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court rules she was tricked into behaving like a slut

True story.

Jerusalem District Court ruled that consensual sex between a Jewish woman and an Arab posing as a Jew constituted rape.

On Monday, the court sentenced Sabbar Kashur, 30, an Arab from Jerusalem, to 18 months in prison as part of a plea bargain for rape by deception.

Kashur met a Jewish woman in downtown Jerusalem in 2008 and introduced himself as a Jewish bachelor seeking a serious relationship, the indictment said, according to media reports. The couple then went to a nearby building and had consensual sexual intercourse; Kashur then left.

The woman filed a complaint after realizing that Kashur was not Jewish.

The court ruled that the consent for sex was obtained under false pretenses.

“If she hadn’t thought the accused was a Jewish bachelor interested in a serious romantic relationship, she would not have cooperated,” the judges wrote.


The poor girl was confused.

is it the kiss of death?

Obama gets a prize he clearly doesn’t deserve.

Journalists express shock.

The Nobel Committee rejects the criticism and notes that they hope the prize will “contribute a little bit to enhance what he is trying to do:” implement a globalist agenda of international cooperation and tackling climate change.

People quoted from Hamas, Iraq, Pakistan and the Taliban wryly observe that he “has not done anything to ensure justice for the sake of Arab and Muslim causes.”

His popularity at home has flagged under the bad economy and health care crisis.

But abroad, Obama is still widely regarded as inspirational.

“Foreigners” just love him. They would never do anything to hurt him. If anything happens to Obama it would *surely* be due to some angry American or Arab, the usual suspects, who resent Obama for selling them down the river. Right?

blink blink blink

Meanwhile, accepting the Nobel Peace Prize *does* make it a little harder to justify an attack on Iran. Theoretically. It leaves Israel somewhat isolated.

Winning the Nobel Prize for peace, of course, is likely to make it extremely difficult for President Obama to drop any of his new fifteen ton Grand Slam bombs on Iran.

The ball is now back in Israel’s court.

That could be problematic. Problems require solutions.

Poor Barack Obama. It’s too bad the shine has come off him just like Gideon Rachman said in the Financial Times: (via here: we are witnessing a psyops going bad)

After a little fumbling with the envelope, the head of the International Olympic Committee has just announced the venue for the 2016 Olympics – Rio de Janeiro. It all seems a confirmation of the mood of the moment – Brazil is deeply fashionable and on the way up; and the shine has come off Barack Obama, who turned up in person to lobby for Chicago – only to see his home town eliminated early.

Poor Obama, he really didn’t deserve this. I bet he now regrets going all the way to Copenhagen to lobby for Chicago. His great trump-card was meant to be his global popularity. But the International Olympic Committee had no trouble in brushing him aside. I’m afraid this is all going to play into the gathering conservative narrative in the US of Obamas a naive dupe, who grovels in front of foreigners – and gets nothing back in return. It seems to be setback after setback for the US president at the moment – health-care, Iran, the Afghanistan mess, unemployment up at nearly 10%.

As for Brazil – never has the country been so fashionable. The Brazilians are hosting the World Cup in 2014 and now the Olympics, two years later. They provide the first letter of the much-touted group of emerging economic superpowers - the BRICs. They are key members of the G20. In Lula, Brazil at last has a leader who is a recognised global figure. He gave the lead-off address at the UN General Assembly last week. (Just before Obama, symbolically enough.) And Brazil has also just discovered massive reserves of offshore oil. Oh lucky country!

I mean it’s nice that he won the Nobel Peace Prize and all. Maybe it’s sort of a consolation prize or booby prize. The better to lament him with my dears, hmm?

For additional reading, see aangirfan: the security services and assassinations.

UPDATE: Bonus Reasons Why Obama Should Be Worrying Now:

“Should a majority in this country come to their senses and wake up, they could do a Kennedy on this pretend Kennedy, sparking a real race war to occupy us in a big, big way.

From this piece here: The Conspiracy Business and All That Jazz, posted at Snippits and Snappets. This is a really good piece that says everything I was trying to say in naive or paranoid? except he did a much, much better job.

UPDATE 2: via xymphora, David Frum confirms this is Definitely Problematic in Certain Circles:

Will Peace Prize handcuff President when time comes for an air strike?

Problems require solutions. It’s the Hegelian Way.

Dedication to the Truth At All Costs

People squeal and screech when other people have the nerve to resist their sacred narratives. But there is one, and only one, question that must be answered in the face of these outbursts: IS IT TRUE? Naturally, this annoying insistence on the truth only makes the squealing and screeching louder.

Truth comes before justice. We will not have any justice until we have the truth, so digging out and exposing the truth must be the primary concern for all those who claim to want peace and justice.

Here George Galloway outlines the TRUTH that Britian had no right to give the Palestinian’s land to the Jews. He then goes on to answer another caller, who hangs the entire rationalization for Britian creating the State of Israel on the Holocaust. George Galloway then gives a little history lesson in which the Holocaust is blamed on the anti-Semitism of the Christian world. So the Muslims are now being punished for the crimes of the Christians, which is TRUE.

Which is all well and good, I suppose, as long as you stick to the Holocaust narrative, which George Galloway does, because then you can lay the blame for everything on Christians, and that keeps them in their place. But now, here we have this tremendous stink over the Holocaust narrative. This is quite a disaster because, you see, if that story falls apart, then the entire construct of the modern world (who is “good” and who is “bad” and who “deserves” what) comes unglued.

This explains why the Pope’s decision to reinstate Bishop Williamson is so very upsetting to World Jewry, as most wonderfully explained by Truth is Beauty. WHY is it so dangerous to question the Holocaust? WHY does it generate such screeching and squealing?


On Jan. 28, the pope said he felt “full and indisputable solidarity” with Jews, and warned against any denial of the full horror of the Nazi genocide.

Bishop Williamson, in order to be admitted to episcopal functions within the church, will have to take his distance, in an absolutely unequivocal and public fashion, from his position on the Shoah, which the Holy Father was not aware of when the excommunication was lifted,” the statement said. The Shoah is the Hebrew term for the Holocaust.

Jewish groups welcomed the Vatican statement, saying it satisfied their key demand.

“This was the sign the Jewish world has been waiting for,” said Ronald Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress.


Yes, this is the sign the Jewish world has been waiting for, but what exactly does this “sign” really mean? It means that in the post-Vatican II Church, the “Shoah” has replaced the Crucifixion as the central event in history. And do you notice the subtle switcheroo here? Now, instead of the central tenet of the Christian faith pertaining to the murder of the Christ by Jews, the new central tenet refers to the murder of Jews by Christians! This should come as no surprise to those who understand what really lies at the heart of the problem. At its core, this is a spiritual battle that’s being waged above our heads. It’s Christ vs. anti-Christ, and each of us must choose a side.

Aha. The Christians must remain the villians, a la the Holocaust, because the organization of modern world hangs on this very assumption. If the Holocaust did not happen as we were told, and to take it a step further, if Christians actually have some legitimate grievances against “The Jews,” then the whole thing unravels like a cheap sweater, doesn’t it. And we can’t have that.

The Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) appears to be the group of Catholics willing to go “all the way,” as it were, with the TRUTH. So you will hear lots of screeching and squealing about them. But for anyone who claims to want peace and justice, first we must have the TRUTH. And the TRUTH would be based on FACTS. So rather than making a big noise about what they say, let us ascertain the FACTS of these various matters and ask, IS IT TRUE?

For example, let us determine the answers to these questions, just for starters:

  • IS IT TRUE that the gas chambers cannot be proven?
  • IS IT TRUE that the six million cannot be proven?
  • IS IT TRUE that the Talmud is a vile and racist document specifically allowing for the abuse, cheating, and murder of Christians and all non-Jews?
  • IS IT TRUE that Freemasonry is Jewish?
  • IS IT TRUE that the Mossad and Israeli dual-nationals have infiltrated all levels of the US government?
  • IS IT TRUE that the Federal Reserve is owned by Jewish families?

And so on and so forth. The hysteria surrounding all these questions is beside the point. The hysteria exists precisely because if these things are TRUE, then JUSTICE would demand dismantling many precious narratives, and the State of Israel, and the fiat banking system, and…well…you see the problem. There’s quite a lot at stake.

Offenses Against Common Sense and Decency

Older English ladies baking home-made cakes for hospital fundraising purposes shall cease and desist immediately. Why’s that?

The hospital blames the ban on strict rules over packaging and labelling from the Food Standards Agency – although the FSA maintained last night it made no such demands on the ladies’ cakes.

Alan Davidson, the hospital’s director of estates and facilities, said: ‘We appreciate the support volunteers give to our hospitals but there are strict guidelines in place, enforced by the FSA, over food sold to the public.

‘This means all food should be packaged appropriately, date-stamped and ingredients listed.

‘This is in the interests of maintaining and protecting the health of the public.’

Well, perhaps Mr. Davidson worries about somebody getting sick and suing the hospital. We can understand that. Probably this will get worked out with a few sharpies, a couple of labels and some Saran Wrap.

But what’s this? NYC officials have ordered 22 churches to stop offering beds to the homeless amid freezing temperatures the week before Thanksgiving?

With temperatures well below freezing early Saturday, the churches must obey a city rule requiring faith-based shelters to be open at least five days a week — or not at all.

Arnold Cohen, president of the Partnership for the Homeless, a nonprofit that serves as a link with the city, said he had to tell the churches they no longer qualify.

He said hundreds of people now won’t have a place to sleep.

The Department of Homeless Services said the city offers other shelters with the capacity to accept all those who have been sleeping in the churches. The city had 8,000 beds waiting.

Oh phew. It’s not clear why the five days or nothing rule came into existence, but at least the city has enough beds for all the homeless people. Still…it seems a little twisted to set a limit like this. What exactly is the rationale, dear city officials, for it escapes us? This story made the rounds widely yesterday because it offends common sense and elicits that wtf feeling.

Speaking of that feeling….Israel continues to mete out collective punishment against 1.5 million Palestinians, more than half of whom are children, in blatant contravention of International Law. But weirdly, hardly anyone seems to notice!

World media continues to ignore the desperate situation, Israel however has contributed to that by barring journalists from entering Gaza, a move condemned earlier this week by the Foreign Press Association. The UN appears to be a lone voice in trying to engineer some relief.

Karen AbuZayd, commissioner-general of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, said the human toll of this month’s sealing of Gaza’s goods crossings was the gravest in eight years.

“It’s been closed for so much longer than ever before and we have nothing in our warehouses. It will be a catastrophe if this persists, a disaster,” said AbuZayd, whose agency is the largest aid body providing services to Palestinian refugees.

“They are not just under occupation, they are under siege, it’s a word I don’t usually use, they are completely closed off,” she added.

Well let us have the explanation then. Why does Israel do this?

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who issued a statement saying he supported statements by the Gazan office, telephoned Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Tuesday urging him to provide access for UN food trucks. Olmert said he would look into the situation on an urgent basis.

By Friday Ban had received no word back from Olmert, so he bypassed him and telephoned Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni to stress the urgency of the situation. Livni however rebuffed the UN Secretary-General’s plea saying the world should be condemning Palestinian rocket attacks.

“Whoever thinks that a situation of them firing at us, while everything continues as usual, can exist is mistaken,” her office said in a statement. “The international community must be more decisive in making itself heard, and in using its influence, in the face of these attacks.”

Israeli human rights organization Gisha in a letter to the Israeli army on Thursday from its attorney Yadin Elam said the closure of crossings, “is done with the illegal intention of inflicting pressure on the civilian population in an attempt to affect the behavior of militants and political elements. The closure of the crossings is therefore in violation of the absolute prohibition in International Law against collective punishment.” THe UN also this week described the Israeli crackdown as collective punishment.

So let’s recap. The world media ignores the profound human suffering in Gaza, assisted by Israel’s barring journalists from covering the situation on the ground. After four days of being ignored by Olmert, the UN Secretary General takes his urgent concerns to the shrew Tzipi Livni, who blames the international community for not paying enough attention to Palestinian rocket attacks which have failed to inflict any damage or casualties.

In addition to preventing access for food supplies Israel has refused to allow European Union-funded fuel supplies into Gaza, starving the power generation plant of fuel which has caused widespread blackouts up to 16 hours a day. Water facilities, including access to clean drinking water, and the treatment of raw sewage continue is also being severely disrupted by fuel shortages. Fifty to sixty million liters of untreated and partially treated sewage are being dumped into the Gaza Strip Mediterranean Sea daily, posing a public health risk.

You see, it’s not Israel’s fault for causing all this suffering, because all you people in the international community ignore their suffering. Therefore, they have no choice but to ignore International Law and inflict horrific collective punishment on the Palestinians. And no, you can’t come into Gaza and see, but if you want a tour of Sderot they can show you lots of Israelis who have been traumatized by loud noises.

And that kind of thing is allowed to stand.

Deliver us from Evil

The truth that many people never understand, until it is too late, is that the more you try to avoid suffering the more you suffer because smaller and more insignificant things begin to torture you in proportion to your fear of being hurt. - Thomas Merton, US religious author, clergyman, & Trappist monk (1915 - 1968)

A man writes:

I still find it difficult to get my head around the so-called civilized world’s reactions—or rather lack of them—over the treatment being méted out to the Palestinian people by the state of Israel (and ably assisted by the West). In fact, I find it inconceivable that the actions of the Zionist state—comparable to that of the Nazi’s treatment of Jews and other minorities—elicits only brief ‘news’ items from the Western media and rarely without its usual ‘embedded’ commentary that it reserves for the opponents of Israel. Overall, the impression is created of two equal, but opposite sides, F-16 fighter-bombers and helicopter gunships, billions of dollars worth of the most sophisticated weapons of destruction on the planet versus crude, home-made Hamas rockets for example.

It’s true. People don’t want to look at the suffering of the Palestinian people. It might be upsetting. It might cause some guilt or remorse. It might cause some discomfort for nice Jewish people if we rudely notice Israel’s barbarity against innocent children and expect someone to rise up in outrage but they just don’t for some reason and it cannot be explained so just don’t go there.

The same goes for those Iraqis whose country we destroyed. Don’t look at the poor children in their suffering. You might feel bad and have to rethink everything you thought you knew about this country and that would really piss you off but good so just don’t even bother to look and save yourself the trouble.

Because as everybody knows, recognizing the suffering of the Palestinians (or the Iraqis, or the Afghanis, or the Lebanese…) might cause suffering and discomfort to Israelis and Americans. Therefore, it is frowned upon.

“Why should we hear about body bags and deaths,” Barbara Bush said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on March 18, 2003. “Oh, I mean, it’s not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?” Source

Don’t you understand? Racists believe that some people were created to suffer and others were not.

The idea that we are not all God’s children by reason of different belief systems was the starting point. Ergo, if you are not one of God’s children then you are less than human. It follows therefore that such creatures are not bound by our laws, they are little more than animals, or at best ‘children’ and hence do not fall under the protection of ‘God’s’ laws, they can be exploited just like any other product of Nature.

Thus explains the atrocities and ethnic cleansing orgies running through human history like a river of blood to this very day, as if nobody can ever be made to understand a thing and we are doomed to suffer forever and ever. Kill or be killed. Kill those other people so that we can protect what we have and thereby avoid suffering. This thinking is so stupid, and so old, and so ignorant, and so easily disproven with a very modest and sincere effort to seek the truth, that to still be living in a world of hate overwhelms God’s people with despair. And the racists feed on that, too, because they feel threatened by everyone, and especially by those who they suspect could live in peace, meaning God’s true people who are found in all times and places.

The little suffering the racists would endure by sacrificing their racist beliefs — beliefs held so dear that they would rather cling to them in self-righteousness than suffer remorse in humility — they will not pay that price. And they believe that God will preserve them from suffering in the end. It boggles the mind and belies their utter estrangement from God. Truly, people who foment war and steadfastly refuse to live in peace with their fellow human beings are the most miserable creatures on earth. It behooves us to pray for them, that God may touch them with profound regret before they rot in hell for all eternity.

Ethically Rigorous

How we got here, and how we get out of here and to someplace new and better, depends on each person individually.

Imagine the scales of justice, and imagine yourself as a grain of sand. You have exactly two choices. You can place yourself on one side of the scale, let us call it Truth/Good, or you can place yourself on the other side of the scale, Lies/Evil. Every decision you make, regardless of its complexity and trade-offs, ultimately results in you placing yourself on exactly one side of the scales of justice. The fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Now what has happened here, over a long period of time, was that a great many people began to focus on the complexity and trade-offs of their decisions. Decisions became complicated because the world became complicated, and one thing led to another, and we lost our way. People began to excuse themselves from ending up on the Lies/Evil side of the scales of justice. After all, we each are only one grain of sand. What difference does it make what one person decides? God will forgive you anyway in his mercy, don’t you suppose?, because he understands how complicated it has all gotten? I am going to pick on Sarah Palin for illustrative purposes, but this phenomenon is hardly limited to the Religious Right. It also finds expression in the teachings of the Talmud, and in the financial world, and in countless little ways throughout our daily lives. A corner cut here, a little shirking there…

Here it is writ large:

The Republican leadership and John McCain are counting on Palin’s grass roots sincerity that most Republican leaders no longer have. Palin is a true believer. And true believers put the mission they sincerely believe in — that God has “laid on their hearts” — above mere details such as truth or honesty, let alone honor. They also speak with conviction.

Palin doesn’t actually believe the rehearsed smears she’s telling about Obama, but she does believe that she is morally right in lying.

If lies will help her win, Palin believes God’s will is being done. McCain just wants to win an election. Palin has bigger fish to fry. Her “call” is to restore America to its “Christian heritage.” In that sense Palin is the product of my late father Francis Schaeffer, who helped politicize the Evangelicals into the Religious Right through his incendiary books such as A Christian Manifesto (1980) wherein he called for the takeover of America in the name of Christ if, need be, by force if all else failed.

This is Machiavellian thinking — the ends justifies the means, and it is an evil lie. The ends do NOT justify the means, and truth, honesty and honor are NOT mere details to be brushed aside when it seems convenient. What a travesty these people make of Christianity, and a mockery of God.

How does one possibly reconcile God’s will with lying, especially on this scale, to hundreds of millions of Americans? How does one possibly, with a straight face, believe that God would be forced to rely on blatant liars to bring about his will on earth, in contravention of every valuable teaching in scripture, especially the teachings of Jesus Christ? Do we think God does not have better servants to pick from? I assure you he does. They may not be in politics, but that is only because too many people have given themselves far too many excuses to be selfish, and so we get the politicians we deserve, those who reflect our own mockery and rejection of God and his will in our burning desire to affirm our own wills, and to hang our sins and crimes on the necks of our chosen scapegoats.

Each individual person must begin to hold himself or herself to ethically rigorous standards. We must do the right thing simply because it is the right thing, and in spite of possibly negative personal consequences.

Truth is radical right now, but it becomes less so with each passing day. Why is that? It’s because more and more people have placed themselves on the right side of the scales of justice, and as that shift takes place, the scales begin to move. And one of these days, one person will be the grain of sand that shifts the scales decisively in our favor. Will it be you?

Psalm 23
The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.

Well, I guess we’re all set then?


They got their way. They got their billions and billions, and we were told this had to happen or else!

So now the threat has been lifted, right? Isn’t that the deal?

Because surely we are all paying close attention from here on in. We just paid dearly for things to be put back in working order. And if things do not go directly to working order, then I’m pretty sure we’re all going to notice. And that will be very problematic for the people who just promised to fix all the problems if only we paid them enough money.

Don’t think of this as a liability on our balance sheet. Think of it as a liability on their balance sheet. It will be rather obvious when they screw us next week.

I’m suggesting that might be a good thing, as all pretenses will soon be finally and irrevocably discarded. The truth is going to come out for all to see, and the tables are going to turn. We have something very powerful on our side, and it’s not money.

A Higher Standard

All the war dead couldn’t do what the economy seems to be doing: waking people up. It shows us the power of money, does it not? Sad, but we’ll take the wake up call any way we can get it.

The division between left and right is easily manipulated for the ruling class. The division between ultra-rich and everybody else…not so much. The ruling class may have touched the third rail this time, as they have purposely set themselves apart from everyone else. So. Now they are apart from everyone else, as in pretty much every single person you know, whether democrat or republican, left or right, does not belong to the ruling class. The people who want to be bailed out travel in their own circles. That’s the way they like it. They do not want to mingle with the hoi polloi, like you bubba, even though you might think you shit chocolate bars because you have a nice house and a nice car. Whatever. What I’m trying to say is when you get into us v them games, and you are so very seriously outnumbered, umm…, and pretty much all the people in the military come from the lower classes, well, you might want to rethink that plan.

In order for their plans to work, they must count on the military turning against us. Again, this may be one thing to accomplish with a terrorist attack or some more easily manipulated political trick, but it’s quite another to accomplish with an economic collapse.

Therefore, John McCain seems to be devising a rise from the ashes. He will be a Maverick on this one. He will be the one to stand up to Wall Street, and then Sarah Palin will get back to Katie Couric with the answer, victoriously, to her question about how John McCain has stood up to the established interests. It doesn’t matter if he’s rolled over for three decades. It only matters what he does now. And if he is the one to stand up to Wall Street now, well, that will be all that matters. Does Obama understand this? Who knows.

The Republicans will be empowered. Then the terrorist attack will come, and then…Game Over USA. Sorry you lose.

But, first, we have this moment in time. We have this moment when everyone with eyes to see may gaze upon the true divide between us, the very many, and them, the chosen few. We observe an impressive chasm which the rich themselves excavated. They consider themselves safely on the other side. Safe from you and me.

Of course John McCain is one of them. So is Obama. But McCain will cross over here, magically, on a holographic media bridge, and pretend to be one of us just for as long as necessary until the terrorist attack comes and takes over the narrative, assuring him the victory. Then he dies and we are stuck with the vicious shrew.

Don’t fall for it. If McCain or the Republicans stop the bailout plan, hey that great. Awesome. But we owe them NOTHING in exchange. NOT ONE THING! The politicians have the current account deficit with us, the American people. They owe US. You can think of any victory here as a small deposit against the vast treasure that they have looted from our country: dead and mangled people, outsourced jobs, moral standing around the world, crumbling infrastructure, environmental damage, substandard health care and education, etc. to infinity and beyond.

Now some will argue, well why should a politician stand up to Wall Street if they get nothing in return?

Because there comes a time when the scales of justice demand to be balanced. Any man or woman who cannot do the right thing without some sort of payback is inherently unqualified to lead this country.

Lord Jesus, teach me to be generous; teach me to serve you as you deserve, to give and not to count the cost, to fight and not to heed the wounds, to toil and not to seek for rest, to labor and not to seek reward, except that of knowing that I do your will. St. Ignatius Loyola

Understand the Stakes

Original here. I thank God for Americans like this man. Please, if you haven’t started making phone calls and applying pressure to our elected representatives, now is the time. It is working. Stand up for yourself and be counted. m

The headline’s oscillate between proclamations of bailout success and dark forebodings–the visual representation of this is conveniently graphed for us on the stock indexes for the day. “See?” they taunt. “See how the market gets better when we say the bailout is at hand? See how it gets worse when word of your stonewalling gets out?

“We cannot let up on the Congress, and, frankly, at this point we should be calling our state representatives as well. We must accept the reality of this situation: This bailout has minimal impact on the American people; it is primarily about paying off foreign interests before the collapse, even if that process is to be heavily veiled and masked by transactions. The $700 billion dollars is nothing in the face of the problem at hand. It is enough to save a few prominent corporations, leaving them in position to sweep up the remnants at fire-sale prices. The great rush to get this bailout through isn’t about saving the markets. It’s about sucking in as much capital as possible before the market collapses. As quickly as the Treasury writes the check, the recipient corporations will retrench and shift their money out of the U.S. Dollar. Foreign funds will buy stock rapidly, in companies that hold solid assets, because they need to buy something fast with those dollars.

It is the collapse of the derivitives market that looms, trillions of dollars in “credit default swaps” (62 trillion in the Unites States alone, according to the International Swaps and Derivatives Association), basically insurance bonds against losses in other credit instruments, bundled and sold over and over again, like some kind of world-wide Ponzi scheme. It’s not just the taxpayers holding the bag here; it is mutual funds and pension plans and savers from here and other nations who are all about to get flattened. So far, every time the true market price of these bonds rears its ugly head, it is pennies on the dollar, and this unveiling is what they have been fighting off since Bear Sterns.

The great lie is that this bail out will ‘unclog’ the credit pipes–as if other people are sitting around with trillions of dollars ready to buy out junk bonds at above-market prices. This is an almost laughable theory being presented to the people of the United States. “If we buy $700,000,000,000 of these bad, severely overvalued bonds at above-market prices, then others will buy the remaining $61.3 trillion of bad, severely overvalued bonds at above market-prices.” Right. Come on, kids..Follow the piper down to the river…

But this isn’t the dialogue that is happening in the public forum (yeah, I use that loosely). President Bush all but confessed that the sins of the world market seizure are borne by the USA, though he makes it sound like an unforeseen consequence, like all gamblers do when the pot goes the other way. And he did a great job of redirecting attention towards mortgages as the entirety of the problem, instead of merely the first crack in a dam made of cheap clay. What he cannot say is this: “It is the derivatives market that has created hundreds of trillions in false wealth, and it is this market that is imploding. We are entering a severe recession that will result in the collapse and restructuring of the economy in ways you cannot imagine, though many people have imagined it and you probably should have listened more.

As far as the bailout, if you knew what we know, you’d be looting, too…”President Bush met with McCain and Senator Obama today. This isn’t about negotiating the bailout; this is about negotiating with the voters. I wish it was different on either front. By the way, President Bush, if you ever wanted to have your Anakin Skywalker moment, veto the bill no matter what and tell people what’s really going on. Your father would become a footnote…

There is not enough money in the world to circumvent a massive correction in the market. Literally. That’s the problem. There is not a lot of money, actual wealth, at all. There are just a lot of people saying they have money. They hold up a bond that’s worth six cents and declare, “This is worth a dollar.” You think it is a damnable offense that some family lies on a mortgage application, exaggerating assets, to get a loan? Corporations like Lehman, Fannie and Freddie, AIG, and the whole line up yet to come all did this to the tune of hundreds of billions. But with every default, more of these toxic bonds get found out. You see, the corporations aren’t really losing money; they are just being forced to reveal that they didn’t have the money in the first place. This is why “the credit” has come to a standstill. That is the usual consequence of lying to your creditors…

Your friends and family must understand these things and take action. We need whatever flimsy credit we have left to help our fellow taxpayers when misfortune lands upon them above and beyond the sum of their choices. That’s why we pool our money, that’s why we hire these people to manage the People’s operations. We, as a nation, need to seriously review our hiring practices…

Keep calling your Senator, your representatives, your Governor, your mayor. Hammer them with this message: You’ve bailed out enough. Near a trillion dollars already. We will reinstate the value of the dollar by working our way out of this mess, as a people who all seek the same liberty, regardless of how we often differ in the application of that liberty. We will not bail you out, and if the fall of these corporations results in the bought-and-sold members of Congress and members of the administration losing their revenue streams, so be it. Maybe, if there is no damn money to be made in D.C., we can get some people in there who actually want to fulfill their oaths.

Listen to what Bush said and shake your head free of the patter of hyperbole. You already can’t get credit, and frankly you shouldn’t go anymore into debt anyway. You already can’t find a good job, or at least a job that feels like you contributed something at the end of the day. You already are paying escalating prices for everything, and this new addition of debt will dilute the dollar further, and you will pay more–inflation is simply a form of taxation. It’s called monetizing the debt. Either way, we lose. We can’t convert our paychecks overnight into Swiss Francs. We won’t know when to sell that gold we hoarded, and then it will be confiscated. And we, unlike the rest of the world, have no savings.

Let’s just get on with it. Eight years of this administration dangling the Sword of Damocles over our heads, the constant threat of disaster used to provoke our acceptance of the erosion of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, has grown old. We’ve given up habeas corpus, we’ve given up the right to peaceful protest, we given up privacy in our homes. We give up a free press. We’re okay with torture, now? When I joined the Marines at 17, I thought we were the good guys. Now, we’ve got an Army brigade with active orders on U.S. soil, the first time since the Civil War, moving to Colorado, having been trained to enforce martial law. Now, just to bring it home, they would have us give up a trillion dollars.

So, let’s just get on with it, then. Bring the damn crisis. Bring your shock and awe. We’ll show you what we got. We’ll show you that for all of your divisiveness, we are not a mass of ignorant people incapable of adaptation, courage, unity and faith. Get on with it already. Get on with your master plan so we can plan for our tomorrow.

Yeah, history does repeat itself, and at the end, the empire always loses. It loses because people who require such obscene advantage in life in order to secure success are weak, and they build weak structures, in such a hurry to reach the heavens. But we are more than commerce, or a marketplace. And we are not a nation of people with a Constitution and Bill of Rights–We are a Nation because of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. That is the agreement that binds us. We are sovereign individuals who consent to be a Nation, through agreed upon rules of law and truthful representation. There is no royalty or papacy that dare lay claim to our free will–that is what our founders recognized, that is the experiment of our democratic republic crafted from their humility, and that is the experiment still left undone. That we would choose to avoid for a short time discomfort rather than secure the integrity of that great experiment is baffling. It renders the acts and sacrifices of those before us as lesser deeds, and resigns the promise of those who will follow to the ambitions of empty men.

John Caelan Say no to this bailout. Save the bailout for us. We are going to need it.

UPDATE: Bush’s speech last night was like some kind of terrible fire insurance offered by the mafia–”Pay us or else…” Look, and see: This is a scam, the greatest transfer of wealth in our times from the poor to the select rich. The derivitives market represents 45 trillion in potentially bad debt alone. The bail out will postpone, for weeks only, the inevitable collapse of this house of cards, and the dollar will be broken. THIS NATION IS BANKRUPT and the rest of the world is running out of self-serving reasons to augment our audacious spending. We require well over 2 billion a day in debt-financing just to keep the lights on. That is dissolving before our eyes.

This bailout is Meat..on a rope. Animals see the meat hanging there and lunge, excited by the instant gratification. Sentient beings stop and think, “Meat…but on a rope..” The animal is trapped, the sentient being either steers clear or outsmarts the trap. What are we? Do you not see the rope attached to this putrid chunk of meat dangling in front of you?

An entire army brigade reports to NORTHCOM in October, the first active duty unit to EVER be permanently assigned to our home soil. They have been retrained in crowd control, tasers, and other law enforcement actions, in violation of more laws than you can shake a stick at. Come on, people. When it walks like a duck, its’s a duck, and we know a thing or two about ducks. This is the end of our republic and the scenario is something like this:

1. The bail out is passed, buying them the time they need to distract through the next few weeks.
2. An “incident” takes place in early October, civil unrest is amplified, a national emergency is implemented.
3. The dollar tanks, the nation suspends servicing debt.
4. Three days later, the country decends into martial law.
5. McCain and Pailin win the election, an outcome of amplified fraud.
6. McCain will die (the actuaries on his skin cancer predict this), and Pailin becomes the president, exactly what they want, a zealot to control the police state, without questioning other policy (does she know enough to question?)
7. War is widened to ramp up the only production we have left, the military-industrial complex, with the subsequent redirecting of the worker base towards defense and military service.
8. A draft is reinstated as part of that redirection.
9. Your kid dies.
10. Their kids die.

THIS IS THE LAST STAND. If they get control of this money, mark your calendar as this being the date the Republic folded. Do not choose promises of security over liberty! Everytime that promise is made throughout history, it is a great deception. Self-determination is the grant of providence, the root of all conflict through the ages. If you sacrifice your free will, your time in this experience is for naught. Too long have we been distanced from cause and effect, too long have we suffered in the throws of cognitive dissonance, too long have we ignored the face of the lie. Trust your instincts–you are more than the sum of your experiences. You know what is happening. React accordingly, or lose the right to react.

John Caelan


This Bailout is A TRAP

If you can stand it, watch the video of Bush delivering his little pep talk to the nation last night. When he delivers his vicious lies, cleverly honed though they may be by his writers, the truth flickers across his face. You can see it in his eye area and around his mouth, the ripples of astonishment, the fleeting smirks, the lips pursed in disgust, the arched brow as he delivers what he absolutely, positively knows are LIES to the American people. The expressions go by very quickly, in fractions of seconds, but they are there. I’m sure somewhere our government has this super technology that they use in airports to analyze our faces for terrorist intent, and if they have that trained on GWB they must be laughing their asses off right now, as he leads the charge to rape our country one more time for the road. It’s as if he almost can’t believe we’re going to fall for it again, but he’ll give it the old college try. Rah rah.

This bailout plan is a trap, of that I am convinced. Bush and Paulson keep talking about what will happen if we don’t do it, but nobody talks about what will happen if we do do it. They don’t want you to know about that. They don’t want you to know what this bailout will do to the economy.

What it can do is provide a one-time transfer of wealth to insiders who already have been playing the debt-credit system and siphoning off its predatory financial proceeds to themselves. The Wall Street bankers, brokers and fund managers to whom I’ve been speaking for many decades all know this. That is why they pay themselves such large annual bonuses and large salaries each year. The idea is to take as much as you can. As the saying goes: “You only have to make a fortune once in a lifetime.” They have been salting away their fortunes year after year, mainly in hard assets: real estate (free of mortgages), fine furniture, boats and trophy art.

Their plan now is for icing on the cake – to take Mr. Paulson’s $700 billion and run. It’s not a “bailout of the financial system.” It’s as giveaway – to insiders, to sell out all their bad bets. Companies across the board will get rid of their bad mortgages, and also their bad car loans, furniture time payments, credit-card loans, student loans – all the debts that any competent actuary could have told them never could have been paid in the first place.

…Promises that “taxpayers” will be able to recover a large part of this money are a fiction. If there were a hope of recovering this money, then investors abroad – foreign buyout funds, foreign banks, foreign sovereign wealth funds – would have been willing to buy Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, A.I.G. and other companies at some price. But they wouldn’t touch this at any price.

…For the government to even begin to recover some of the value of the $700 billion in junk mortgages it has bought would force new homebuyers to pay even more of their income to the banks. And if they do that, they will have less income to spend on goods and services. The domestic market will shrink, and tax revenues will fall at the state, local and federal levels. The debt overhead will deflate the economy, causing shrinkage all down the line.

So here’s where the cognitive dissonance comes in: It is necessary, even inevitable, for the volume of debt to come down – not up – to restore equilibrium. The economy was well on its way to preparing the ground for this last week. As Alan Meltzer of the American Enterprise Institute (of all places!) explained on McNeill-Lehrer, Merrill Lynch was able to be sold at 22 cents on the dollar; and the economy survived Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns being wiped out.

Such debt writes-offs are a precondition for writing down America’s mortgage debts to levels that are affordable. But Mr. Paulson’s plan is to fight against this tide. He wants the Wall Street to keep on raking in money at the expense of the economy at large. These are the big banks who lobbied Congress to appoint de-regulators, the banks whose officers paid themselves enormous bonuses and gave themselves enormous golden parachutes. They were the leaders in the great disinformation campaign about the magic of compound interest. And now they are to get their payoff.

The pretense is that not to pay them off would threaten “the economy.” The reality is that it only would stop their predatory behavior. Worse than that, for the economy at large a government take-over of these bad loans would prevent the debt write-down that the economy needs!

It gets worse. If Congress should be so destructive as to buy out $700 billion of bad loans (for starters), the sellers will do just what Russia’s kleptocrats did. They will take their money and move it abroad to a “hard” currency country. This will help collapse the dollar. Up will go gasoline costs and prices for other imports. America will be turned into a Russian-style post-Soviet economy, having endowed a new domestic kleptocracy of insiders, who use some of their gains to finance the campaigns of American Yeltsins such as McCain.

Do not believe these people. They lie ALL THE TIME. They don’t care about Americans. They only care about themselves. They set this up, knowing it would come to this, and now they will force us at gunpoint to bail them out, lying the whole time that we will be made whole. We never will. Our dollar will collapse, chaos will break out, and then they will clamp down with Martial Law and begin the oppression in earnest. It’s no coincidence that the Army will install an active duty unit on October 1st, within the US, to handle ‘civil unrest’ and ‘crowd control,’ using the latest ‘non-lethal’ weapons. That would be in 6 days.

Keep calling your congresspeople. Here you can see one, DeFazio D-Oregon, actually show some courage as he speaks the Truth on the House floor. We need more of this, much more. We need many more people to have courage and to stand against this plan. There should be NO bailout. As DeFazio says, let them write off the bad debt first. If they need help after that, let them take a loan under stiff terms. Is that not what would be expected of any one of us? Of course it is. Good enough then, for them who already have so much.

A wolf never can so badly enslave a fellow-wolf as a man can enslave a fellow-man. It is not easier to live in freedom than to fight for freedom. One must fight for freedom like an archangel, but one must live in freedom as a saint. When you fight for freedom you are helping every slave of the world, not only yourself. - Nicholai Velimirovic, Wisdom of the Serbians