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this calls for an owl

We read this and find it very plausible, except for the preliminary rational that enriching uranium had anything to do with why Japan would be made an example of:

Did the Dimona Dozen Murder the Fukushima 50

Speaking of the camera, note the language here:

March 19, 2011:

Hi-tech security cameras installed by an Israeli defense firm are recording events at the damaged core in Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant, says a report by The Jerusalem Post.

Magna BSP—based in Arava, Israel—specializes in producing and installing stereoscopic sensory and thermal imaging cameras, and is the contractor that installed cameras around the nuclear core that has been overheating and where explosions have occurred.

Magna’s head, Haim Siboni, said the thermal cameras also have the ability to detect the presence of radioactive clouds in the air. “Using these special cameras, we can also identify radioactive clouds, due to the spectrum that our cameras can sense,” Siboni said.

However, despite having the ability to gain remote access to its computer system—which is receiving the cameras’ images—Magna officials have not accessed the images because the company has not been authorized to do so, according to Siboni.


DESPITE having the ability to gain remote access to the computer system, which is functioning and capturing images, Magna officials have not accessed the images, because they are not authorized to look.

Does any of that sound remotely plausible to anyone?

First of all, they say their camera survived the explosions? And is still operating? And sending pictures from inside the biggest nuclear disaster in human history? But they won’t look at them? Because some unknown higher authority has not let them?

What can we say. That calls for an owl.


And there’s more juicy “goodness” from the light unto the nations, same link up top:

Arava-based Magna BSP, which specializes in producing and installing stereoscopic sensory and thermal imaging cameras, has been contracted to place cameras around one of the Fukushima plant’s six nuclear cores – the one that has been experiencing explosions and overheating.

The Israeli defense firm’s thermal cameras were installed due to their ability to detect presence of radioactive clouds in air. Magna has also been asked to secure a second core at the Fukushima plant in the near future.

Here’s a prayer that the cameras do their work quickly and Israeli firms and relief organizations can continue aiding and rebuilding Japan.

So *another* camera, reported March 16? One was not enough? Who really asked for the second camera? And a prayer TOO, that the “cameras do their work quickly”? Right. That links over to a Jpost article about ZAKA and IsraAID, who we learned about during the Haiti earthquake.

Entering the wayback machine: February 2010

say anything

National Menorah

“Nazis don’t have the right to put up a sign next to the Holocaust museum in Washington.” ~ Newt Gingrich

Ground Zero maybe going to run out of steam now that it has been exposed as a CFR psyop?

The connections to the CFR have been METICULOUSLY DOCUMENTED.

There is a conspiracy to dominate the planet. It is not one of Christians, not Muslims, not Jews, not even Zionists, but rather godless nihilistic megalomaniacs. The globalists play each and every angle, whatever will work in a certain geological location, upon a certain cultural paradigm. The goal of meticulously documenting the CFR connections above to the foundations funding “Imam” Faisal Abdul Rauf, was to illustrate how large the CFR is. It illustrates how interconnected the CFR is with other think tanks and foundations.

Upon the CFR’s 2009 roster, you can find authors of what you read in the bookstore, in the pages of Newsweek and Time magazine, the commentators you see in news editorials and the expert commentators brought onto mainstream media news shows.

See: Kenny’s Sideshow The CFR/Globalist/Zionist Hegelian Dialectic New York Mosque Conspiracy

See: aangirfan Promoting the Moslem Bad Guys

And speaking of Newt Gingrich…

In the twelve years since he resigned in defeat and disgrace, he has been carefully plotting his return to power. As 2012 approaches, he has raised as much money as all of his potential rivals combined and sits atop the polls for the Republican presidential nomination. But just who is Newton Leroy Gingrich, really? An epic and bizarre story of American power in an unsettled age.

“He believes that what he says in public and how he lives don’t have to be connected.” ~ Marianne Gingrich
See: don’t let that stop you

internet 1, hasbara 0

that might leave a mark

Reportedly, the Mavi Marmara has a sister ship that was sold to a Greek company and is called “Dream.”
Was “Dream” used in a staged production of the Mavi Marmara raid?

Via suraci, Chuckyman, something very interesting….

Yeah, um, please explain…..?

Forum link:

The unraveling of this tall tale on the high seas began on the morning of Friday, June the 4th when the poster known as Shadow made the following remark to another forum poster known as JayRodney:

“I had a close look at web pics of the Mavi Marmara and the ship in the vid that shows the Turks attacking the IDF as they land. I do not believe it is the same ship. Compare them though, I’d like your opinion on it.”

To which JayRodney responded: “I have to conclude by my initial observation ‘Mavi Marmara’ should be visible 36-37 seconds into the video. Octo is getting screen shots and we will make the best comparison based upon available evidence.

I think it’s safe to call shenanigans. It looks suspiciously like Mossad Productions, I’d say the margin of error is less than 1%. This is most assuredly propaganda.”

Then the proverbial bomb was dropped, irrefutable evidence provided in the form of an animated .gif file:

The poster known as Octo said: “ok, the pics are from slightly different angles, but to the best of my knowledge at approximately the same place of the ship(s) superimposed: doesn’t even look like the same ship to me.”

Proof positive! The boats name should have been visible in at least one frame of the SKY NEWS video. Not only is the ships designation ‘Mavi Marmara’ conspicuously absent, but the entire vessel is clearly different; it’s not the same boat!

This IDF footage is clearly fabricated, I wonder how the Israeli government will explain this away?

I believe the technical term is “busted.”

if you criticize Israel you’re a Nazi?

via Goon Squad:

and they probably believe every word of it too, such is the disease

(i added the video…seemed to me something was missing here…)

a call for jewish leadership to step forward now

By Beth Gilinsky and Rabbi Aryeh Spero

on Sunday, April 04, 2010

“Humanity sympathizes with a strenuous aspiration. It can’t have respect for people who lack self respect.” Pierre Van Paassen - “The Forgotten Ally”

We have been receiving numerous communications from the People of Israel expressing how demoralized and abandoned the Jewish People in Israel feel by the lack of any strong and meaningful statement and vigorous, public demonstrations sponsored by any of the major and established Jewish organizations in support of Israel’s position regarding Jerusalem.

They feel that the treatment of Israel during the last three weeks by President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and spokesmen for the Administration has been an unprecedented humiliation of the Jewish State and a willful isolation of it among the community of nations.

In addition, they are alarmed at the silence of the Jewish community in light of how the Obama Administration has been making statements and taking measures that everyone knows give license for the Arab population within Israel and on its borders to renew intifada and rioting that will severely harm the individual Israeli, as is already being done.

Furthermore, the brazen and humiliating way in which the Prime Minister of Israel, the de facto representative of the entire Jewish People, was treated by the entire staff of the White House in front of all the eyes of the world should not be tolerated. It is encouraging other Western countries, as well as Arab countries, to treat Israel as a diplomatic pariah and even question Israel’s legitimacy as a state itself.

The Israeli People are not looking for yet another statement from the establishment Jewish community as to how we are in favor of a peace process, a “two-state solution”, or that the last three weeks of humiliation “disrupts” further peace negotiations. What they are looking for, and what the establishment Jewish organizations should do, is to express their outrage at the mistreatment and humiliation of the Jewish State and attempts to portray the Jewish State as being the sole entity blocking a successful War on Terror. This is reminiscent of previous blood libels throughout history, where the Jewish People have been accused that their existence, rituals, or means of survival has been the cause for the loss of Muslim or Christian life.

The Jewish world is awaiting your affirmation that the entire city of Jerusalem is to be under Jewish sovereignty and is its eternal, united capital.

Furthermore, it is apparentMIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANS that the Obama Administration, from the President to Mrs. Clinton, to David Axelrod, and the President’s spokesmen are engaging in an attempt to overturn the will of the Israeli People who voted for the current Prime Minister and his coalition partners. They view it — and rightly so — as a belittlement not only to their sovereignty, but also to their right to determine who their leaders should be.

On so many fronts, the past three weeks have been an absolute and unwarranted, yet purposeful, humiliation of the Jewish People and the State of Israel. We would expect that the establishment Jewish organizations and leaders would have the courage to stand up, with pride, for the Jewish People and its state. Instead, we are witnessing a silence that conveys the message that the leadership of the Jewish community is more interested in being friends with the Administration than doing its duty by announcing to the world that this cannot be tolerated. We look for the Jewish organizations and its leaders to speak Truth to Power.

The silence of the established Jewish organizations on this matter, in contrast to the outspokenness from J Street, has elevated and allowed J Street to become the most visible and prominent organization speaking out about these issues within the Jewish community. No doubt, many of our leaders are working behind the scenes to repair the rupture of the last three weeks. In this case, however, that is simply not enough and evades the real issue. The world at large has seen a public humiliation and rebuke of the State of Israel go unanswered. Unless it sees a profoundly public rebuke of such treatment, it will assume that such humiliating treatment of Jews and the Jewish State are now acceptable and de rigueur.

The World must hear. The World must see. It takes little courage to meet with other leaders behind closed doors. The courage that is needed now is one where the world sees that Israel, its representatives and the Jewish People cannot tolerate that which no other nation or community would tolerate. Failure to do so openly and in public will guarantee that this will happen again, even if this particular crisis is “smoothed out.”

Leaders are not simply men and women who work behind the scenes. Leaders of a community are those who have enough conviction and pride in the profile of their community that they boldly, with enthusiasm, defend their People when unjustly humiliated. Doing so stops the slide of demoralization in its people and restores their confidence in themselves as a People, a people with a legitimate destiny. The American Jewish Community expects that type of leadership from those who claim to be its leaders.

logistical prowess: Part I: ZAKA in Mexico and the difference between five and six

As I wrote the other day, a ZAKA team rushed to Haiti from Mexico, where they had been working the crash site of Moshe Saba’s (Moises Saba Masri) helicopter. The crash occurred on Sunday night, 1/10/10. News reports said nobody on the ground was hurt. Apparently there’s a deep ravine next to the house or the three story building or the billboard, or whatever the helicopter supposedly hit before bursting into flames while in the air, on on the ground, on the outskirts of Mexico City, in the foothills, in the fog, killing five or maybe six people.

responders at the crash site
it is nighttime
  • The family had arrived at the international airport in Toluca, 35 miles (55 kilometers) west of the capital, on a flight from New York City and was heading home to Mexico City.
  • Moreno said it was unusual for a helicopter to be flying in the area at night, especially since the foothills were covered in fog….”The question is who authorized the flight.”
  • No deaths or injuries were reported on the ground, even though Moreno said the craft sheared off a railing on the roof of a three-story home, then hit two parked cars and a tree before tumbling into a 65-foot-deep (20-meter-deep) creek bed. The wreckage covered a radius of 60 yards (meters) in the pine-clad hills on the city’s western edge.
  • Initial reports indicated another person had been on board, but Moreno confirmed there were only five.
Some reports said the remains were charred.

ZAKA team at the crash site
it is morning
“First photographs of ZAKA volunteers at Mexico helicopter crash site” (source)
ZAKA volunteers arrived from Israel in the morning, local time, and went straight to the crash scene to carry out their sacred work of collecting all human remains for burial. The four-man delegation from Israel is working with other ZAKA volunteers from the US and Mexico.

ZAKA arrived Monday morning, local time, from Israel. Quite the feat, actually, considering that if you left Israel at night and traveled non-stop, it would still take a good 18 hours or so to get to Mexico. Also quite the feat since Israel is eight hours ahead of Mexico, which means it was early morning in Israel when the crash happened, which means they could not have left at night to arrive in the morning. Anyway, I’m not sure why they would send a team from Israel when ZAKA is an international organization with offices in Brooklyn, New York. But I’m sure they have their reasons.

Or, maybe they actually came from the United States. But why lie about coming from Israel? Just to make it extra dramatic? Or, possibly, to cover up some sort of foreknowledge? Sometimes Israeli lies seem almost gratuitous, as though there’s no good reason except that it’s fun, and it doesn’t matter, and anything can be ignored or denied if necessary, and it makes the story sound better.

Zaka Spokesman Moti Bukchin said the rescue organization would send out a delegation Monday afternoon to Mexico via the United States in order to assist in identifying the bodies of the victims. The delegation will be joined by Rabbi Ovadia Yosef’s son, Rabbi David Yosef, as the personal delegate of the Shas leader. (Ynet, Reuters story, dated Monday 1/11/10)


About ZAKA (wikipedia):

ZAKA (Identification and Rescue - True Kindness): ZAKA is a non-governmental volunteer agency responsible for rescue, life saving and recovery. Members work alongside law enforcement and emergency personnel when responding to incidents of terrorism, accidents, or disasters. It is a humanitarian agency, mostly made up of Haredi Jews who assume the duty of collecting human remains to provide those remains a proper Jewish burial, known as Chesed Shel Emet, “True Virtue.” ZAKA is an international organization, with offices in Israel and New York, and has dispatched volunteers to disasters throughout the world. The Israeli government recognizes ZAKA as part of the security apparatus, because volunteers are trained by the Israel Police and Magen David Adom.

See this ZAKA newsletter from December 2009 ( to read all about ZAKA’s latest feats, including plans to establish a ZAKA International Rescue Unit in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Also see the ZAKA website: (

“This shared fate of the two peoples is reflected in the word Jerusalem, which has the letters USA at its center.” - Yehuda Meshi-Zahav, at the 9/11 Manhattan Tribute to ZAKA and the FDNY


According to the story, Saba Masri was killed in a crash along with five other people. That would be six total. As noted above, “Initial reports indicated another person had been on board, but Moreno confirmed there were only five.”

Another story here also says a total of five people died. CNN also says: five people. A few other stories along the way mention six. It varies from source to source.

Experience tells us, however, not to ignore initial reports.
Five people, six people… what’s the difference? The difference is a human being. Does that person exist or not? Or is the person being erased? And if so, why?
What happens when we lose track of people? Criminals get away with murder. Each person has a life, and a story. The people who get erased are the very people whose lives and stories we need to know.
So yes, it matters whether there were five people or six people. It’s what we call A FACT. We reality-based people are really into FACTS.

The ZAKA team went straight to the crash site in the morning, presumably marching into an ongoing investigation led by the local emergency services who had been on the scene since the night before.

An ambulance leaves the scene of a helicopter crash near Mexico City, Mexico, on Sunday night.” (CNN)
(Is that a city ambulance, or a private ambulance?)
Who was in the ambulance? Nobody was hurt on the ground, and ZAKA arrived in the morning to collect body parts, so what was the ambulance doing? Taking bodies to the morgue? That is what we might expect — that the emergency personnel at the crash site all night would have removed the bodies to the morgue. Therefore, by the time ZAKA would arrive the next day, what work would they need to do at the crash site?

Let’s not forget that Israel classifies ZAKA as part of the state security apparatus.

Maybe they show up to collect evidence and pay off local officials to say things like, “there were only five bodies” after initial reports had already mentioned six. ???

Ynet, who also reported six bodies, published this photo, courtesy of ZAKA. In other words, the news agency got the political file photo from the “non-governmental volunteer agency responsible for rescue, life saving, and recovery.” Doesn’t that seem a little odd?

Saba Masri family with Bill Clinton

logistical prowess: Part II: Moshe Saba Masri, Mexican billionare and Sephardi Jew

Would someone want Saba Masri dead?

Maybe. He had a lot of different business interests, and he definitely locked horns with a few people along the way.
  • Saba Masri, 46, did not participate in his family’s main business, pharmaceuticals distributor Grupo Casa Saba.
  • Instead, he struck out as an investor in diverse areas, including telephones, Internet service and real estate.
  • In 2007 he made an unsuccessful bid for a government-held stake in one of the country’s two main airlines, Aeromexico. [He lost in a fierce bidding war against Citigroup.]
  • Saba Masri was an early investor in TV Azteca, Mexico’s second-largest network, and in the Unefon telephone company, where he sold his stake in 2007.
  • He owned a stake in at least one hotel in the Pacific coast resort of Acapulco.
  • The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission charged him in 2004 with manipulative securities trading, though the charges were later dismissed.
  • Last year, he angered movie fans and preservationists in Mexico City when his development company tore down a landmark movie theater to build an office tower.
Also: “He once entered negotiations to acquire Israel’s Channel 10, but the deal ultimately did not go through.

His profile brings to mind two other successful media moguls who have recently been assassinated: Jamim Shah and Costis Hadjicostis. All three men exhibited something of an independent streak.


Saba Masri was returning from a trip to New York with his family. They had attended a family engagement party.

Highly-credible sources tell YWN that they had just returned from Flatbush, Brooklyn, where his brother had just made an engagement party at their home on Avenue S - in the Syrian Community. They had spend Shabbos in Flatbush, attended the party on Motzei Shabbos, and flew back to Mexico via airplane on Sunday. After landing, they transferred from a plane to chopper. A private jet left NYC for Mexico at approximately 3:30AM on Sunday night/Monday morning with family members, and at least one member of Flatbush Hatzolah [volunteer EMS -ed.] - a highly recognized Askan [Jewish lobbyist -ed.] in the Syrian community.
Hmm. A typo? This says the private jet left on Sunday night/Monday morning, and the crash happened (allegedly) just after 8pm Sunday night, so that doesn’t add up. But leaving that aside for the moment, since it implies that Saba Masri & family could not have been on the helicopter that crashed, since they would have still been in New York at the time…and that’s a little too weird to contemplate at the moment….

According to former Shas leader Rav Aryeh Deri, who described Saba Masri and his wife as humble people, Saba’s father was also supposed to take the helicopter from the airport to the home, but at the last minute, he decided to take his vehicle. He couldn’t remember why he decided to drive. (

According to a HaMevaser report, R’ Yitzchak telephoned Rav Ovadia Shlita after learning of the tragedy, broken and in pain, seeking guidance as what to do regarding his immeasurable loss and how to interpret his miracle, the decision not to travel on the chopper.
There is conflicting information about which family members were traveling with Saba Masri City authorities were not immediately available to confirm the information. According to Reuters, Saba Masri was flying with his family and Alberto Saba and Judith Humberto Casal. However, Notimex quoted Moreno Brizuela as saying the dead in addition to Saba Masri included Alberto Saba Jr. and Judith Adela Saba or Tauchi Casal and the helicopter’s pilot Capt. Armando Fernandez, while the sixth victim has not been identified. Reforma attributed to the security chief a statement that Alberto Saba Raffoul, Saba Masri’s father, was not in the helicopter and had not died.


Saba Masri was a Sephardi Jew, not an Ashkenazi Jew. The Ashkenazi Jews run the whole shebang in terms of the power structure. The way I understand it, Sephardi Jews have too close an affiliation to Arabs, and since Jews and Arabs must be diametrically opposed per the Ashkenazi narrative, that doesn’t leave much room for Sephardi Jews. They bend to the narrative to get some crumbs, or else they get nothing.

“The Sephardic religious party [Shas] was established in 1984 to counter a sense of social discrimination among Sephardic (Middle Eastern descent) religious Jews vis-a-vis Ashkenazis (European descent.)”  (source)

“Moshe Saba in conference with Sephardic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar and Rav Yitzchak David Grossman. He didn’t make a move without rabbinic approval.”
“What was supposed to be a short, ten minute flight from the airport to their estate turned into the final tragic journey for billionaire philanthropist Moshe Saba and his family  — as their helicopter exploded in mid-air. Although much of his life was an enigma, Saba’s inner circle of confidants, including the family of Rav Ovadia Yosef, has begun to reveal little known aspects of the man who was the pillar of Mexico City’s Jewish Community. And although Moshe Saba never spoke to the media, he gave several exclusive interviews to Mishpacha’s Yossi Elituv. As the two of them once soared over the skies of Eretz Yisrael in another helicopter, Saba turned to him prophetically and said, “Each person has his time.”
Without reading these exclusive interviews, we can’t know whether Saba Masri would agree with views like this, expressed over the weekend by a Sephardic Rabbi: ( [2/20: This article has been scrubbed from the web, since yesterday 2/19/10. - ed.]
Former Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef called Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a modern Haman, equating him with the villain of the biblical Purim story. “Just like in the days of the first Haman, we have had Hamans in all the generations. Today we have a new Haman in Persia who is threatening us with his nuclear weapons. Their swords will strike their own hearts, and their bows will be destroyed,” Rabbi Yosef said.
These views might be genuine, or these views might be expressed to satisfy the Ashkenazi power structure. There’s no way to tell from here. [And as a little note for the curious, Purim will be from February 28-March 1, 2010; and Easter is on 4/4 this year.]


Of course, there’s also the matter of the Sephardic and Syrian Jew community caught up in the New Jersey organ trafficking ring last summer…(

Last Thursday a decade-long FBI corruption probe in New Jersey and New York was wrapped up with the arrests of 44 men, including several prominent rabbis from the Syrian Jewish strongholds of Deal, N.J. and Brooklyn, N.Y. Most notable of all was Rabbi Saul Kassin, 87, of Cong. Shaare Zion on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn. He is considered the leading rav of Syrian Jewry….The tight-knit medley of Sephardic Jews in Great Neck, who range from Iranian to Syrian and Afghani, were taking the news personally. …“All Jews, we’re part of the same family,” she said….Rabbi Arnold Marans of Sephardic Temple in Cedarhurst said the Sephardic community here is not “monolothic” and that his shul was European Sephardim and not close to the Syrian Jewish community.

Perhaps from inside Jewry, these divisions seem very sharp. But from the outside? Not so much.

And guess who else claimed to be part of the Sephardic community? Jorge Puello.

logistical prowess: Part III: ZAKA and private ambulances

In Part I, we learned that ZAKA is a non-governmental volunteer agency also considered part of Israel’s security services. They travel around the world to assist at accident and disaster sites and to collect Jewish remains for burial.

In Part II, we learned from highly credible Jewish sources (who use a lot of Jewish words that non-Jews have to look up), that Saba Masri left the Brooklyn New York Syrian community after a family engagement party, accompanied by his family members and at least one member of Flatbush Hatzolah.

Hatzolah means volunteer EMS.

This unnamed person is also, according to the source, a highly recognized Askan in the Syrian community.

Askan means Jewish lobbyist. (


So, come to find out that some Jewish communities have their own ambulance services — Hatzolah! Like ZAKA, except local. Who knew?

This causes some problems, as you might imagine. (

I know many Hatzolah members are dedicated volunteers whose hearts are in the right place when they join this volunteer ambulance service, but really it is an organization that divides the Jewish communities from the rest of the people.

Hatzolah is not really needed, there are EMT’s that turn out of hospitals and FDNY EMT’s/Paramedics. I think the Jewish communities of NYC should really look inward and also then look at their gentile neighbors of this city and really consider how an all Jewish politically connected ambulance service looks to everyone else.

Regular civilians volunteering in this politically connected group getting free parking placards, immunity from summonses and sometimes arrest, and the fact that the overwhelming majority of the calls they go on are to assist Jews only.

…The city would run just fine without Hatzolah and there would not be conspiracy theories floating around about Hatzolah covering up child/spousal abuse or other things.

One response on that thread:

All other ethnic/racial/whatever groups are welcome to open and fund their own ambulance corps if they can’t control their jealousy. Conspirators can go screw themselves. Hatzalah has many local members, and their response time is a fraction of that of FDNY. Plus, their service is a hell of a lot better. All this with no burden on any reluctant taxpayers whose public education system we support. The hell with them.

That’s so nice.

Here is another thread full of righteous indignation when a police officer and a Hatzolah volunteer disagreed over street parking protocol. The general sense one gets is that the Hatzolah volunteers can do no wrong in the eyes of the Jewish communities, and those cops better watch out or some people might make a few phone calls, capice? (


But then, around September 2005, someone made corruption allegations against Flatbush Hatzalah, and there was a bit of a kerfuffle when a very official letter signed by four rabbis told people to stop discussing Hatzalah business on the internet because it is “destroying the organization in ways that we cannot elaborate in writing.” ( (also see:

And some discussion followed about whether or not this was a hoax, or justified, or what exactly it meant.

From the comments at the last url:

  • I personally called and they confirmed the letter is real.
  • screw the terror letter …thank god we have blogs where people can speak their mind AND TELL THE TRUTH on what is going on in a certain organization….. and by the way if nothing is wrong what are they afraid of ? I wonder.the bottom line is …. free speech is a right in America
  • within the org. there is enough censorship and snitching that to do it any other way would certainly end in our immediate expulsion from the org.
  • they (blog moderators - ed.) are responsible, mature members who also know the massive problems the org. has, and realize this is the only way to deal with it, as all other avenues have thus far (20+ years) have failed.
  • the issues they raise VERY real. and the site doesnt even begin to scratch the surface of the problems and politics within the organization. beyond this,you will have to read between the lines of the site and do some research for yourselves.
“Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, 58, of Brooklyn, N.Y, is taken into the back of the federal courthouse in Newark on corruption charges. He is charged with trafficking in illegal kidneys.”
photo credit: Mitsu Yasukawa/The Star-Ledger

logistical prowess: part IV: ZAKA goes to Haiti

The Saba Masri helicopter crash occurred on Sunday night, 1/10/10. The ZAKA team arrived at the site on Monday, 1/11/10. The Haiti earthquake happened on Tuesday, 1/12/10.

The ZAKA team was still in Mexico, so they went to Haiti.

Oddly enough, ZAKA had planned to establish an international rescue unit in Mexico that very same week! This report is dated 1/11/10. As we learned earlier, the ZAKA team was supposedly on the crash site the morning of 1/11/10. (

In a tragic and cruel twist of fate, the ZAKA International Rescue Unit delegation which was due to fly to Mexico City later this week to begin training 50 local volunteers in rescue and recovery techniques, left Tel Aviv this afternoon to attend to the scene of the helicopter crash in Mexican Jewish businessman and philanthropist Moises Saba was killed along with his wife, son and daughter-in-law and two others on Sunday night.

First off, what a coincidence that just as they planned to be in Mexico, the exercise “went live” as it were. Similarly, as noted here, a conference on First Emergency Response also took place in Israel the very same week. (1/11-1/14)

Secondly, the team left Tel Aviv in the afternoon of 1/11 to attend the crash site of six people. (See Part I.) Not sure how that departure time squares away with the reported facts, either. The helicopter reportedly crashed shortly after 8pm Sunday the 10th (, and the pictures confirm that it happened at night. Since Tel Aviv is eight hours ahead of Mexico, it was around 4am there on the 11th. If the authorities rustled the team out of bed and onto a plane for 5am and they flew for 18 hours nonstop, they could be in Mexico City for the late afternoon of the 11th, even though they claimed to be there on the morning of the 11th. But why would they leave in the afternoon… of the 11th? That actually makes sense under normal circumstances, except it’s not what we’ve been told. Or maybe they left on the 10th, but that would be too early, since the crash hadn’t occurred yet. So, something’s wrong with the story, as it’s been reported.

The idea to establish a ZAKA International Rescue Unit in Mexico, trained by Israeli ZAKA volunteers, was born out of a ZAKA tribute evening which Moises Saba hosted in his home in November 2008, where guest of honor former US President Bill Clinton was the keynote speaker. Saba’s generosity facilitated the establishment and training of the Mexico ZAKA International Rescue Unit.

Wow, so it was Saba’s own idea. Perhaps the picture of him (Part I) with Clinton had been taken at that November 2008 soiree.

“Who could have imagined, not just that the Mexican volunteers would need to learn the course content hands-on, in a real incident, but that it would involve the tragic death of the person who initiated and funded the course,” noted head of the ZAKA International Rescue Unit Mati Goldstein as he prepared to board today’s flight to Mexico.

What can I say? WHO COULD HAVE IMAGINED… that little phrase has to go down in history forever linked to Dear Condi, as she lied her ass off before the 911 Commission, also a bunch of liars, on May 19, 2004.

“This tragic incident only serves to highlight the need for locally-based, ZAKA-trained volunteers who can respond immediately and professionally to emergency situations,” adds ZAKA International Rescue Unit Chief Operating Officer Dovie Maisel who also left for Mexico City today, with two other ZAKA volunteers. Rabbi David Yosef, son of former Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Ovadia Yosef who was close to Moises Saba, accompanied the ZAKA delegation.

I usually refer to that as JUSTIFYING. Many times we see events that JUSTIFY items on somebody’s agenda.

How convenient is that, when something happens to JUSTIFY something you already wanted to do? Very convenient.

Before leaving for Mexico, the ZAKA delegation met with Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who gave his halachic ruling regarding the ZAKA team’s work in collecting body parts at the crash scene. They then met with Israeli Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, who sent with the delegation a letter to his counterpart in Mexico, requesting to delay the funeral of the victims until the ZAKA team has completed its work in collecting all body parts from the scene of the crash.

How did they have time for all these meetings, and prepared letters about the rules and regulations for handling the “body parts,” in the wee hours of the morning, and still get to Mexico in impossible record time?

Moises Saba has supported ZAKA since its inception, including the donation of two ZAKA ambulances. During the tsunami disaster, in which a Mexican was feared dead, Saba funded the ongoing search for his body until positive identification ensured that his wife of one month would know her husband’s fate.

You know, no matter which way you look at this, somebody is lying or we have a lot of lousy journalists around, or both.


So when the Haiti earthquake hit on the 12th, the ZAKA team immediately deployed from Mexico to Haiti, allowing them to be the first Israeli team to arrive in the disaster area.

According to the ZAKA newsletter (, the team flew into Port-au-Prince on Thursday, 1/14, in a Mexican Air Force Hercules plane, accompanied by Jewish volunteers from the Mexican Kedena organization. They immediately went to the site of an eight-story collapsed building, where they worked for 38 hours with rescue equipment provided by the Mexican military, to pull eight students alive from the rubble.

Having received permission from the rabbis to continue working to save lives, they continued to work through Friday night religious services. Somehow they were unable to communicate with the IOF delegation that had arrived on Friday, but miraculously they managed to get an email to ZAKA headquarters in Jerusalem describing the hellish conditions, as they communed with delegations from Mexico, England and Scotland. Later on, when they sat with Jordanian security guards and people from Qatar and Egypt, “it was strange.”

Despite the harsh conditions, and the trauma of being surrounded by Haitians begging for water, they did manage to survive on energy bars they procured in Mexico, in addition to the kosher food they received from Chabad and the American Army.

But a little later on in the newsletter….

When all the body parts were found, the funerals went ahead following another halachic ruling and the ZAKA volunteers continued their work in clearing the site. It was at this point that the quake in Haiti struck, and, without hesitation, the ZAKA volunteers decided to continue to Haiti, a relatively short distance from Mexico City.

Using the connections of the Saba family and others in Mexico, the ZAKA delegation managed to fly out with the Mexican air force delegation on Wednesday, 13 January, receiving the mandatory seven injections on the flight. The speed of the operation meant that the ZAKA volunteers were the first Israeli delegation on the ground in Haiti, working together with the Mexican team.

Good collaboration there between the Mexican government and Israel. Very nice. Good use of connections. Very tight. Still a little confusing who went where when, however, to collect “body parts.” Did they leave on the 13th or the 14th? Did they go straight to the eight-story building or did they do something else upon arriving in Haiti? We heard so much about the logistical problems and bottlenecks getting equipment and supplies and everything to the people in need. But somehow, surprising us no end, practically inconceivable, the Mexican military and Chabad and the American Army got the necessary supplies to Israel’s ZAKA team — even Kosher food! — in the middle of a horrific disaster zone where people were allegedly killing each other for a drink of water, so that they could “save lives.”

That’s so nice.

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