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violence justifies the narrative and allows it to move forward

1. more Abu Sayyaf militants captured, ties to AQ, JI, MNLF.

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines: The Philippine military killed at least six Abu Sayyaf militants in fierce clashes Sunday in the southern province of Sulu, official said. Top commanders of the group were among the dead.

Three soldiers were also slightly wounded in the fighting that erupted in the village of Karawan near Indanan town, a known stronghold of the Abu Sayyaf who are blamed for a spate of kidnappings in the restive region. “We have killed at least six militants and recovered their weapons. Three of my soldiers are slightly wounded in the fighting,” said Marines Brig. Gen. Rustico Guerrero, commander of military forces in Sulu, who is leading an offensive against the militant group tied to Al-Qaeda and Jemaah Islamiah.

He said a platoon of Marines special unit and reconnaissance soldiers attacked an Abu Sayyaf camp in Karawan, a mountain chain s and a known lair of the militants. Lt. Gen. Benjamin Dolorfino, the regional military commander, said a senior Abu Sayyaf leader wanted by the United States was among those killed in the clashes. “We have reports that Albader Parad and Dr. Abu were among those killed and we are trying to verify this information,” he said.

Dolorfino said troops were fighting Abu Sayyaf forces under Albader Parad and Abu Jumdail, also known as Dr. Abu because of his alleged ability to cure wounded militants. Jumdail was the cousin of Umbra Jumdail, one of the core leaders of Abu Sayyaf. Both leaders are wanted by the Philippine and US authorities for their involvements in the kidnappings of American citizens and the killing of two US Special Forces soldiers in Sulu. Dolorfino described the offensive as a “surgical, intelligence-driven operation.” Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) rebels under former chieftain Nur Misuari also fought side by side with the Abu Sayyaf militants in the fighting that began at dawn, local media said.

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2. Iraq: gunmen murder two iraqi families, mostly children, and behead some — blamed on election, ie: it’s the locals. DON’T COUNT ON IT.

Gunmen murdered two Iraqi families, mostly children, beheading some of the victims and killing 12 people on Monday, as a spate of brutal attacks hit the country less than two weeks before elections. Nine children were among those killed in their homes in and around Baghdad, while 11 other people died in violence across Iraq, including three in a suicide car bombing and a police commando who was shot dead by a sniper. The worst incident occurred in Al-Wehdah, a predominantly Shiite Muslim town in an ethnically-mixed area about 20 kilometres (12 miles) southeast of Baghdad. Eight members of the same family, including six children younger than 12, were gunned down and several were beheaded.

Beheadings have been the trademark of Sunni insurgents in Iraq, particularly Al-Qaeda militants in the violence that flared after the 2003 US-led invasion, although the motive for the attack was unclear. Baghdad police said they later apprehended four people carrying silencers in connection with the murders, after receiving a tip-off. A second family, comprising a mother and her three daughters, was shot dead overnight in their home in the mostly Shiite north Baghdad district of al-Hurriyah, a police official said, on condition of anonymity.

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3. Pakistan: beheadings cause fear and panic in Sikhs

Islamabad/Hundreds of fear-stricken Sikhs clamoured to escape to India after the Pakistani Taliban beheaded one of three Sikh men they abducted over a month ago. The killing was condemned in India by the government and political parties.

The body of Jaspal Singh was found in Pakistan’s restive tribal region Sunday, triggering panic in the small community that has faced the ire of the Taliban for some time….According to, the kidnapping occurred in an area where the Pakistan government has virtually no control….No group has claimed responsibility for the abduction and murder but members of the Sikh community blamed it on the Pakistani Taliban, which has close ties with Al Qaeda, and said they wanted to quit Pakistan for good….The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) asked the government to mount ‘diplomatic pressure’ on Pakistan to ensure the release of the abducted Sikhs.

more @ irish sun

4. Germany arrests 3 suspects of helping Islamic militants planning attacks against “The West”

BERLIN (Reuters) - German police have arrested three people suspected of helping a radical Islamist group whose followers have confessed to planning attacks on U.S. targets in Germany, prosecutors said on Monday.

The federal prosecutor’s office said it suspected two men whom it identified only as Alican T. and Fatih K., and one woman, Filiz G., of supporting the Islamic Jihad Union (IJU), a group often linked to a militant Islamist movement that originated in Uzbekistan.  “They are accused of aiding the terrorist group financially,” said Marcus Koehler, a spokesman for the prosecution, adding that the charges involved the transfer of several thousand euros to accounts in Turkey late last year.

Four men affiliated to the IJU and known as the “Sauerland group” are on trial in the western city of Duesseldorf for planning bomb attacks on U.S. institutions in Germany. A verdict in that case is due in the next week or two. Prosecutors said the three suspects arrested on Saturday were apprehended in Berlin and the southern city of Ulm, are aged between 20 and 31 years, and hold German citizenship.


sociopaths at work

1. R. Canup’s spectrum of evil personalities: excerpt:

Next up the ladder is the evil person of above average intelligence. These people have a similar goal to evil people of average intelligence; the production of human misery. However these people see the opportunity to do something that evil people of normal intelligence don’t see how to do; murder someone and get away with it. They understand that the way to murder someone and get away with it is to not care who they kill, how they kill them, or when they kill them. Such people set up conditions where someone will be ‘accidentally’ killed and wait for the circumstances to occur.

For example, I once worked for an evil person of above average intelligence who built up a company which did about twenty million dollars a year of business. He was only interested in his business as an instrument to his ends. He worked people long hours of overtime (without any extra pay) - he pushed people as hard as he could. What he was doing was setting up an environment as stressful as he could - secure in the knowledge that sooner or later - a death would be the result. Sure enough, a staff accountant driving home after a late night’s work was hit by a drunken driver and killed. The boss was stunned; his life’s goal had been accomplished - the guilt was obvious in his face the next day. He became very cheerful over the next several weeks, and lost interest in the company. Inside of a year and a half it was out of business.

Of course since he was cloaked in plausible deniability no criminal charges could ever be brought against him. But, he could see that the death had come as a direct result of his deliberately malicious behavior; he willed it, and it happened. Most industrial accidental deaths and injuries can be traced back to the malicious behavior of those who are evil and of above average intelligence.

That leaves us those who are evil and of high intelligence. Most good people are also familiar with these kind of people; we call them leaders - both of industry and of government. It is the goal of such people to get away with mass murder. An example will show how they work their agenda.

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2. Vancouver’s quick descent from high ground - excerpts:

There is also the problem that while the investigating British Columbia Coroners Service, the Royal Mounted Police and officials of the International Luge Federation agreed that the cause of the tragedy was not the dangers of the track but the errors and inexperience of its victim, it was still swiftly decided to change utterly the conditions of the competition. This included the building up of the wall, and the changing of the “ice profile” at the fatal curve and moving the start line to the women’s mark, nearly 200 yards down the track.

The inconsistency of the ruling screamed at the mourners of the luger who had just 26 practice runs down the course – as opposed to the 200 enjoyed by the Canadians.

…The head of the American luge team, Ron Rossi, has been especially cutting. He says: “The Canadians have to be answerable for their position on training. A track like this demanded the weaker athletes get more time. I’m going to propose some changes, more training for the athletes. It’s a terrible tragedy that has happened here but I hope that maybe in the end we can change some rules and never see anything like this ever happen again.”

Adding to the force of Rossi’s complaints is his belief that a member of his team, Meg Sweeney, could so easily have shared Kumaritashvili’s fate. The day before the Georgian died, Sweeney had a near identical crash after “double-looping” the 16th curve. “It was almost the exact same crash,” said Rossi, “but she didn’t go so high.”

Sweeney says she has tried to wipe away the incident but conceded: “There’s something missing up here, I’m not going to lie to you.”

Her boss says it is a failure to read the gravest warning signs. “They knew they had problems from day one. They had people hitting the wall and going airborne. If you were already concerned about it and you already raised the wall, why didn’t you keep going? And why didn’t you protect the [metal] posts at the chance that maybe something could happen? I’m not the one to answer but that’s the kind of question that needs to be asked.”

why indeed. more @ independent

3. organized crime may have caused Cologne archive collapse — organized crime meaning the people in government who issued permits for construction and the people who planned and carried out the construction — ie: officials and businesspeople

Suspicion that organised crime may have been behind the deadly collapse of Cologne’s city archive grew on Monday as more falsified building protocols emerged.

An additional 28 falsified records for underground metro construction at various sites across the city have been discovered, an investigation insider told daily Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger. “We assume that it could be significantly more,” the source said. “For us it looks like systematic falsification.”

Over the weekend the paper reported fresh claims that shoddy work practices caused the collapse of the archive building, including a report that construction firms were skimping on concrete. …The paper reported that too little concrete may have been used on the tunnel under the Waidmarkt area – a possible reason for collapse of the tunnel that led to the destruction of the city’s historical archive in March 2009 and two neighbouring buildings, killing two people and destroying countless historical documents.

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4. march in Cuidad Juarez against Mexican army

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico – Thousands of people belonging to civil organizations and residents of Ciudad Juarez marched peacefully Saturday through this city to commemorate the slaying of 15 youths last Jan. 31 and to repudiate the presence of the Mexican army in the town.
…The legislator Fernandez Noroña asked that the army leave the city, considered the most violent in Mexico, in the belief that the troops treat the people in an “undeserved, violent, arrogant, unconstitutional and abusive” way. “There is now more army in Juarez than ever, there are more federal police than ever…and today there is more crime than ever in Juarez,” the politician said.

more @ latin american herald tribune

5. new ‘ethical’ biofuel crop damages the poor people it was supposed to help

Five years ago jatropha was hailed by investors and scientists as a breakthrough in the battle to find a biofuel alternative to fossil fuels that would not further impoverish developing countries by diverting resources away from food production….

Millions of the plants have been grown in anticipation of rich returns, only for growers to be hit by poor yields, conflict over land and a lack of infrastructure to process the oil-rich seeds.

Oil giant BP, which planned to spend almost £32m on a joint venture to set up jatropha plantations, has now pulled out and the charity ActionAid today warns that jatropha needs to be cultivated on prime food-growing land to produce significant yields….ActionAid said its researchers found repeated cases of farmers being left with jatropha crops they could not sell and land previously used to grow food crops being taken over by sub-contractors who then employed locals on wages that could not compete with rises in the price of foodstuffs partially caused by biofuel production.

A number of British companies are continuing to market jatropha as a “highly ethical and green” investment. One fund offers investors three packages for prices ranging from £7,500 to £15,600 in a brochure entitled “Money really does grow on trees”. That company says it has funded the planting of 32 million jatropha shrubs worldwide through a London-based provider called Carbon Credited Farming (CCF) Plc. Jeff Reeves, head of global operations for CCF, which estimates it will have 300 million jatropha shrubs planted on 120,000 acres worldwide by the end of 2010, admitted that there had been problems establishing the crop.

He told The Ecologist magazine: “In many cases it is government policy and people that are to blame, rather than jatropha itself. Well-managed, jatropha … can work. But there have been countries where poor management has meant this is not the case.”

more @ independent

6. Afghan civilian deaths a serious setback — first reports said the rockets were 1000 feet off course. seems like a very large error for our high-tech army.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup said the incident had damaged efforts to win the support of local communities, but added that accidents were inevitable during conflict. The civilians died when two rockets from a high mobility artillery rocket system hit a house on the outskirts of the town of Marjah, in an area of Helmand province being targeted by a joint US and Afghan force.

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7. training/dehumanizing/debasing people before you give them deadly weapons: German Army ritual abuse scandal spreads

The hazing scandal in the German army, in which young recruits have reportedly been forced to eat raw animal liver until they vomited, has snowballed with more soldiers blowing the whistle on ugly rites of passage, reports said Sunday….The scandal began when a young soldier who trained at the camp in Mittenwald came forward to describe hazing that included recruits being forced to drink alcohol until they were sick, eat raw pig liver, and conduct climbing exercises in the nude before their fellow soldiers, daily Süddeutsche Zeitung reported last week.

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8. man takes on corrupt UK police officer

THE brave informant who finally toppled Britain’s most corrupt cop today tells his own incredible story of monster Ali Dizaei’s chilling mafia-style regime. Humble website designer Waad Al Bagdhdadi, 24, refused to be bullied by the bent Scotland Yard commander. Now, with Dizaei jailed for four years, he reveals astonishing details of the shamed officer’s life of luxury funded by his grip on a terrified community.

…”He ate for free, he drank for free. In his world, he didn’t pay for anything. But I wasn’t going to let him get me for free.”

The two men fell out after Waad - who fled Iraq at 17 to escape the tyranny of Saddam Hussein - asked for payment for setting up Dizaei’s personal website. Instead of coughing up the swaggering cop tried to frame Waad for attacking him.

…”I’d heard about Dizaei before I met him. He was famous in the Middle Eastern community. They called him London’s top officer. They said he was f***ing the English, the only one they couldn’t take down, ‘untouchable’.

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9. Ivory Coast heads for major upheaval — and World Bank president Zoellick has just been there to visit,..

World Bank President Robert Zoellick (L) meets Ivory Coast’s Prime Minister Guillaume Soro in the capital Abidjan, January 28, 2010. Zoellick continued his visit to Ivory Coast, where progress in securing debt relief will likely top the agenda. (Reuters photo)


A few days after Ivory Coast President, Laurent Gbagbo, dissolved the country’s government and Independent Electoral Commission (CEI), a coalition of opposition parties is calling for a massive demonstration to ask him to step down. Mr. Gbagbo claims the peace process in Côte d’Ivoire has “stalled” while calling for a new government and CEI. The opposition argues that the decision is an impediment to progress. Meanwhile, reports indicate the PM cannot form a government within the time frame given by the President. Analysts have warned of a possible upheaval.

The Ivorian President, Laurent Gbagbo, announced the dissolution of the country’s government as well as its Independent Electoral Commission (CEI) Friday evening in a televised speech. Prime Minister Guillaume Soro, secretary general of the former rebel group, Forces Nouvelles, will stay on as prime minister. A position he has held since 2007 following the signing of the Ouagadougou accord.

The Prime Minister is to “nominate a new government from Monday, February 15, 2010″. Its “mission” will be to conduct “the final actions necessary to get the Ivory Coast out of crisis permanently”. In what concerns the electoral commission, Mr. Laurent Gbagbo wants Guillaume Soro “to put forward, by Monday, the format of a new, credible electoral commission who can organise” free and fair elections.

However, reports Sunday revealed a close aide to the Prime Minister saying that he does not “know when the prime minister will be ready (to form a new government), but it won’t be tomorrow (Monday) or Tuesday… It is too early and too complicated right now to take a quick decision.”…The election, already postponed on numerous occasions since 2005, is expected to end a political quagmire that has crippled the country following the failed September 2002 coup d’état. Laurent Gbagbo’s announcement, many say, seriously undermines presidential elections scheduled to take place in the coming weeks and not later than June, as per the recommendation of a UN calendar.

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above the law

1. border guards ‘key to trafficking in N. Koreans’

North Korean and Chinese border guards play a vital part in the trafficking of North Korean women to China, the Asahi Shimbun reported on Thursday.  In a feature report, the Japanese daily quoted a Chinese border guard as testifying he caught a few female North Korean defectors in their teens and 20s crossing the Duman (or Tumen) River and handed them over to a Korean-Chinese human trafficker.

The Chinese border guard said he gets requests from a trafficker in China and informs his North Korean counterparts, who then ask a trafficker in the North to find suitable women. The North Korean guards then let the women pass in the area on the Chinese guard’s watch. This particular Chinese border guard alone had sold some 40 to 50 women per year this way.

Traffickers reportedly pay about 6,000 to 7, 000 yuan (approximately W1.02 million to W1.19 million) a head. Of the money, 4,000 yuan go to the Chinese border guard, who hands 1,000 yuan over to a North Korean guard. The Chinese guard added, “If they are told they can eat to their hearts’ content [in China], many North Korean women are happy to be on their way.” An estimated 150 human traffickers work in the border area.

source: chosun ilbo

2. Sweden: rape suspicions mount against ex-police chief — possible tie in to sex ring involving “well-known men in high positions”

The allegations directed at a former Swedish police chief suspected of rape continued to grow on Friday with at least five women and girls now thought to be involved in the case. Göran Lindberg, a respected law enforcement official who recently retired after a career spanning more than 20 years, is now suspected of rape and plotting to rape at least five women and girls.

On Friday Södertorn District Court appointed Caroline Rainer as the plaintiff assistant for the seventh woman or girl involved in the police investigation against Lindberg.

…Göran Lindberg, who as an active police officer developed an international reputation for giving talks on the importance of gender equality and the perils of sexual harassment, was arrested on January 25th on suspicion of raping a woman and attempting to rape several children. He was arrested at a hotel in Falun in northern Sweden, where he is suspected of having been in the course of plotting to rape a girl.

The case against Lindberg has its origin in the investigation into a suspicious death in the suburb of Bredäng, in southern Stockholm, in July 2009 when a 60-year-old man mysteriously fell to his death from a balcony.  Lindberg’s name unexpectedly turned up after police launched a preliminary investigation into the suspected murder. During the investigation police confiscated a computer and a mobile phone which belonged to the deceased 60-year-old. When investigators examined the contents of the machines and found the names of several men, their suspicions were aroused and they handed the matter over to the Stockholm County police force.

After intense media speculation into Lindberg’s links to a purported sex ring, police leading the investigation issued a denial that there were further suspects under investigation. “There are no other suspects at the moment,” said Jonas Trolle, who is leading the 25-person police team investigating the case.  ”All the speculation about well-known men in high positions has nothing to do with our investigation,” said Trolle in a statement on January 31st, adding that it was important that the media exercises some restraint.

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3. Germany: documents in Kunduz affair may have been destroyed

Military documents detailing the events surrounding a deadly bombardment in Afghanistan now under investigation by the German parliament have reportedly been destroyed.

The news came a day after Colonel Georg Klein, the German commander who ordered the controversial air strike that killed more than 140 Afghans last year, appeared before a parliamentary inquiry to defend his actions. Daily Bild reportedly has obtained documents that prove special forces were involved reading: “Clearance to destroy and liquidate under terms of ZDv 2/30 hereby issued.” This number 2/30 central service command, abbreviated as “ZDv,” indicates that files are to be “shredded or cut up with the shredder so that the contents are neither recognisable nor could be made recognisable,” the paper said.  An inside source on the parliamentary investigative committee told the paper that they believed the documents had been destroyed.

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4. and MI5 didn’t do anything wrong either

The head of MI5 has issued a strong defence of the security service, denying that his staff had withheld documents relating to Binyam Mohamed from the parliamentary intelligence and security committee (ISC) or sought to cover up its involvement in the torture of detainees.

The director general, Jonathan Evans, said claims by the Master of the Rolls, Lord Neuberger, that there was a “culture of suppression” within the service were “the precise opposite of the truth”. He also contacted the ISC to deny that the service had withheld documents relating to Mohamed, a former Guantánamo Bay detainee, the ISC’s chairman, Kim Howells, said last night.

more @ guardian

also see aangirfan: MI5 and Shaker Aamer; deaths in Guantanamo

5. the modern day versions of Stella Capes, Mandy Rice Davies, Christine Keeler, etc. (see aangirfan: the classic sex scandal)

…When I move on to Boujis - Princes William and Harry’s favourite club - I find girls who are still pretty ordinary looking. Their particular targets are the wealthy men from landed families and the financial traders who flock to the club, and the only suggestion that these girls are classier than the Movida girls is that they wear tights with their six-inch skirts.

But wherever I go, whatever the club - famous, aristocratic, fashionable or discrete - one thing is the same: it’s shocking how shameless the girls are….They know they’re trading sex for drinks, and the chance of a footballer or a celebrity or a rich boy - depending on the club - taking them back to a hotel for a liaison which, if they’re lucky, that man might actually remember.  Because for these girls, with so many of them literally flinging themselves at the men with money, it’s all about being memorable.

more @ daily  mail

6. Philippines: military exec accuses top cop of complicity in Maguindanao massacre

MANILA, Philippines—A senior police commander of Maguindanao tried to cover up the abduction and brutal slay of 57 people in the province last November 23, a top military official told the court Friday. Taking the witness stand at the hearing of the rebellion case against the Ampatuans, Lieutenant General Raymundo Ferrer said Chief Inspector Sukarno Dicay denied seeing the convoy of vehicles carrying the victims moments before they were held at gunpoint and executed by armed men allegedly led by Andal Ampatuan Jr.

Dicay, then the acting chief of the Maguindanao police office, had previously admitted in a sworn affidavit that he headed the setting up of a checkpoint near the massacre site in Sitio Masalay, Barangay Salman in Ampatuan town. Ferrer, the commander of the Eastern Mindanao Command, said Dicay’s attempt to hide the crime proved that there was a “breakdown of loyalty” of state forces in Maguindanao which later led to a “breakdown of law and order” in the province.

more @ inquirer

7. and just so you know, the only people who ever conduct child sacrifices are impoverished people from the deep back woods of third world countries. capice?

KATHMANDU - NEPALI police said on Thursday they had arrested four people in connection with the death of an eight-year-old girl believed to have been killed in a human sacrifice. Police said the child’s throat had been slit and her body pierced with a sharp weapon. Local media reported her blood was found inside a brick kiln along with religious offerings of money and food.

‘The circumstances of the killing in early December suggest the girl was sacrificed,’ local police official Narhari Adhikari told AFP from Rupandehi district in the south of Nepal. ‘We have arrested four people including the owner of the brick kiln on charges of murder. Two of those arrested confessed they killed the girl as an offering to the gods to bring good fortune to the business,’ he added.

Mainly Hindu Nepal is deeply traditional and religious rituals are a part of everyday life in the impoverished country. Around 80 percent of the 27 million-strong population are Hindu.

Nepal outlawed human sacrifices in 1780 but experts say it is still practised by some communities in poor rural areas. ‘Some people still believe sacrificing human beings will appease the gods, improve their fortunes and raise their social status,’ said Chunda Bajracharya, professor of cultural studies at Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan University. ‘Such beliefs are the outcome of extreme ignorance.’ – AFP

source: straits times

clash of civilizations in hyperdrive

the plane crash in Lebanon was noted but ECLIPSED by some other stories…

1. Guardian: Baghdad suicide bombers kill dozens in hotel attacks, three separate attacks on targets used by WESTERNERS in center of Iraqi capital. BUT WHO DIED? DID THE PEOPLE OF THE WEST DIE OR DID THE IRAQIS DIE? one cannot help note the symbolism of the names of the hotels and the method of attack: suicide bomber at the Palestine hotel, explosion at Babylon hotel, and of course the gunman at the Al Hamra hotel, and then the decoy “white van” broke through the security barrier to explode. oh wow do you think they are using symbolism? i think so. just like the new al queda threat will be from women suicide bombers who look Western.

At least 30 people have died in an attack by suicide bombers and gunmen on three hotels used by westerners in central Baghdad. Iraqi police gave the number of dead and said more than 40 were wounded by the blasts, which occurred in the last hour.

The attack began when a suicide bomber detonated his charge in the Palestine hotel. Minutes later a second explosion caused severe damage to the Babylon hotel, which is used by Iraqi travellers and sometimes for government meetings.

Gunmen then opened fire outside the Al Hamra hotel, where many foreign journalists are based. Security guards and Kurdish peshmurga fighters returned fire and the street was cleared, but a white van with a flashing red light – looking like an emergency vehicle – broke through the hotel’s security barriers and exploded inside the perimeter.

One report said the explosions took place in the Abu Nawas street area and that smoke was seen in the parking lot outside the entrance to the Ishtar Sheraton hotel, next to the Palestine, with the shock wave blowing open doors and sending dust into nearby offices.

more @ guardian

2. meanwhile, the Independent reports that Iraq executes Saddam henchman “chemical Ali” — such timing, that he would be hanged now, when he has been sentenced to death four times already since 2007. miraculous that the brutal Arab criminal is finally brought to justice for his crimes against humanity.

Iraq today executed Ali Hassan al-Majeed, the Saddam Hussein henchman widely known as “Chemical Ali”, for crimes against humanity, government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said. “The death sentence against Ali Hassan al-Majeed has been carried out,” Dabbagh said. Majeed, a cousin of Saddam’s who earned his nickname because of his use of poison gas, was executed by hanging, the government said in a statement.

more @ independent

3. and the Indians — we can’t forget them. they are practically People of The West now that they have officially come over to Team US & Israel. so there was a plot to hijack an Indian plane and that sparked a UK alert

LONDON: Indian authorities are reported to have warned British intelligence agencies about a suspected plot by al-Qaeda-linked terrorists in Pakistan to hijack an Air India or Indian Airlines plane, originating from Delhi or Mumbai, and “crash” it into a British city….

In a front-page report, The Sunday Times claimed that India told MI5 about the alleged plot early last week after the interrogation of Amjad Khwaja, a suspected militant, arrested in India recently. Khwaja was described as a “leader” of Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami, which is alleged to have been behind terror attacks in India.

The newspaper said the warning was contained in a “detailed threat assessment sent to MI5 by the Indian Intelligence Bureau.”

more @ the hindu

4. here is the information on Khwaja, who was plotting attacks on Western tourists in Goa, a place you may recall from reading aangirfan: David Headley and Jews. in addition, see this jpost article ‘israelis in Goa disastrous for tourism’

Khwaja is believed to have hired a suicide bomber to target Western tourists in Goa

Mohammed Abdul Khwaja (30), a commander of the militant group Huji for South India who was caught by the Hyderabad Special Task Force recently, was in-charge of recruiting youth from the region and training them to be terrorists, say the police.

It is believed he was  responsible for making Raziuddin Nasir, who was planning serial blasts in Goa, a suicide bomber.

more @ mid day

5. but wait. there’s so much more. the veil ban in public buildings courtesy of Sarkozy

PARIS - A FRENCH parliamentary panel will stop short of recommending a ban on face-covering veils in the street and instead will ask for the garb to be banned in public facilities such as hospitals, the panel’s president says. The 32-member panel’s report due Tuesday culminates a six-month inquiry into the wearing of all-encompassing veils that began after President Nicolas Sarkozy said in June that they are ‘not welcome’ on French territory.

more @ straits times

6. Germany: extremist Swede gives anti-Islam party millions, because nobody takes the danger of Islam seriously enough. right.

Swedish far-right businessman Patrik Brinkmann has announced he will pour €5 million into the coffers of Pro NRW, an anti-Islam populist party based in Cologne….In a report to air Sunday night on Germany’s public broadcaster WDR, Brinkmann says he fears Germany is becoming “too foreign” and that Sharia law will be introduced in the country.

“However, there are no, or very few, politicians who take this seriously,” Brinkmann said.

more @ the local

7. UK: Muslim leader says more 7/7 attacks to hit

BRITAIN faces more 7/7-style ­suicide bomb attacks for generations because Muslims have not fully integrated into British society, a senior Muslim adviser to the Government warned yesterday. Iqbal Wahhab, a leading businessman and member of the ­Ethnic Minority Advisory Group, fears that a ­terrorist attack on the UK could be imminent….He blamed the Government for the divisions between some ­Muslims and the wider British community. And he claimed that high unemployment among ­Muslims was also partly to blame.

more @ express

8. in Pakistan, the insidious Indian propaganda — opinion, excerpt:

Stereotyping Muslims justifies all actions to destabilize Pakistan and even to launch a war if necessary.

The hate against Muslims is a combined strategy of US, Israel and India. The so called ‘War on Terror’ has a covert design to suppress the Islamic resurgence and undermine its identity through a well orchestrated plan. Pakistan should not dismiss it as a ‘whimsical idea’. There is a method in madness. They have killed around 90,000 Muslims in Kashmir in alone notwithstanding regular communal riots like the one in Gujrat, where Muslims were cut into pieces like vegetables. Besides Muslims, Sikhs have been killed to the tune of 250,000 in the operation against Golden Temple. A significant number of Christians have been slaughtered only in Orissa. Dalits are being most brutally treated at the hands of Hindus and yet the propaganda is to whitewash the Hindu propensity for violence. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was indeed a man of great foresight. He saw through the game, the Hindus were playing that they were the true inheritors of the British Empire and every one else was to be left high and dry.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world is uncritically accepting the Indian propaganda that it is a vibrant democracy, quite oblivious of the reality that India is notoriously following its apartheid repressive policy against its religious minorities. They are covertly planning to destabilize through subversion in Balochistan, tribal areas and extending it to Punjab and Karachi. George Orwell said very rightly: “In time of universal deceit, telling to truth is a revolutionary act.” The truth must be heeded to and our countrymen must rise against Indian machinations.

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that is what you call “coordination”

1. Merkel and bibi meet

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Berlin with top ministers Monday to hold a historic joint cabinet meeting on German soil, an AFP reporter said. The gathering of the two governments, the second ever after a similar meeting in Israel two years ago, will address urgent security issues such as Iran and underline the strong bond forged in the wake of the Holocaust.

Netanyahu and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were also to hold bilateral talks focused on efforts to revive Middle East peace talks and face “threats to regional security”, the prime minister’s spokesman Mark Regev said. The trip is “designed to strengthen and expand the cooperation between Israel and Germany. There is a very special relationship between Berlin and Jerusalem,” Regev told AFP. Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman were among members of Israel’s centre-right cabinet joining the premier.

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2. mm hmm, now it was Hezbollah what killed the Iranian scientist. yup. they got a picture.

An Iranian nuclear scientist killed last week by a blast from a remote-controlled bomb strapped to a parked motorcycle may have been the victim of an Arab hit man belonging to Hizbullah, opposition groups told Britain’s Sunday Times. The Tehran regime has accused “mercenaries” financed by Israel and Washington of involvement in the killing of Massoud Ali Mohammadi, 50, a supporter of Mir Hossein Mousavi, the opposition leader.

However, opposition groups who monitor Hizbullah, claim that a member of the group, known by his pseudonym “Abu Nasser,” was photographed at the scene of the explosion in Tehran’s affluent Gheytarih suburb, according to The Sunday Times. It said that a German-based opposition group released a photograph of a man of similar appearance who, it alleges, was one of the pro-regime demonstrators who stormed Mousavi’s office in Tehran after the disputed presidential polls last June.

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3. Merkel backs more sanctions against Iran

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says her country will back tougher sanctions against Iran if the country doesn’t change its tune on its nuclear programme. Ms. Merkel said after meeting Israel’s prime minister on Monday that “if Iran’s reactions don’t change, we will help work on comprehensive sanctions.”

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4. pro-Palestinian hackers target website of top British jewish newspaper — but don’t worry, they didn’t damage anything they just did it to make asses of themselves. yeah, phew.

Britain’s flagship Jewish newspaper, the Jewish Chronicle, was taken over on Monday morning by pro-Palestinian hackers. The homepage of the Web site, which was rendered unavailable in the wake of the hack, was replaced with a Palestinian flag and a message reading “Hacked by Palestinian Mujaheeds.” Apparently angered by the newspaper’s support for Israel, the message also says: “Arent [sic] you ashamed of giving tolerance to Jewish who is the main actor of wars with being of children killers? Arent [sic] you ashamed of giving support to vampire who doesn’t care any human life?”

Jewish Chronicle Editor Stephen Pollard confirmed the paper’s Web site had been replaced by anti-Semitic messages for several hours.
“Somebody hacked into the site and had a message up for a couple of hours,” Pollard told AP. “It did no damage, as far as we can tell.” Pollard said the attack could be related to the diplomatic feud that erupted between Israel and Turkey last week, but added: “I don’t want to
speculate.”  The Turkish government was outraged when Israel’s deputy foreign minister denied their ambassador a handshake and forced him to sit on a low sofa as the cameras rolled. Israel has since apologized. The Chronicle, founded in 1841, is Britain’s oldest Jewish newspaper.

5. israel had to go grovel in Turkey — looks like there’s some split between barak and lieberman / bibi

Israel’s defense minister held fence-mending talks in Turkey on Sunday, securing a commitment to military cooperation but failing to cajole Ankara into curbing its criticism of Israeli policies, officials said. Ehud Barak  traveled to Turkey in the wake of a severe diplomatic row that had threatened to plunge the already estranged allies into a serious crisis. …Barak met also with Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, but Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a central figure in bilateral tensions, and President Abdullah Gul, were not available to meet him, citing programs outside Ankara.

It was the highest-level bilateral visit since Israel’s offensive on the Gaza Strip last year prompted an unprecedented barrage of criticism from Erdogan’s Islamist-rooted government, marking a sharp downturn in relations. Barak, whose Labor Party is in favor of keeping close ties with Turkey, insisted on the visit amid a row that brought Ankara to the verge of recalling its ambassador from Tel Aviv. “Turkey is a very important country… a pillar in the region, and dialogue and cooperation with it are very important,” Barak said.

Gonul voiced hope that cooperation in arms projects, which has been at the heart of the once-flourishing ties, would continue. The long-delayed delivery of 10 unmanned aircraft manufactured in Israel for the Turkish army is expected to be completed by June, he said.

...Turkey’s blooming ties with Syria and close contacts with Iran have made its snubs even harder for Israel to swallow and raised questions on whether a key Muslim-majority NATO member is sliding away from the West. Turkey became Israel’s main regional ally when the two signed a military cooperation accord in 1996. The pact eased Israel’s isolation in a hostile Arab neighborhood, while Turkey gained an ally against Syria, then an arch-foe for sheltering Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan, and access to Israel’s advanced military technology.(AFP)

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1. ICTS — providing airport security to the following countries:

The company prides itself on employing 1,300 persons and providing security services to airports in 11 countries including France, Britain, Spain, Hungary, Romania and Russia.

2. SE European countries jointly combat human trafficking

Romania, both a source and a transit country for human trafficking, passed the Law on Combating Trafficking in Persons in2004. It has also set up the National Agency against people trafficking….In Romania’s southern neighbor Bulgaria, also a source and transit country, victims are trafficked from the Middle East, Ukraine, Moldova and Romania through Bulgaria to Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Norway, the Czech Republic, Poland, Greece and Turkey. About 15 percent of the human trafficking victims in the country are children.

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connections suddenly appearing between Europe, drugs, Hizbullah, airports

1. Why would this need to be denied? What possible reason? Think about it.

Western diplomatic sources have denied a media report that German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s advisor had discussed with Lebanese officials the issue of Palestinian camps and security around Beirut airport. The sources told An Nahar newspaper in remarks published Saturday that Merkel’s foreign policy and security advisor Christoph Heusgen held talks with the officials during his Beirut visit as part of regional meetings.

An Nahar reported Friday that Heusgen informed Lebanese officials about the infiltration of terrorists from Arab countries into Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. It said the German envoy told the officials about the necessity to monitor activity inside and outside the camps and the areas surrounding Beirut airport.

Furthermore, well-informed sources had told Ad-Diyar newspaper that Merkel’s envoy discussed with Lebanese officials the issue of missing Israeli airman Ron Arad, and the four Iranian diplomats who were kidnapped in 1982.

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2. more info on the Fatah suspect arrested Thursday by Lebanese Army (the “hefty catch”)

The suspected Fatah al-Islam terrorist arrested by the Lebanese Army on Thursday night is a Palestinian who fought in the 2007 Nahr al-Bared battles and was responsible for funding the group, a Palestinian security official told Agence France Presse. The Palestinian official, speaking on condition of anonymity, identified the suspect as Munir Mezian, who had been arrested by the Lebanese army four years ago and jailed for 18 months for attacking soldiers. Mezian was tasked with “providing financial funds and weapons” for Fatah al-Islam and was “among the first group (of militants) who set up” the Islamist organization, said the Palestinian official.

He said Mezian is in his 30’s and is also known as Abu al-Walid. He used to live in the Palestinian Beddawi refugee camp in northern Lebanon but fled about a year and a half ago to live in Beirut with his mother. Mezian “could have information about other Fatah al-Islam militants” wanted by the Lebanese authorities, the Palestinian official said. Earlier, Lebanese media reported that the man arrested was suspected of being a leading figure in Fatah al-Islam and of plotting future attacks. “The suspect was on the state’s wanted list and is a member of Fatah al-Islam,” the Lebanese daily An-Nahar said.

Newspapers said the army had also seized equipment during Thursday’s raid on a house in Beirut. In 2007, Fatah al-Islam fought fierce battles against the army at Nahr al-Bared refugee camp in northern Lebanon. The fighting killed 400 people, including 168 soldiers, and displaced some 30,000 refugees from the camp, which was leveled in the weeks-long conflict. Fatah al-Islam has also been linked to deadly bombings targeting U.N. peacekeepers in the south and civilian buses. By long-standing convention, the army does not enter Lebanon’s impoverished refugee camps, home to an estimated 250,000 Palestinians.(Naharnet-AFP)

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3. slew of US officials visiting Lebanon all of a sudden

McCain and his accompanying congressional delegation held talks with top Lebanese officials, including Suleiman, Speaker Nabih Berri, PM Saad Hariri and PSP leader Walid Jumblat, during a two-day visit to Beirut. …McCain’s trip to Beirut comes before U.S. Mideast envoy George Mitchell’s visit to the region. Mitchell is expected to kick off his regional tour in Beirut. An Nahar daily said Saturday that David Johnson, assistant secretary for international narcotics and law enforcement affairs, will visit Beirut in the next few days to meet with top officials. Johnson’s visit is aimed at following up U.S. assistance to Internal Security Forces, it said.

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4. Spiegel: Hizbullah moving cocaine trading profits to Lebanon via Frankfurt airport

German investigators are probing Hizbullah’s alleged cocaine smuggling in Europe and the transfer of the profits to Lebanon via Frankfurt airport, a German magazine said….Those receiving the money in Lebanon are said to be members of a family with contacts with the highest levels of the Hizbullah command, including leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

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5. will this be connected to the alleged presence of Hizbullah in Venezuela next? — see my post here

He also said that evidence exists that agents from FARC, Hamas and Hezbollah “operate with few restrictions in Venezuela” and that many of those agents use Venezuelan passports to travel abroad.“There is no doubt that the potential threat to [U.S.] security from Venezuela is extremely high,” Mack stated, at the same time he demanded that the Obama administration include Venezuela on the list of terrorist-sponsoring nations “without delay.”

This is not the first time that Mack has promoted this type of initiative. On Oct. 28, 2009, he introduced a resolution in Congress, together with his fellow congressman from Florida Ron Klein, to include Venezuela on the list of terrorism sponsors. That proposal had gone nowhere, until now.

indefensible war

1. Afghan war kills 3 children a day in useless war started on LIES LIES LIES

KABUL, Afghanistan—Children are the biggest victims of the war in Afghanistan, with more than 1,050 people under 18 years old killed last year alone, according to an Afghan human rights watchdog. Taliban-linked militants caused around 64 percent of all violent child deaths last year, the Afghanistan Rights Monitor (ARM) said in a report. Children were also press-ganged, sexually exploited, deprived of health and education, and illegally detained by all sides in a war that is dragging into its ninth year since the United States-led invasion toppled the Taliban regime.

The United States and Nato are boosting their troop numbers in Afghanistan to 150,000 over the course of 2010, as part of a new strategy determined to clear and secure insurgent strongholds. US General Stanley McChrystal, commander of foreign forces in Afghanistan, has ordered civilian casualties be kept to a minimum, yet as more troops pour in, a higher death rate is inevitable, experts say.

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2. Holbrooke pressures Berlin on Afghanistan

US diplomat Richard Holbrooke on Wednesday called on Germany to honour its military commitments in Afghanistan, as German Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg said Berlin might disappoint Washington’s wish for more troops there.

Holbrooke, who is the US special envoy to Afghanistan and former ambassador to Germany, told weekly newspaper Die Zeit the United States and its allies had to ensure their military engagement was successful in Afghanistan….Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg vowed on Wednesday Germany would decide by the end of the month whether to send more troops to Afghanistan, but he also warned the eventual outcome was likely to disappoint the United States. Guttenberg told the Leipziger Volkszeitung daily that Germany would use the international conference on Afghanistan, due to be held in London on January 28, as the time and place to announce its plans for the war-torn country’s future.

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3. Merkel holds crisis meeting

The heads of the three parties in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s centre-right coalition will hold what the German media had termed a “crisis meeting” after a shaky start marked by infighting, it emerged on Thursday….Further friction, most notably between the CSU and the FDP, the two smaller coalition parties, has stemmed from Germany’s Afghanistan mission and a long-running dispute over a museum on the post-war expulsion of ethnic Germans from Eastern Europe.

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yes he was ‘born in Russia.’ we got that part.

[Note: The use of the term "Russian Organized Crime" is misleading since over 70 of the top Russian crime oligarchs also carry Israeli passports].

What has got me off on the Russians? I don’t know. I have hope for the Russians, they are tough people. The Russian must be admired. They have endured so much and I admire them, I really do. There is something to be said for persevering, for raw survival, and they possess that trait in the same way Americans collectively possess the ability to persist in denial, apparently against all truthful assaults. Equally impressive in a disturbing sort of way. Maybe we’re looking at two sides of the same coin. Maybe we need more vodka. Anyway, I like to think that Vladimir Putin is the one who escaped the mind-control matrix and plays along still because in this game of sudden death one has little choice, but we shall see. I’ve made mistakes about pinning my not-insubstantial hopes on mere mortals before, but I’ve read he broke free and that stuck in that place in my psyche where I preserve miniscule and even microscopic shreds of hope.

It bothers me that Alex W., who killed Marwa El-Sherbini, has received so much protection of his identity. Why should he? He’s a vicious Russian who moved to Germany, that’s about all we’re supposed to know. For Some Reason.

Alex W’s real name is Aleksandr Igorevich Nelsin.

There had been fears that a decision in the case could have been delayed by last-minute evidence that Wiens had a history of schizophrenia before he moved to Germany in 2003.

The suggestion of schizophrenia came in a faxed statement to the Dresden court earlier this week from the Russian Prosecutor-General’s Office.

The statement said that Wiens, at the time known as Aleksandr Igorevich Nelsin, had been exempted from compulsory military service in Russia and was diagnosed in 2000 with “undifferentiated schizophrenia” occurring in worsening episodes.

Up until then, Wiens had been adjudged by German psychiatrists as sane and competent to stand trial.

Here you can read just about everything, including these details about his background:

…W stared impassively at the ground, with a hood pulled over his head, as the state prosecutor called for the maximum murder penalty. ‘His guilt is especially great,’ the prosecutor told the Dresden court, a different panel from that which tried the insult case. ‘In the sight on her 3-year-old son, he butchered this mother as if he were a hired assassin,’ said Heinrich, who said that the attempt to kill her husband, who tried to rescue her, was also intentional.[23] Heinrich said W had continued to speak insultingly about al-Shirbini to the psychologist long after the killing. “That leaves me almost speechless,” said Heinrich. W, who admitted last week that he hated non-Germans and Muslims in general, was born and raised in Russia.

…Prosecutor Heinrich said a statement from W, read aloud last week in court, had not even been an admission of guilt, but aired anew W’s belief that he had been treated unfairly by the court in the criminal-insult case and had been in a “funny mood.” In the statement, W had only said he was sorry because he faced consequences. “There was not one word about the tragedy he caused,” said the prosecutor, adding that W had never even apologized to al-Shirbini’s family which shows “he still does not grasp the harm he did.” The prosecutor rejected the view of the defence that W had acted in the heat of the moment, saying, “He knew what he was doing and acted with the coldness of ice.”[4]

…Judge Wiegand said Alex W., who was unemployed, had regarded life in Germany as “multicultural shit” and believed foreigners were depriving him of work. She said he despised Muslims in particular and ignored the fact that he himself was not of German origin, she said.[3] Werner Wendel, from the Dresden-based Foreigner’s Council of Saxony, said that Alex W.’ s sentiments were well known in the area. He was jobless and didn’t think he could lead a prosperous life in Germany. “He didn’t get a chance to become integrated in Germany. He didn’t get a chance to be a member of this society. It’s bad, but in the end one might say he became a loser under the German system of integration,” Wendel said.

…Wiegand, the presiding judge, had abandoned her appeals to the defendant to behave properly out of respect for al-Sherbini and the court. Despite his insistence that Germany is his home, the defendant appeared to be unfamiliar with the laws and values of his adopted country. W. was born in 1980 in Perm, a city of a million people near the Ural Mountains, and spent his childhood in Russia. His parents were divorced when he was two years old. His mother, who worked as an architect and later as a goldsmith, spent many years living in Kazakhstan with the boy, who was already inclined to be unruly and defiant. He only stayed with his father in Perm for isolated periods. As a result of constantly being shuttled back and forth between his parents, the boy never experienced the kind of relationship that would help him develop his own identity.[7]

…When asked about Russia today, W. frequently uses words like “hate” and “shit.” A Russian of German descent, [sic?] W. has been living in Germany with his mother and other relatives since 2003. He obtained a German passport and changed his first name from Aleksandr to the more German-sounding Alex. He has considered himself a German, which apparently fills him with a strong sense of pride. His outlandish ideas, steeped in Nazi racial fanaticism, seen to stem from a time when people were granted or denied the right to live on the basis of their race.[7]

…The document from a Russian prosecutor confirmed reports that W had been exempted from Russian military service in 2000 on the grounds of schizophrenia, though there was no record between 1998 and 2001 of him being in treatment for this mental illness. Presiding judge Birgit Wiegand urged W to reveal fast if he had had a schizophrenic episode when he stabbed al-Shirbini.[23]

And this detail:

A self-avowed racist who stabbed to death a pregnant Egyptian pharmacist was diagnosed with schizophrenia and exempted from Russian military service in the year 2000, according to a statement read out in his trial on Tuesday. Alexander Igorevich Nelsin, born November 12, 1980, was treated for “undifferentiated schizophrenia,” occurring in worsening episodes, according to the statement, faxed to Dresden by the Russian Attorney General.

The 28-year-old had ended his treatment by 2004, when his medical records were destroyed. In 2003, Alex W moved from Russia to Germany, where he took on his German mother’s surname.

You still have to read between the lines to understand.