine yourself as a grain of sand. You have exactly two choices. You can place yourself on one side of the scale, let us call it Truth/Good, or you can place yourself on the other side of the scale, Lies/Evil. Every decision you make, regardless of its complexity and trade-offs, ultimately results in you placing yourself on exactly one side of the scales of justice. The fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Now what has happened here, over a long period of time, was that a great many people began to focus on the complexity and trade-offs of their decisions. Decisions became complicated because the world became complicated, and one thing led to another, and we lost our way. People began to excuse themselves from ending up on the Lies/Evil side of the scales of justice. After all, we each are only one grain of sand. What difference does it make what one person decides? God will forgive you anyway in his mercy, don’t you suppose?, because he understands how complicated it has all gotten? I am going to pick on Sarah Palin for illustrative purposes, but this phenomenon is hardly limited to the Religious Right. It also finds expression in the teachings of the Talmud, and in the financial world, and in countless little ways throughout our daily lives. A corner cut here, a little shirking there…

Here it is writ large:

The Republican leadership and John McCain are counting on Palin’s grass roots sincerity that most Republican leaders no longer have. Palin is a true believer. And true believers put the mission they sincerely believe in — that God has “laid on their hearts” — above mere details such as truth or honesty, let alone honor. They also speak with conviction.

Palin doesn’t actually believe the rehearsed smears she’s telling about Obama, but she does believe that she is morally right in lying.

If lies will help her win, Palin believes God’s will is being done. McCain just wants to win an election. Palin has bigger fish to fry. Her “call” is to restore America to its “Christian heritage.” In that sense Palin is the product of my late father Francis Schaeffer, who helped politicize the Evangelicals into the Religious Right through his incendiary books such as A Christian Manifesto (1980) wherein he called for the takeover of America in the name of Christ if, need be, by force if all else failed.

This is Machiavellian thinking — the ends justifies the means, and it is an evil lie. The ends do NOT justify the means, and truth, honesty and honor are NOT mere details to be brushed aside when it seems convenient. What a travesty these people make of Christianity, and a mockery of God.

How does one possibly reconcile God’s will with lying, especially on this scale, to hundreds of millions of Americans? How does one possibly, with a straight face, believe that God would be forced to rely on blatant liars to bring about his will on earth, in contravention of every valuable teaching in scripture, especially the teachings of Jesus Christ? Do we think God does not have better servants to pick from? I assure you he does. They may not be in politics, but that is only because too many people have given themselves far too many excuses to be selfish, and so we get the politicians we deserve, those who reflect our own mockery and rejection of God and his will in our burning desire to affirm our own wills, and to hang our sins and crimes on the necks of our chosen scapegoats.

Each individual person must begin to hold himself or herself to ethically rigorous standards. We must do the right thing simply because it is the right thing, and in spite of possibly negative personal consequences.

Truth is radical right now, but it becomes less so with each passing day. Why is that? It’s because more and more people have placed themselves on the right side of the scales of justice, and as that shift takes place, the scales begin to move. And one of these days, one person will be the grain of sand that shifts the scales decisively in our favor. Will it be you?

Psalm 23
The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.