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superstahs for Haiti

1. 7500 people need to be relocated within 10 days because they are at high risk of flooding or mudslides in the makeshift camps at the Petionville golf course. 6000 were moved. The remaining 1500… not moved yet.

“It has been a challenge because we’ve had less than a week to prepare,” said Laura Bank, a spokeswoman for World Vision.

It is unclear where the remaining 1,500 people in high-risk areas will be moved, because there is no room for them at the Corail-Cesselesse camp, which covers nearly 11 square miles.

A lot of time was lost searching for adequate land, Liz Satow, World Vision’s acting response manager, said in a statement this week.

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2. Well, not to worry. Shakira is also looking for land in Haiti too, to build a school for needy children. What do you think? Do you think Shakira will find suitable land to build a school for needy children? I bet she will. NPR is on the story.

Hip-shaking Colombian pop star Shakira is meeting with Haitian earthquake survivors living in makeshift camps and she says she is searching for suitable land to build a school for needy children.

Arriving Sunday, the singer waved to onlookers and greeted infants living on a Haitian golf course that has turned into a sprawling makeshift camp for 50,000 quake survivors.

Her Barefoot foundation provides nutrition to more than 6,000 children in Colombia, and she is member of the ALAS foundation that advocates for children across Latin America.

Shakira was greeted by actor Sean Penn, who is providing humanitarian aid at Haitian refugee camps. The two stars spoke about challenges confronting Haiti since the Jan. 12 disaster.

source: NPR

3. Actually Shakira is a role model. She has done this sort of thing before.

Singer Shakira is shedding her wardrobe, for a good cause.

The hip-swinging Colombian pop sensation is auctioning off more than 40 articles of clothing she wore on her 2007 Oral Fixation tour to benefit her Bare Feet Foundation, which is building a school for impoverished children in her homeland.

A shiny lavender skirt with turquoise and coral beading; a bright red dress with a plunging neckline and huge, winglike sleeves; a blue tank top emblazoned with the slogan “For Those Who Love to Rock”; and other items are up for bid on the eBay’s Giving Works website.

The auction began on Friday and continues for 10 days.

“We have bids from all over the world. It’s very exciting,” said Eric Gazin, president of Auction Cause, the Los Angeles company running the auction.

While most auctions start out slow, bids for Shakira’s clothing have already been flooding in, Mr Gazin said.

Last November, Shakira auctioned off clothing from the 2007 film Love in the Time of Cholera, which won her nomination for a Golden Globe for the original song Despedida.

4. meanwhile, as mentioned, officials are rushing to provide tents for Haitians before rainy season starts

PORT-AU-PRINCE, April 8 (AFP) - More than a million Haitians, about 90 percent of those made homeless in January’s devastating earthquake, have received tents or other means of shelter, UN officials said Thursday.

At the current pace, all Haitians who lost their homes in quake will have some form of shelter by May 1, said officials from the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

OCHA has been racing to get shelter for Haitians still without homes ahead of the start of the rainy season.

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5. one of the companies supplying tents is ShelterBox. read all about it. ShelterBox is headquartered in Cornwall UK.

“The President and Royal Patron of ShelterBox, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall, visited the charity’s HQ in Cornwall last month to than staff and volunteers for their relief efforts in Haiti.”

Do you know who the Duchess of Cornwall is? Camilla Parker Bowles. The Prince and Duchess of Cornwall are very fond of the Caribbean.


Last Friday, February 8, 2008, it was released from the Governor’s Office here in Montserrat that Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall were scheduled  to visit Trinidad and Tobago, St Lucia, Montserrat and Jamaica on a tour of the Caribbean from 4th to 14th March, 2008.

This visit by Prince Charles and his second wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall  to the Caribbean, it is said will reinforce Britain’s ties with the important Commonwealth countries of Trinidad and Tobago, St Lucia and Jamaica and the UK Overseas Territory of Montserrat. It will advance key British Government priorities in the promotion of sustainable development, environmental protection and youth opportunity.

This will be the Prince’s first official visit to Montserrat, having visited Jamaica three times previously, in 1966, 1993 and 2000. The Prince had visited Montserrat aboard a British naval vessell previsously.

But, according to a story from the ‘British’ newspaper by Andrew Pierce, titled, “Prince Charles hires a lavish yacht to cut costs”,  the Prince of Wales has hired one of the world’s most expensive private yachts to sail round the Caribbean - as a cost-cutting measure.

The article says “the Prince, sensitive to criticisms of the costs of his overseas tours which are funded by the taxpayer, will travel with his entourage to Trinidad on a scheduled flight rather than a chartered plane”.

“youth opportunity”

6. 3/15/10: and just last month, Prince Charles and Camilla visited Poland! what a coincidence.

WARSAW, Poland - Britain’s Prince Charles arrived in Poland on Monday with his wife, Camilla, to start a nine-day tour that will take them through central Europe.

Charles, wearing a dark suit, and Camilla, dressed in red and clutching a handbag, were welcomed in the afternoon in the courtyard of Poland’s presidential palace by President Lech Kaczynski and the first lady, Maria Kaczynska.

The couples shook hands on a red carpet, posed for photographs, then walked into the palace, passing through a door festooned with British flags.

Later, Charles and Camilla laid a wreath at the grave of the Rev. Jerzy Popieluszko, a priest who was kidnapped and killed in 1984 by Poland’s communist-era secret police. Popieluszko, who was aligned with the anti-communist Solidarity movement of Lech Walesa, is considered a martyr for the faith by the Vatican and is to be beatified in June.

The royal couple also met with Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

After three days in Poland, they will travel to Hungary and the Czech Republic, a trip aimed at promoting Britain’s relations with the three ex-communist countries, all of whom are now European Union members.

7. and now, weirdly, Charles and Camilla come under a cloud of secrecy regarding the legality of their wedding. what’s this all about? do some people have an interest in putting up a firewall between Charles and Camilla when he becomes king? why?

The Government was accused of a cover-up last night after it was ruled that the legal advice that enabled Prince Charles to marry the Duchess of Cornwall must remain secret until after his death.

Doubts about the legality of the wedding have long persisted, with some constitutional experts arguing that legislation prevented the couple from taking part in a civil ceremony.

In the latest development, it was decided to withhold details of the legal advice because of its constitutional ‘sensitivity and significance’. Justice Secretary Jack Straw blocked a Freedom of Information request to make public the advice given to the then Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer before he gave the wedding the go-ahead.


In 2008 a senior Ministry of Justice official told Mr Jones that secret information relating to Lord Falconer’s decision had been found in Government files.

But it could not be revealed because it was against the public interest - and could lead to the legality of the Government’s decision being challenged in court.

The Justice Department told him: ‘The disclosure of legal advice has a high potential to prejudice the Government’s ability to defend its legal interests by unfairly exposing its legal position to challenge.

‘We recognise that there is a public interest in citizens knowing that decisions of this nature have been taken with the benefit of sound legal advice. However, in the circumstances of this case, the public interest does not outweigh the opposing public interest in maintaining the current convention.’

A Clarence House spokesman said: ‘This is not something we would wish to comment on.’–Camilla-marriage-Legal-advice-sealed-Princes-death.html

let’s pretend

The Sabbateans are also called Donmeh in the Near East. All Donmeh are Sabbateans but theoretically not all Sabbateans are Donmeh.

I assume that Sabbateans made their way outside of the Near East.

In an attempt to nail down the definition of this secretive sect a little more, let’s compare a few sources:

From the Jewish Encyclopedia, a definition of the Donmeh:

A sect of crypto-Jews, descendants of the followers of Shabbethai ?ebi, living to-day mostly in Salonica, European Turkey: the name (Turkish) signifies “apostates.” The members call themselves “Ma’aminim” (Believers), “?aberim” (Associates), or “Ba’ale Mil?amah” (Warriors); but at Adrianople they are known as “Sazanicos”(Little Carps)—a name derived either from the fish-market, near which their first mosque is supposed to have been situated, or because of a prophecy of Shabbethai that the Jews would be delivered under the zodiacal sign of the fish. The Dönmeh are said to have originated with Jacob ?ebi Querido, who was believed to have been a reincarnation of Shabbethai.

The community is outwardly Mohammedan (following the example set by Shabbethai); but in secret observes certain Jewish rites, though in no way making common cause with the Jews, whom they call “koferim” (infidels).

So far this agrees with what Henry Makow wrote about the Sabbateans:

But they didn’t just pretend to be Muslims or Christians. They pretended to be Jews as well.

In other words, the Sabbatean “religion” is not Christian, or Muslim, or Jewish, exactly, in the way that most Christians think of Jews as simple Torah Jews, using the first five books in the bible, which Christians consider harmless. But there are other Jewish texts, like the Talmud, the Cabala and the Zohar, and many Jews who consider these other books more important than the Torah. Sabbateanism is both Satanic and Cabalistic, and Zevi was the so-called Jewish “messiah.” So the movement belongs to Judaism, even if some would like to deny paternity.


What is the link to Spain about? During the Spanish Inquisition of the late 1400s, crypto-Jews were rooted out of society. This third source ( links the Sabbateans to the Sephardi Jews who were expelled from the Iberian peninsula and ended up in Turkey. These Sephardi Jews had presumably established a crypto-Jewish culture in Turkey long before Sabbatai Zevi proclaimed himself the Jewish “Messiah” in 1666.

Pretending to convert, ie: being a crypto-Jew, was no big deal.

It was Sabbatai Zevi’s belief system that made the Sabbateans a crypto-sub-culture (Donmeh) of existing crypto-Jewish culture, in Turkey.

Zevi based his beliefs on a satanic strain of Cabalism (the Zohar), and some rabbis denounced him and his followers. Undeterred, he became very popular, attracting over a million followers. His followers would later avenge the snub.

The Mystical Jewish Messiah of the 17th century, Shabbetai Tzvi, promised to depose the kings of the earth, unite the ten lost tribes and restore Israel. When Shabbatai approached the Sultan he thought that the Sultan would have the humility to recognize his greatness and humble himself. The Sultan would have met a man who was clearly greater than himself. Shabbatai would receive the Sultanate and rule the known world. He originally intended to accomplish these goals overtly, however, when the Ottoman ruler threatened to kill him rather than hand over his throne, Shabbatai Zvi understood that he had to take his messianic movement underground. His goals had to be achieved with stealth and deception. His movement was labeled “Apostate Messianism”. Though he would loose the open support of most rabbinic authorities and mainstream Judaism, his faithful followers would be assigned the task of continuing his mission.

Forty-one years after Shabbetai Tzvi’s physical death, his hidden followers would establish Freemasonry in England. Freemasonry would continue Shabbetai Tzvi’s agenda of achieving world rule. Freemasonry linking up with Illuminism has indeed, through revolution and wars, overthrown the monarchies of the world. Freemasonry/Illuminism has taken the reins of the Jewish, Catholic (Vatican) and the Islamic world, united the remnant of the lost tribes through the establishment of the European Union and has “restored” Israel. The infidel “rabbinic” European Jews who had abandoned Shabbatai Tzvi were decimated by the Freemasonic Holocaust of World War II. The Masonic State of Israel would be granted independence by the Masonic United Nations.

Click through for an amazing time line.


So the Donmeh are the Near East Sabbateans.

But there must be other Sabbateans, otherwise how else would they have accomplished all of Sabbatei Zeti’s goals?

Did Shabbetai Tzvi have offspring? Yes. Where are they now? Where is this Messianic Dynasty? Have they vanished into obscurity? History leaves us no clues. Or does it? Perhaps Shabbatai did succeed in his messianic takeover of the planet. Perhaps his offspring did manage to fulfill the mission of their prophet-proclaimed Messiah father? I suggest that the family Rothschild are direct descendents of the messiah, Shabbatai Tzvi. Shabbatai Tzvi said that he would rebuild Israel. The Rothschilds did. He said that he would re-unite the lost tribes that had been spread out throughout the world. Has this been accomplished through the United Nations? Is the UN a project of hidden Rothschild influence designed to bring world peace? A Rothshild-Shabbatai Tzvi connection would also explain the Rothschilds’ relationship to the mystical Jacob Frank, a co-creator of the Illuminati, who claimed to be the reincarnation of Shabbetai Tzvi. It would also explain the Rothschilds strange obsession with their bloodline and their custom of intermarrying amongst themselves. Was this practice determined to keep the royal messianic blood from assimilation? A Rothschildian/Messianic relationship would also explain their lavish and opulent lifestyle. Why shouldn’t the direct descendants of the messiah live within the finest palaces on Earth?

It should therefore come as no surprise that there is a strong family resemblance between Shabbatai Tzvi and the Family Rothschild.
Shabbetai Tzvi (1626-1676)
Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812)
Edmund de Rothschild (1845-1934)
Gustave de Rothschild (1829-1911)

back rooms of the NWO

In previously covered news:

Kazakhstan is a big place, far away, private, strategically located, full of natural resources, and not so full of people. If you’ve been following along, you will immediately see the attraction. Generally speaking, from the perspective of those who value power and natural resources over people, Kazakhstan is a turn-key operation.

This may explain why Kazakhstan is “Israel’s partner in Eurasia,” as well as why the capital city, Astana, has been built in New World Order Fantasy style.


Timur Kulibayev married President Nazarbayev’s daughter, Dinara.

An intelligent and ambitious President and CEO of the KMG group since June 2006, Kulibayev is married to President Nazarbayev’s second daughter Dinara. Until his promotion, he used to be KMG’s first vice president of KMG. In his 30s, he began his career in the finance ministry’s division which was once in charge of the petroleum sector. In March 1997, as Nazarbayev made Balgimbayev president of KazakhOil, the latter made Kulibayev the financial boss and vice president of the company. The oil and gas firms then were transferred from the finance ministry to KazakhOil.

In September 2009, for instance, Kulibayev entered into discussions with Azerbaijan about possible oil transport routes through Azerbaijan and Georgia to the Black Sea.

Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are discussing the possibility of opening new routes to transport Kazakh oil. “Yesterday we held talks with Azerbaijan’s national oil and gas company, and agreed to carry out research on transporting Kazakh oil through Azerbaijan and Georgia to the Black Sea,” the chairman of the Kazenergy association, Timur Kulibayev, told a news conference held within the Kazakh energy week in Astana today. Kulibayev said that the matter concerned possible construction of a new pipeline within the existing Baku-Supsa corridor.

This week Kulibayev sued several Kazakh papers for libel after the published a letter from an exiled Kazakh banker accusing him of corruption.

In the letter, former banker Mukhtar Ablyazov accused Kulibayev of pocketing a portion of proceeds from the sale of a government stake in a Kazakh oil company to a state Chinese major. The government sold the stake for $150 million in 2003….Kulibayev, 43, is deputy chief executive of Kazakhstan’s powerful state welfare fund Samruk-Kazyna which controls key state companies such as energy firm KazMunaiGas [KMG.UL]. Kulibayev and his wife indirectly own a 41.8 percent stake in Kazakhstan’s second-largest bank, London-listed Halyk (HSBKq.L) HSBK.KZ.

The exiled politician who made the allegation, Mukhar Ablyazov, once Kazakhstan’s energy minister, used to run another Kazakh bank, BTA BTAS.KZ, until early 2009. The state accused Ablyazov of fraud last year, blaming him for part of BTA’s losses which exceeded $8 billion. Ablyazov, who has since left Kazakhstan, has denied any wrongdoing. BTA has since been nationalised.

Kazakh officials seized copies of the offending newspapers.

ALMATY — Kazakh officials have seized editions of at least five opposition and independent newspapers that contain an article alleging corruption by President Nursultan Nazarbaev’s son-in-law, Timur Kulibaev, who is suing the newspapers, RFE/RL’s Kazakh Service reports.

An Almaty district court ordered the seizure of the newspapers after Kulibaev filed a libel lawsuit against the publications “Respublika,” “Golos Respubliki” (Voice of the Republic), “Vzglyad” (Glance), “Kursiv,” and “Kursiv-News.”

The court also banned any reports “damaging the dignity and honor of Timur Kulibaev.” Kulibaev is an executive in many of Kazakhstan’s energy-sector businesses.

All of the impounded newspapers had printed a statement by former Kazakh businessman Mukhtar Ablyazov, who accused Kulibaev of corruption on several websites last week.

Ablyazov, who left Kazakhstan for London in 2009 after his BTA Bank was taken over by the government, stated that he had sent open letters to Chinese President Hu Jintao, China’s prosecutor-general, and the state security minister urging them to look into the companies involved in an allegedly corrupt deal with Kazakhstan.

Ablyazov claimed in the letter that when the Chinese National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) agreed several years ago to buy shares of Kazakhstan’s AqtobeMunayGaz oil and gas company, Kulibaev made CNPC create an offshore company.

Ablyazov said that 49 percent of the off-shore company’s shares were sold to Darley Investment Services — which is controlled by Kulibaev — for $49. Ablyazov claims that CNPC and some of its branches then bought the shares back from Darley Investment Services for $165.9 million.


Could Kulibayev be corrupt?

According to News of the World in March 2008, Timur Kulibayev fathered a “love child” with a woman named Goga Ashkenazi (also known as Gaukhar Berkalieva). Ms. Ashkenazi has also dated Prince Andrew. (candid photos)

PRINCE Andrew had an intimate date with a society beauty just 72 HOURS after she gave birth to Timur Kulibayev’s lovechild, the News of the World can reveal. The Duke of York and sultry Goga Ashkenazi enjoyed a three-hour dinner at his favourite Chinese restaurant. It is not known if Andrew was aware that his Kazakhstan-born companion, the secret mistress of married Russian oil tycoon Timur Kulibayev, had just given birth.

And after the meal, 28-year-old Goga told pals: “I have every girl’s dream—a prince on one arm and a billionaire on the other.”

Kulibayev, 41, has a £1.2billion fortune and is married to the daughter of Kazakhstan’s President. Goga gave birth to his son, Adam Berkaliev, at London’s Great Portland Street hospital on December 27. Three days later, she arrived for dinner with Andrew in Ascot, Berks, in a chauffeur-driven £137,000 Bentley Continental Flying Spur.

…”We all knew that Andrew gave her unbeatable social status and was a valuable business contact too. “But in the romance stakes he is neither as powerful nor anywhere near as rich as Mr Kulibayev. I don’t think he comes close.” Andrew, 48—who gets a £250,000 a year allowance from the Queen— counts Goga as a “dear friend” and even introduced her to his mother at Ascot races last summer.

…The dusky brunette—whose real name is Gaukhar Berkalieva—was born in Kazakhstan in 1980 and educated in England from the age of 13. Her mother Saule Aralbayeva lives with her in Surrey. Goga has mixed with the wealthiest men in society since she was a teenager. Formula One supremo Flavio Briatore fell for her in 2002 and introduced her to the international playboy jet-set.

…Briatore, 57, is reported to have dumped Goga her discovering she was not, as he thought, the daughter of Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev. After that Goga fell for Kulibayev, who controls access to Kazakhstan’s vast untapped reserves of crude oil. It was hoped her friendship with Prince Andrew would please the tycoon and help generate investment in his oilfields. The prince travelled to Kazakhstan in October last year looking to promote links with the UK’s North Sea oil industry.

…In contrast to her flirty style with Prince Andrew, Goga is said to be very respectful of Kulibayev. He was widely tipped, until recently, to be the hand-picked successor of President Nazarbayev. Despite his high profile and politically significant marriage to the president’s daughter, he and Goga registered the birth of their son together in London last month. They went to Westminster Council’s register office on February 5, taking Goga’s maiden name as their boy’s surname. The father is named on the birth certificate as Timur Askarovich Kulibayev and his profession is listed as “entrepreneur”.

Goga has one failed marriage behind her. She wed Aidar Akayev, son of the President of Kyrgyzstan, in 1998. He later fled the country accused of money laundering and the relationshipe broke down.

…Kulibayev’s marriage to President Nazarbayev’s middle daughter Dinara cemented his position at the heart of the country’s powerbase and he was put in control of the country’s oil and his family’s finances. The tycoon is said to have kept Goga on a luxury yacht off the coast of Turkey during a holiday with Dinara in 2007.  His daily visits to his mistress, almost within sight of his wife, were an open secret among his staff. Goga’s loyalty to Kulibayev has been lavishly rewarded. She is currently Chief Executive Officer of MunaiGaz Engineering, a Kazakh oil firm with offices in London’s Grosvenor Cresent, that is building a pipeline across Kazakhstan.

A few months later, Prince Andrew’s marital home was sold to an offshore company for £15m.

In May The Sunday Times revealed that the foreign buyer had paid £3m more than the guide price on the property, even though there were no other bidders and it had been languishing unsold on the market for five years. Now it has emerged that the Kazakh who negotiated to buy Sunninghill Park may not be the real owner of the property, which in less than a year has become neglected and semi-derelict with doors left unlocked. Close family members of the man who negotiated the sale were also under investigation for suspected money laundering at the time of the sale, which took place last year.

…What is not in doubt is that the true buyer of Sunninghill Park is personally known to Andrew, who has a number of links to Kazakhstan, both professional and personal. He has visited the country many times on official business in his capacity as a roving amabassador for British trade and also on discreet private trips.
On one of his most recent visits, in May, he is understood to have spent a weekend on a goose-shooting excursion with Nursultan Nazarbayev, the president of Kazakhstan.

A spokesmen for the prince said that the sale of Sunninghill Park was a private matter, as no public money had been involved. But the Duke of York’s public role, for which he last year received £436,000 to cover his expenses, makes it essential that all his dealings are seen to be above board.

The Sunday Times has established that Kenes Rakishev, a wealthy 29-year-old Kazakh businessman, negotiated the purchase. He was said by a source close to the deal to have orchestrated it with the help of Imangali Tasmagambetov, his father-in-law, who is the mayor of Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.

Andrew, who knows both Rakishev and Tasmagambetov, has refused to comment on the identity of the owner of his former home, which was a gift from the Queen at the time of his marriage to Ferguson.

Gaukhar “Goga” Ashkenazi, a 28-year-old Kazakh business-woman who is often seen with Andrew, is said to have told friends that she is the owner of Sunninghill Park and intends to knock it down and build something new. No planning applications have been lodged, and this weekend a spokeswoman for Ashkenazi, who last year bought a house in Holland Park, west London, for £27.5m, denied that she is connected to Sunninghill Park.

The other person who is thought to be the owner of Sunninghill Park is one of the most powerful men in Kazakhstan. Outstanding water bills for the property have been sent to a woman who works for him.

Timur Kulibayev, 41, is a billionaire oil and gas tycoon who is known to Andrew, not least through their attendance at hunting parties thrown by Nazarbayev. Sometimes, according to sources, the president has been known to shoot bears.

…Kulibayev’s connection to Sunninghill Park is well hidden. But the Crown Estate, which runs Windsor Great Park in which Sunninghill Park is sited, has been attempting to send invoices for outstanding water bills at the property to a woman called Olga Aristova, who works for Kulibayev in Kazakhstan. Rakishev said that Aristova worked for the billionaire as a manager. She refused to comment when contacted. At the same time, a debt collection agency working for the power company E.ON has been pursuing Rakishev for electricity bills of more than £4,000 for Sunninghill Park.

…One Kazakh politician described Rakishev as Kulibayev’s “bell boy”.

…Kulibayev, who is a former vice-president of KazMunaiGas (KMG), the state oil and gas company, and now chairman of KazEnergy, the industry’s umbrella organisation, repeatedly failed to respond to questions put to him. Although on paper Kulibayev is no longer connected to KMG, his tentacles in the oil industry are still far-reaching. They will undoubtedly have brought him into contact with the prince whose official task for the government is to help to broker deals between British firms and foreign interests.

According to one politician in Kazakhstan, the prince met representatives of KMG in May at the time of one of his most recent private trips. Witnesses also report seeing the prince in the country on a private visit in November, shortly after an official visit. On that occasion Andrew was seen at a bar called Soho in the city of Almaty. Again, he was said to be in the company of senior executives from KMG while also enjoying the attentions of a brunette.

Kulibayev has also been busy inviting VIPs, reportedly including the prince, to regular hunting meets hosted by the Kazakh president. The events involve hospitality of every conceivable kind.

That’s a worrying statement right there. One might pause to extrapolate here.

You know, I think it’s possible they might be corrupt.

Nazarbayev’s financial dealings are being exposed to unfavourable scrutiny. He is facing embarrassment in the United States over a pending court case involving James Giffen, an American businessman who is accused of paying Nazarbayev $78m in bribes from oil companies in return for contracts.

Nazarbayev and other Kazakhs who are linked to people involved in the purchase of Sunninghill Park were, at the same time, being investigated by prosecutors in Liechtenstein over suspicions of money laundering via a company called the Walisa Foundation.

Among the 10 people involved in the “preliminary investigation” were Tasmagambetov, who has denied any connection to the prince’s house sale, his daughter Asel, who is married to Rakishev, and Dinara Kulibayeva.

According to Interpol transmissions between Liechtenstein and the United States, Tasmagambetov, Nazarbayev and Dinara were being investigated over a suspicion of money laundering, while Asel was described as also “involved in this case”. Rakishev was not involved.

And as for Prince Andrew, it all worked out swell. He’s on a small allowance and it’s not easy, you know.

…The extra money from the sale will have come in handy. After leaving Sunninghill Park, Andrew, whose only known personal income is a £249,000 annuity from his mother, moved into Royal Lodge, the Queen Mother’s former Windsor residence. He borrowed money from the Queen to fund a £7m refur-bishment on the understanding that he would pay her back from the sale of Sunninghill. Thanks to the Kazakhs he can easily afford to pay his debts.


Moneyed people and royals in Britian have become enamored with all things Kazakhstan.

Britain is the third largest foreign investor nation in Kazakhstan. More than 100 UK-based companies are operating there, primarily in the field of energy, although the St Helens-based Pilkington glass company is currently developing a plant near Kyzylorda, which was said at its inception in 2007 to be the largest industrial project in the country.

Undoubtedly the British kingpin in this economic love-in is Sir Richard Evans, the former chairman of BAE Systems and the man who brokered the largest arms deal in British history during the 1980s in Saudi Arabia. Sir Dick is a world-renowned tough cookie. Since 2006 he has been in charge of Samruk, the Kazakh oil-to-railwaysto-airline state holding company, now Samruk-Kazyna, which controls one third of the nation’s developing economy and in effect employs some 250,000 of the 16 million population. Not bad for a lad from Lancashire.

Furthermore, two years ago Lord Rothschild established an investment fund, Tau Capital, to ‘give investors the opportunity to participate in the wealth of investment opportunities in Kazakhstan,’ says its website. Interestingly, this is a return to the region for the Rothschilds who, at the start of the 1900s, were the second most important family in the Caspian Sea area.

But what has attracted headlines beyond the business pages is the number of members of our own Royal Family who have taken an interest in all matters Kazakh. Earlier this month Prince Michael of Kent confided that he was heading to Almaty on a ‘private visit’ business trip later this year. ‘There are a number of ventures I am looking into,’ he said. These are belttightening times for the Prince, who has announced that from next year he will be paying an annual rent of [pounds sterling]120,000 to remain at the apartment in Kensington Palace that he has long shared with his wife for a nominal amount. One can only imagine that Prince Michael has taken advice from Prince Andrew who has had serious property problems of his own, only to have them solved by doing business with the man who has run Kazakhstan with an iron grip for almost two decades.

Tight. One big happy family.

UPDATE: Goga Ashkenazi turns 30, has a big party with her friends.

Who said we live in austerity Britain? Last night saw the 30th birthday party of glamorous socialite Goga Ashkenazi, who has shot from being a complete unknown to boasting that she has “a prince on one arm and a billionaire on the other”. That refers to her close friendships with Prince Andrew and the son-in-law of the Kazakh premier, Nursultan Nazarbayev, oil magnate Timur Kulibayev, with whom she is believed to have had a child.
The guest list for the Tyringham Hall, Buckinghamshire, soirée included the Duke of York, Colonel Gaddafi’s socialite sons, Moutassim and Saif, Sir Philip Green, Lord Mandelson and Lakshmi Mittal. Meanwhile, the dress code stated “black tie and truly fabulous” as tycoons were told that they could drop off their private jets at, er, Luton Airport. Camparis all round!


And partygoers — who included Russian model Natalia Vodianova, Indian-born steel billionaire Lakshmi Mittal, glamourpuss Nancy Dell’Olio, and Lord Mandelson — were asked to adhere to a ‘black tie and truly fabulous’ dress code. But not even the spectacle of Kazakhstan beauty Goga’s image being beamed on to the walls of the 18th-century mansion could match the highlight of the evening — special guest Prince Andrew (whose house Goga sold) being  entertained by a live performance from louche American rapper Akon, famous for his hit song Smack That.

what’s up down below?

So here’s another thing to keep an eye on: Antartica. And I’ll tell you why.

First of all, it’s a damn tourist trap.

Tourism in Antarctica has grown dramatically. In 1985, just a few thousand people visited the area but in the season 2007/2008 more than 40,000 did the same. A number of parties are concerned about the effects of this rapid growth with respect to safety, the environment, the scale of tourism and the lack of financial resources for monitoring and enforcement purposes….Antarctica is not a sovereign state and so legislation is difficult….One possible solution is that of marketable visitor rights, as is already used in the climate policy by means of trading in CO2 emission rights. First of all a maximum annual number of tourist days in Antarctica will be set. To ensure a smooth transition, this maximum will be set higher than the actual number of tourists days used. As soon as the demand for holiday days in Antarctica is higher than the maximum, the rights to the days will have a certain value.

By awarding the rights to the ATS, the income can be used, for example, for monitoring and enforcement purposes, issues for which there is little money at present. The visitor rights will be auctioned: sold to the highest bidder. Then the buyers are free to trade the rights further. This will ensure that the available ’space’ in tourist days will be used for the most profitable forms of tourism. This system of marketable visitor rights could allow three objectives to be realised: the scale of tourism and with this its effects will be limited, an urgently desired new source of funding will become available for monitoring and enforcement, and the tourism trade in the Antarctic area will remain financially healthy.

Sorry, I probably should have warned you about this think tank, The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) [wink wink wink], which “funds thousands of top researchers at universities and institutes and steers the course of Dutch science by means of subsidies and research programmes.” Here’s the URL:

Not long after the Dutch think-tank birthed the above marketing racket to ensure “the most profitable forms of tourism,” the Dutch crown prince visited Antarctica.

Crown Prince Willem Alexander of the Netherlands and his wife Princess Maxima of Orange will visit British Antarctic Survey’s (BAS) Rothera Research Station from 6-10 February 2009. The fact-finding visit celebrates a partnership between BAS and Dutch scientists. …The Royal couple will be accompanied by Dr RHA Plasterk, minister of Science and Education of The Netherlands and Prof. J Engelen, Chairman to the board of Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The Royal visit takes place in the closing stages of the international Polar Year (IPY). The Royal couple will have an opportunity to experience first-hand what it is like to live and work in Antarctica.

Whatever do they need an opportunity like that for? Are they planning on living there or something? Certainly they don’t need to work. Well, here’s the URL and you can even click through to the royal website from there:

Antartica came up four times this week that I noticed. First, did you hear about the whisky company that wants to drill through the ice to recover a case of 100 year old McKinlay and Co Whiskey shipped by Shackleton and found frozen under the Nimrod Exhibition hut near Cape Royds?

Then we have the 10,000 species of viruses frozen in Antartica’s freshwater lakes, double the diversity found anyplace else.

Next we have a Russian ship with 200 people on board, en route to see Emperor Penguins, which became stuck in ice so they had to wait it out and “conduct extra tourism,” no doubt with ice cold vodka.

And finally the Chinese supply ship, Snow Dragon, with more than 170 scientists and crew aboard, left a research facility on Antarctica to do a 2,300 ton supply run.

Busy busy busy down there. You know I just find that suspicious. It’s true I find lots of things suspicious but you know, as they say in Russia, it’s not for nothing. It’s not for nothing that all those scientists keep hanging around Antartica for decades. It’s not for nothing that the Dutch royals visited to see what it might be like to live there. It’s not for nothing that ships go in and out of there with tons of supplies. It’s not for nothing. It never is.

Here’s somebody’s weed-inspired idea of what might be going on at the South Pole.

So what if the center of Antarctica is a paradise controlled by some New World Order group. It’s a tropical utopia full of precious gems and expensive metals that, while providing the NWO with a super exclusive getaway, also gives them enough money to basically own the world. They’ve developed machines for extracting their natural treasures so no lesser individuals would ever have the ability to talk about it. Also if anyone ever did find out about it, they would probably be killed. The NWO group controls all satellite imagery and travel to and from Antarctica to make sure no one ever gets a glimpse of their paradise. Tourist adventures and scientists only go so far into Antarctica, never to the extreme middle. Since they are also involved in the government, they can control the release of information and scientific study on the continent.

One might say that “it’s not possible, everyone knows the further you get away from the equator, the colder it gets… theres no paradise in the Arctic circle.” True you are, however what if the NWO group has reversed the polarity of this particular spot in Antarctica, thereby reversing the weather and creating this paradise. In much the same way that Tesla was able to produce human-induced earthquakes (on a smaller scale), there is certainly a way to develop human-induced weather (farmers release chemicals into the air to create rain above their farms).

With all of this technology and with the extreme little the public actually knows about the remote and uninhabited continent of Antarctica, it is very possible that anything could be happening there and we wouldn’t know about it.

No we wouldn’t. But watching these people is like following Hansel and Gretel to the witch’s cabin in the woods. In their mirth, they leave a trail of bread crumbs behind them.

tracing a twisting, snaking tentacle

Architecture plays a role in how we perceive the world. As does art. You could say that public art and architecture set the stage. Or maybe it’s a table. Or maybe an altar.

Architectural exhibits in Millennium Park designed by London-based Zaha Hadid and Amsterdam-based Ben van Berkel of UNStudio emphasize the importance of boldly imagining a better future for all. Both are intended to echo the audacity of the 1909 Burnham Plan, which proclaimed, “What we as a people decide to do in the public interest we can and surely will bring to pass.”

Architecture for the rich is booming business, especially in Asia. Evidently wealth has been flowing to Asia for years.

Tucked away from the noisy, choked traffic on Sukhumvit Road near Ekamai, Mr Bensley’s office is flooded with work commissioned by kings, governments and tycoons. He says there has been no slowdown since he set up shop here [Thailand] 20 years ago. From the 1997 Asian crisis through to the collapse of Wall Street last year, there has not been a minute of stoppage at his shop. “In fact, the opposite is true,” says the towering figure.

Important new art comes onto the world scene regularly, like this week even.

Gagosian Gallery is pleased to present two important sculptures by Richard Serra. Related in both form and scale, Blind Spot (2002-2003) and Open Ended (2007-2008) entail similar concentric structures, each consisting of six weatherproof steel plates. Open Ended was recently exhibited at Gagosian Gallery in London in 2008. The upcoming exhibition brings both sculptures together for the first time.

Opening reception: Tuesday, October 27th, from 6 to 8pm, Gagosian Gallery 522 West 21st Street
New York, NY 10011

Ha, they sort of look like eyes. Probably just a coincidence. (wink wink wink)

But sometimes antiquities gets stolen. Thank goodness the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement “is committed to working closely with foreign governments to find and return stolen works of art and antiquities to their rightful owners.”

Investigating officials have identified a large smuggling organization that appears to have moved items out of Italy to other locations in Europe from which they were smuggled into the United States. Typically, the items were then sold through antiquities galleries in the United States to obscure their origins before introducing them into major auction houses. The illicit proceeds of the sales were then laundered back to the source countries. The trail of these two seized items started in Italy, moved to Geneva, and then, according to the evidence uncovered so far, arrived in Beverly Hills. The gallery involved in the sale of these items has been associated with other looted materials that have ultimately been repatriated to their source countries.

Hmm. Money laundering through antiquities. OK well, there are several galleries in Beverly Hills. They seem to be specialized. This one specializes in Asian art, and business is booming. Lucky huh? Must be because of the booming Asian economy that keeps Bensley so busy.

I.M. Chait Gallery/Auctioneers is a family owned and operated auction house based in Beverly Hills. Run by Asian Art expert Isadore M. Chait, with over 35 years of experience. Due to the high demand of clients, I.M. Chait Auctions has expanded from solely Asian art auctions into fine art, paintings, modern art, European and American furniture, jewelry, and even natural history while still maintaining the same stellar reputation and expertise that clients have seen for so many years.

I wonder if this is the same unnamed gallery that ICE says has been “associated with other looted materials that have ultimately been repatriated to their source countries.” ?? Nah. This looks like a big shop, very prestigious. Prestigious family owned businesses don’t get involved in things like money laundering and looting, and even if they did, the authorities would catch them and stop them, RIGHT? Right. The ICE knows the gallery in question, and this gallery is still up and running, so they can’t be the same gallery. I mean, that would be…like…corruption, you know? Nah.

But, kind of weirdly, a person named Isadore M. Chait became the President of the Cult Awareness Network back around 1997. Do you think there’s another person named Isadore M. Chait milling around? Hmm. That’s kind of strange seeing as Isadore M. Chait is a world-renowned Asian art expert. Or is it the same guy (or woman)? Cult awareness? That’s a totally different pail of worms we’re talking about mind control. What on earth would an Asian art expert know about mind control? It can’t possibly be the same person.

Well anyway, this Cult Awareness Network (CAN) got into some trouble and had to come under new management. (scroll down to Scientology)

Shortly after the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide, the Cult Awareness Network, which has long battled cults, sent reporters a list of “experts” on the subject. One of them, J. Gordon Melton, is considered by many cult foes to be an apologist for the groups. Melton, who has written extensively on cults and religions, has come out in defense of Aum, the Japanese cult linked to the gassing of a Tokyo subway in March 1995 that killed twelve people, and the Church of Scientology has asked him to testify in court on its behalf. What’s more, Melton, whom CAN identified as “executive director, Institute for the Study of American Religions, University of California, Santa Barbara,” is not a professor at the school; he works in the library.

Why would CAN list someone known to be a sympathetic to these groups? “We have a different philosophy here now,” says Isadore Chait, CAN’s new director. “We’re an information source on religions.” He adds that Melton has written “the authoritative book on religions in America.”

Chait was appointed after CAN lost a recent lawsuit, went bankrupt, and saw its name, logo, and hot line bought by a Scientologist.

“We figured this would happen,” says a source. “The foxes are guarding the henhouse.” Brief news item. Esquire, Jun ‘97, p20.

Um, o-kay. Mr. Source doesn’t seem too impressed with the CAN. So Chait came in to reform the CAN but maybe they have a little mission-creep there. The cult awareness network is now an information source on religions. ??? That seems to put cults and religions into one big bucket called ‘it’s all good.’ Hmm. I’m not so sure about that, it seems a little conflationary to treat all cults as religions. Well let’s just see what they say in their new first newsletter back in 1997.

The old CAN, after being fined $1,000,000 for their part in the deprogramming of a Pentecostal Christian (rather than make any reparation for the harm they had done), voluntarily declared bankruptcy in June of 1996. The name CAN and its hotline number went on the auction block that October. At the sale were CAN’s former Executive Director and an attorney representing diverse individuals and groups. Apparently abandoned by their financial backers, CAN stopped bidding at one point and the attorney walked away owning the name and hotline. He has since licensed the use of the name and hotline to the Foundation for Religious Freedom, a non-profit public-benefit corporation run by a multi-faith Board.

The new CAN provides factual information about religions of all kinds [even cults! - ed.] and reconciles families. Read on to get briefed on some of the new CAN’s results.

Reading on…a letter from the management:

Dear Friends, This past year has been a true success! We’ve had over 4,000 hotline calls from all over the US and as far away as Germany, Denmark, Japan, and Venezuela; dozens of reconciliations and mediations; 2,000 visits to the CAN website; hundreds of new members; and many dozens of professionals agreeing to act as qualified referrals for the new CAN.

Now that the Cult Awareness Network is in the hands of the Foundation for Religious Freedom, people are being encouraged daily to get factual information, stay in communication and reconcile family situations. And this is why we’re here: to stop the hate between people over religious reasons. In this newsletter, you’ll find some examples we felt were worth sharing.

After all, America was built on religious freedom and everyone has the right to their own choice of faith.

We intend to spread this message further in 1998.


Rev. George Robertson
Chairman of the Board
Foundation for Religious Freedom

Isadore M. Chait
Cult Awareness Network

Oh who can argue with stopping hate. Don’t you want to stop hate? Yes of course everyone should just stop fighting over religion! There’s nothing wrong with Scientology for instance. If your child wants to join the “church” of Scientology you should be supportive not hateful and judgmental, bitch, and if you’re having some trouble with that just call the CAN and they’ll talk you through it, ‘kay sweetie? Not sure why but the CAN newsletter is written in that phony cloying happy-talk style, totally condescending, which means either they’re idiots or they think their readers are. But not to worry because CAN works with professionals, and professionals aren’t idiots as proven by the plaques on their walls.

In November, religious scholars met in San Francisco for their annual conference. A CAN representative also visited one of the meetings and briefed scholars on the latest activities at CAN. Some of the many scholars she met with (in addition to several of those mentioned elsewhere in this newsletter) included: Catherine Wessinger of Loyola University, Constance A. Jones of the California Institute of Integral Studies, Judith Linzer, a Ph.D. and Rabbinical scholar, and Robert Ellwood of the University of Southern California. Each of the scholars she briefed were very happy and willing to agree to act as professional referrals for the new CAN!

…To handle over 4,000 calls in less than one year, concerning nearly every religion imaginable, CAN has created a network around the country of over 100 true religious experts to whom we refer callers. These experts help individuals and families by providing factual [emphasis in original] information to help them understand each other’s beliefs.

Yeah. Ok. Kumbaya we’re all one big happy family I guess, right? Right. Hey and if you kids don’t stop fighting over religion dad will pull the car over and take all your religions away, and you’ll just have ONE religion, the one dad likes, and that will teach you to fight over religion. Here take your toy weapons and go back to playing jihadis against the crusaders. Damn kids.

Anyway, getting back to Scientology and the CAN, evidently some CAN members in charge of “deprogramming” were also Scientologists, and they got in some legal trouble and had to be disavowed by the CAN.

Members of Cult Awareness Network (CAN), responding to the widespread public concern over planned kidnappings in the Du Pont trial, have publicly apologized to all victims of CAN-related “deprogrammings” and declared their determination to bring reforms to the organization.

The reformers, who number over 288 CAN members from around the country say they are shocked at the support and encouragement given to criminal deprogrammers by CAN executives. In their public statement, they warn that “deprogramming involves violent kidnapping, physical and mental brutalisation, brainwashing, denial of food and sleep, enforced drugging and sexual abuse to force another to abandon deeply held beliefs.”

In the ongoing criminal trial, E. Newbold Smith, Don Moore, Galen Kelly and Bob Point are accused of plotting to abduct Smith’s 36-year-old son Lewis du Pont Smith, and his wife. The plan was lure the son away using a woman, kidnap him and then “deprogram” him away from involvement with the Lyndon Larouche organization.

A secret tape played in court by the prosecution has linked the alleged conspirators with Cult Awareness Network. In one tape, defendant Moore admitted that he was working for CAN.

Cynthia Kisser, CAN’s national director, has publicly stated that defendant E. Newbold Smith is a member of CAN. A third defendant, Galen Kelly, was CAN’s security officer and was employed by them during the period he committed several recent kidnappings and helped to plan the Du Pont one.

In their public statement, the CAN reform members state that “No man or woman has the right to deprive another of liberty and then seek, through harassment and brutality, to enforce his repudiation of deeply held beliefs. Therefore, to those whose mental and/or physical health has been destroyed by hired thugs called deprogrammers, who pocket thousands of dollars in exchange for wrecking, often forever, the lives of innocent people and their families, we express our profound regret.”

The statement concludes with a determination to “to reform Cult Awareness Network so that it disavows criminal actions, dismisses from its staff all those who continue to support deprogramming, and embarks on its lawful program to educate the public on their religious rights and responsibilities.”

The California Superior Court in Los Angeles yesterday found that ei? (eight?) of the reformers, who are also members of the Church of Scientology, had “acted as a catalyst in changing the unlawful conduct of defendants (CAN).” Spokesman for the reform group, Glenn Barton said today, “Cult Awareness Network has already come under investigation by the FBI for its connections to the deprogrammings.”

“Five-time convicted felon Ted Patrick, the founder of deprogramming had a profound influence on CAN. Currently deprogrammer Joe Szimhart is awaiting trial in connnection with a kidnapping in ??ise, (Boise?) Idaho. During the Network have keen arrested for their violations of the law. These include Szimhart, Randall Burkey, Mary Alice Chrnalogar and Karen Reinhardt. This kidnapping-for-profit ring is actively supported and encouraged by Cult Awareness Network executives.”

Barton said the reformers are prepared to use the the media, the co? and the public to bring about Meaningful refom of CAN.

Oh, wow. Nice organization, whose cloying language targets vulnerable people having family conflicts, aiming to suck them in and give them the “support” of “professionals,” who may or may not be felons or Scientologists, and who may or may not attempt kidnappings and violent “deprogramming” operations on their loved ones.

Let’s pause. So far we have traced a single tentacle from the rarefied atmosphere of the elite art world in Asia and New York, to money laundering via stolen antiquities in Beverly Hills, to the Cult Awareness Network and its legal troubles, to the ordinary world of struggling people looking for help with family problems over cults — I mean “religions.” And what do we find here but some thugs caught plotting to kidnap Lewis DuPont Smith and his wife — heirs to the DuPont family fortune — to deprogram them from the Lyndon LaRouche “cult” using violent deprogramming methods bequeathed from five-time convicted felon Tim Patrick. Allright?? I’m sorry, this is just how it turned out. I wasn’t planning such a crazy post and I’m not sure I have this all straight, I’m just following along.

Patrick worked to make kidnapping and assault appear socially acceptable. As long as the crime was directed against individuals whose beliefs could be made to seem odd or unusual to the rest of society, any common thug could earn substantial sums simply by billing himself a “deprogrammer.”

Patrick’s past reveals that he comes from a background which made him no stranger to crime. Patrick’s father opted for the lucrative profession of pickup man for local mobsters running the numbers racket. Patrick began earning his living as a professional kidnapper and hired thug, targeting members of various religions for violent “deprogrammings.”

Patrick has asserted that religions recruit members by hypnotizing them on the spot with “beams” emanating from the knees and elbows and other parts of the body. This to Patrick classified a potential victim as a “mindless robot” and fair game for violent tactics.

But wait there’s more. This is from a website highly critical of LaRouche:

LaRouche worked out his ideology and tactics in the late 1970s, in a series of books and articles with such titles as The Case of Walter Lippman, The Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elites, and A Machiavellian Solution for Israel. In these tracts and in writings by several of LaRouche’s top lieutenants, history was depicted as a struggle for the true human race to assert itself against the degenerative influence of assorted subhumans such as Jews, gays, Freemasons, witches, Jesuits, and (most recently) the Slavs behind the Iron Curtain.

The subhumans, according to LaRouche and company, are led by an “evil species” outside the human race: the “Zionist-British organism.” To defeat this ancient enemy and save humanity, LaRouche taught, it is necessary to have a “grand design” in the spirit of Alexander the Great, Frederick Barbarossa, and other conquerors who marched East. His own grand design included setting up a dictatorship in America, purging the “Jewish lobby” from public life, and preparing for “total war.”

It was classic neo-Nazism, but even disguised in code words and metaphor it could hardly be sprung directly on the public. LaRouche began to experiment with ways to inject it indirectly. He launched a “war on drugs” which appeared legitimate until you read the fine print and saw that it was really a war on rich Jews and Zionists (controllers, in LaRouchian mythology, of the world drug traffic). He launched a campaign for “beam weapons.” but when you examined this one closely, you saw that the messianic rhetoric and call for trillion-dollar programs had little to do with President Reagan’s “Star Wars” program, being more akin to the old Hitlerite formula of total mobilization for total war.

Aha, we are deep in the rabbit hole now, but, perhaps you can see why Lewis needed to be rescued. After all, the DuPonts have a long family history and they can’t have their heirs going off the reservation.

Sitting down to write about the du Pont’s reminded me of two other families. Recently, John Coleman, a researcher on the elite, commented to me that when he had researched the Queen of Denmark he had discovered that the royal Danish family was slipping away secretly from everyone and they were going to Satanic rituals. It is also noteworthy that 5 modern kings of Denmark have been the leaders of Freemasonry in Denmark, and the Danish royal family, princes etc. have been active Masons. John Dale wrote a book The Prince and The Paranormal which goes into the secret occult activities of the British royal family, especially Prince Charles, but also many other royal family members too. Besides the secret occult activities of the British Monarch, they have been openly leaders of Freemasonry ( see the Appendix of Be Wise As Serpents for a detailed chart on this.) The du Ponts are similar to these families in that they too are a dynasty, they too have a very public image, and they too have a totally hidden life. In fact, the du Ponts have better control over the press’s coverage of them than the British Royal Family.

One of the clues that the family is a top Satanic family are the frequency of marriages between relatives of the du Pont descendants. Few people are aware of the immense importance bloodlines play in the upper levels of Satanism. Blood is believed to carry the occult power. Unless a person has the correct blood he or she will not rise to the highest levels of Satanism. The du Ponts have intermarried with the Balls and the Gardners. These other families are known to be involved with the Illuminati and Satanism. For instance George W. Ball is on the important permanent steering committee of the Bilderbergers and has attended the Bilderberger meetings that I know of starting with the original first meeting in 1954, plus in 1955, 1957, 1963, 1964, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1974, 1975. George W. Ball is also a member of CFR and the Trilateral Commission. Eliza Cazenove (Gardner was a sister to a du Pont.) Iorsey Cazenove (Gardner was a distant cousin. Will Gardner and Bessie Gardner duPont were cousins of the duPonts. John W. (Gardner is a 60 Illuminatus and in charge of the Rockefeller Bros. Fund. I have found the (Gardners in the thick of Satanism and witchcraft.)

I’ll leave it there for now.

one big happy family i guess

You know the Bushes and the Saudis are tight, right? I think most people running in these circles have some vague understanding of that much…pictures of George the Younger holding hands with his pals and so forth.

There’s also the question of whether the Saudi royal family are crypto-Jews. In general the subject of crypto-Jews in Arab countries remains obscure.

This information comes from The Scribe, which as best I can tell is a historical website of a Sephardic Iraqi Jew:

A crypto Jewish couple from Saudi Arabia with their twelve children came to London a few years ago and visited the offices of the Exilarch’s Foundation, asking for help to obtain a visa to enable them to emigrate to Israel. However, the Israel Embassy in London turned down their application and they decided to travel to Jordan and move over to Israel clandestinely.

According to their evidence there are thousands of crypto Jews in Saudi Arabia who lead a separate existence from the main population. To our knowledge, there are no Jews living in Kuwait, but a number of Jewish families still live in Bahrain, mainly of Iraqi origin.also this:

(Q) Is there any further information on the Saudi family claiming to be Crypto Jews who went to London several years ago, or any other info on Saudi Crypto Jews. Medina (Al Yatribe) and Kyber Oasis were Jewish areas in Saudia which were ethnically cleansed after the death of Muhammad. …(A) The Crypto Jews who contacted the Scribe, were unable to obtain Israeli visas and said at the time that they would go to Jordan and smuggle themselves to Israel. According to the head of the family there are a number of Crypto Jews still in Arabia who lead a separate life and inter- marry within the group.

So if it’s true, it’s a pretty tightly held secret.

Here is additional background (links removed, click through for more plus links):

Jews have lived in Saudi Arabia for over 1400 years. Several Arab/Muslim intelligence agencies think the Saudi royal clan are Crypto-Jewish. There mission is to spread for The UK an extreme form of Islam which is wholly irrelevant in the twenty-first century, keep Muslims backward, destroy progressive thought in Muslim society—where it was the leader in such matters in the world at one time, progressive movements and progressive persons within the umma.

Whilst the Saudi Royals live the most unholiest of lives, even by moderate Islamic standards—-Western prostitutes, call girls, casino’s, wild parties, massive palaces, extravagant spending in the face of Muslims suffering around the world…

Thus we see the Saudis funding ‘Operation Cyclone’ and ‘Operation greenbelt’ dollar for dollar for the creation of Islamic holy warriors in the wake of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Osama and some of his most closest cohorts came from Saudi—–more on him later. The Saudis also funded the Taliban partly. Being leaders of the two most holy places of Islam they seem to be providing minimal leadership to the umma where it matters, when Arabs are victims of genocide left, right, and center around them—-Iraq, Palestine and Somalia. Finally the Saudis were installed through the good grace of the British; Rothschild Britain.

So I’m looking for news today, and I come across this (links removed):

…and I notice it has Israeli talking points. Like for instance: Iran and Ahmadinejad are bad, Western Powers are good, Iran is hiding something, etc. Hopefully you can see them. That Canada Free Press article alone presents a case of extreme Israel hagiography in which Saudi Arabia has cruelly used little Israel as a punching bag to take the body blows that rightfully should be directed at Saudi Arabia. Those mean Saudis. They’re kind of like the evil big brother or something, but NO WE’RE NOT RELATED. I don’t know. The passion against Saudi Arabia has a little whiff of ‘Ma, this is SO NOT FAIR!’ to me.

Asserting its influence on Middle Eastern politics and power relations, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused “Western powers” of wielding the media for “full-fledged psychological attacks as a lever to influence nations against their better judgment,” reports Press TV.

The media’s ability to shape the relationship between Iran and other nations has been increasingly analyzed and exploited in the weeks prior to the first significant negotiations between Iran and Western powers. Press TV further antagonizes this divide by referring to “Western powers” throughout the article.

Indirectly referring to Israel and the US, Ahmadinejad alleged that media campaigns led by “some regimes” have become “the prime weapon-of-choice against other countries” to advance their political agenda rather than properly report on Iranian affairs.

Khalil Sheikh, writing for the Daily 49er, laments the “aggressive right wing rhetoric,” and the lack of factual analysis of Middle Eastern politics that led many people to be “blind under the umbrella of misconception that Iran is a threat to the ‘free world.’”

Ahmadinejad’s comments coincided with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) takeover of Iran’s telecommunications monopoly, reports the New York Times. The acquisition “amplified concerns in Iran over what some call the rise of a pseudo-government.”

The Guards, whose mandate is to “protect the revolution,” oversee Iran’s nuclear and missile programs. According to the New York Times, the Guards tightened their political and economic control following this summer’s elections.

It remains unclear as to whether the Guards taking over major sectors of the economy will significantly impact Iranian media freedom or foreign policy. Some analysts believe that the Guards’ growing influence will further hamper opening up to the West.

“It’s not just a matter of the Guards dominating the economy, but of controlling the state,” commented Alireza Nader, an expert on Iran. Any integration on a global scale would require greater transparency, which the Guards are averse to do since it may imply having to relinquish some of their control.

On the eve of major negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program, experts are extensively scrutinizing President Obama’s policies.

Daniel Greenfield, writing for Canada Free Press, asserts that Obama’s policies toward Iran are driven by the “concerns of Saudi Arabia.” In Greenfield’s opinion, Saudi Arabia is mainly concerned with its Sunni influence in the Middle East jeopardized by Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons.

“Muslim holy wars that are fought against other Muslims are often indirect,” writes Greenfield. “The Sunni powers in the Middle East understand that when Ahmadinejad talks about destroying Israel, he only means destroying Israel first, and them second…Israel is not the endgame, they are.”

According to Greenfield, Obama’s policy of “soft power, engagement and appeasement” arises directly from Saudi influence that seeks to defuse the Iranian threat “without war or any democratization or regional political instability that might rebound back in Riyadh.” Consequently, “Obama is dithering on Iran, because the Saudis are dithering on Iran,” a policy direction rejected by Greenfield.

The conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia is epitomized by various accusations that Iranian and Saudi Arabian media outlets have exchanged since the contested 2009 Iranian presidential elections, writes the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Iranian television channels allege that Saudi media is “waging an anti-Iran campaign in coordination with Israel in the West,” and that Saudi Arabia is an “absolutist dictatorship” with “no status whatsoever in the Islamic world.”

In response, Saudi papers have accused Al-Qaeda of being an “Iranian front organization,” whose operations are primarily designed to benefit Iran. Iran’s nuclear ambitions and “alleged aspirations to take over the Middle East” are repeatedly condemned and the Saudi daily Al-Riyadh called on Arabs to protect themselves “with a force that recognizes the struggle between opposites.”

Unlike Greenfield, Iranian lawyer and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Shirin Ebadi supports a soft power approach, according to The Washington Post.

Ebadi claimed that the Obama administration has made several mistakes regarding Iran, arguing that the nature of Iran’s regime is more crucial to US security than deals on nuclear energy, because nuclear programs would not be a threat in the hands of a government that did not view America or Israel as enemies.

“If the West focuses exclusively on the nuclear issue, Ahmadinejad can tell his people that the West is against Iran’s national interest and rally people to his cause,” argued Ebadi. “But if the West presses also on its human rights record, he will find himself in a position where his popular base is getting weaker and weaker by the day.”
Obama declared that “the voice of the people needs to be heard,” she continued, “but he needs to repeat the statement again and again, so that people in Iran hear him.”

Are you curious? What is this Layalina Productions, Inc.? Who are these people?

Layalina Productions, Inc. was inaugurated in March 2002 as a §501(c)(3) non-profit, private sector corporation. Layalina develops and produces informative and entertaining Arabic and English language programming for licensing to satellite and cable television networks throughout the Arab Middle East and North Africa.

Layalina’s programming consists of debate, drama, entertainment, and educational shows that forthrightly address the most controversial issues affecting U.S.-Arab relations. Produced in the United States and throughout the Arab world, our shows air in primetime on pan-Arab free-to-air satellite television networks. Layalina’s programming reaches a target audience of tens of millions of viewers.

We recruit top talent from the U.S. and the Arab world. Our Academy® and Emmy® award-winning writers, producers, and directors work alongside Arab and American television broadcasters and industry leaders to ensure that our shows are culturally appropriate.

Layalina’s efforts represent the first private sector initiative to establish new lines of communication and dialogue with citizens and key opinion leaders throughout the Arab world.

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UPDATE: “Saudi-backed, anti-Iranian” means CIA and Mossad

Peter Chamberlin commentary:

[The White House Feigns ignorance of some CIA programs, in order to maintain its deniability. There has never been even one anti-Iranian operation anywhere that was not controlled or monitored by the CIA. Even if it was true that the Jundullah outfit that attacked in Iran was really not a Pakistani group, even though it was based in S. Waziristan, the CIA knew of their actions and aims beforehand and chose to let them happen, just the way they "let 911 happen." Every Sunni terrorist outfit, especially all those described as being "al Qaida related" are CIA sponsored, using Saudi money, under ISI direction, facilitated by the Mossad.]

His commentary is on this piece from the Asia Times: Saudi-Iranian hostility hits boiling point


This brings us to Saudi Arabia, whose relations with Iran are passing through a period of mutual antipathy bordering on hostility….Saudi newspapers with links to the establishment have carried in recent months extremely vituperative attacks against the regime in Tehran, often at a personal level directed against the Iranian leadership. They have almost gone into mourning now that the turmoil on Tehran’s streets following the disputed presidential election has receded.

…Saudi Arabia has two great worries over Iran. First, that Obama is pressing ahead with the normalization process with Tehran - a “thaw” was visible at the Geneva talks on October 1- and Tehran has begun responding to US overtures. The worst Saudi nightmare is coming true.

King Abdullah, who had refused to visit Damascus, landed there two weeks ago on a three-day visit in a desperate attempt to bring Syria into the Arab fold and to “isolate” Iran. Riyadh is worried that Iran’s status as a regional power will get a massive boost if the normalization process with the US advances, and that can only be at the cost of Saudi Arabia’s pre-eminence in the region. Riyadh helplessly watches a beeline of other Persian Gulf states reaching out to Tehran for accommodation.

In other words, Riyadh has a vested interest, which is no less than Israel’s, to disrupt the US-Iran nuclear talks.

Maybe Riyadh’s interests and Israel’s interests look so similar because it’s really all one big happy family, hmm?

naive or paranoid

I feel the need to expand on this stuff I corralled over at my news place, I suppose because it really highlights the problem of perspective and audience and how truth can seem to change and be relative depending on where you stand and what you know. But in fact truth is a journey and you have to meet people where they’re at and hopefully take them along with you for a distance, and then if you’re lucky you’ll all meet some other people along the way and we will travel together and eventually get there.

So let’s talk about Ahmadinejad. How did he achieve power in the first place, and how does he remain there? One might say he’s lucky, and that could be a naive way of looking at the situation. Alternatively, one might consider that he has been co-opted into an occult drama as the price of being in power, but that might sound paranoid. And there’s always the third way split the difference kind of thinking the truth is somewhere in between, such thinking which always accrues the benefit of the doubt to liars. So I’m gutting that option here. Either Ahmadinejad is exactly who he appears to be, an Iranian leader who somehow has the nerve to challenge Israel at the risk of getting many innocent Iranians killed and triggering WW III, or he has some kind of protection to take these risks, the nature of which remains hidden.

The naive perspective: Ahmadinejad’s background doesn’t matter:

Gilad Atzmon takes the UK corporate media to task for the debate over Ahmadinejad’s roots, noting that this whole debate shifts the discussion away from Ahmadinejad’s arguments about Israel, which are solid.

One may wonder how come a Western media outlet happens to selectively engage with issues to do with the racial or ethnic origin of the Iranian president. At the end of the day, digging into peoples ethnic past and family bloodline is not a common practice you expect from the Western press. It is something you tend to leave for racists, Nazis and Rabbis. For one reason or another, no one in the so called free press tried to dwell on the close ties between multi billion swindler Bernie Maddof and his tribe. The Free Press saved itself also from dealing with Wolfowitz’s ethnicity, in spite of the fact that the Zionist war he brought on us has cost 1.5 million lives by now. If you wonder how it is that the Western free media is reverting to ‘pathology’ in order to deal with a Muslim president, the answer is simple not to say trivial:

The so called ‘liberal West’ is yet to find the answers to President Ahmadinejad within the realm of reason. It lacks the argumentative capacity to address Ahmadinejad. Instead, it insists to spin banal racially orientated ideas that cannot hold water, “By making anti-Israeli statements” says The Daily Telegraph, “he is trying to shed any suspicions about his Jewish connections.” The truth of the matter is clear. Ahmadinejad has already managed to re-direct a floodlight of reasoning and skepticism just to enlighten our darkest corner of hypocrisy. He somehow manages to remind us all what thinking is all about.

Digging into people’s ethnic past and family bloodlines is something “you tend to leave for racists, Nazis and rabbis.” Ahmadinejad’s arguments stand on their own merits, so the discussion over his background serves as a distraction. It doesn’t matter.

The paranoid perspective: Ahmadinejad is acting a role in the grand narrative, a role he was groomed for because of his secret background:

Once you progress along the road and understand how Iran fits into the broader narrative, your perspective changes and the question of Ahmadinejad’s background definitely matters, and you don’t have to be a racist, Nazi or rabbi to think so. From my perspective, Atzmon’s statement that the question of bloodlines is something left for racists, Nazis and rabbis is a gatekeeper statement. He is saying: Don’t Go There.

But why? That’s where the bodies are buried.

I mean, whose job, exactly, is it to watch the racists, Nazis, and rabbis and figure out what they’re up to? How is it that the evil always seem to outwit the good? Are good people terminally obtuse? Is there some establishment corner of the world untouched by corruption where people study such things and pronounce their authoritative findings to deliver the world from evil? Academia? The Jesuits? Slick online journals with high overhead and paid writers? Surely you jest. Please tell me where it is. The Political Ponerology manuscript disappeared once into a furnace and once into the Vatican before finally seeing the light of day decades later.

The knowledge of how to practice mass evil has been jealously guarded by powerful people, because they’re the ones who benefit from the knowledge and they must keep it secret.

As far as I’ve learned so far, every organization with any prestige whatsoever has the taint of insidious, hidden corruption. You can get bits and pieces of truth here and there, but good luck cobbling something coherent together from anyplace establishment. The thankless job of uncovering the truth has been left to a handful of unknown volunteers with no prestige who are roundly dismissed and derided as wacky conspiracy theorists but who thankfully don’t care. And those people know that bloodlines matter to the people who rule nations. Is that racist? Yes it certainly is. That’s why people should know, because they would be appalled and outraged. And that’s why the information remains hidden, and that’s why it’s not helpful for established anti-establishment people to say Don’t Go There.

But anyway, I’ll give Atzmon the benefit of the doubt and agree that people who are just now realizing, for instance, that Israel is a rogue criminal state with a hidden agenda are prone to confusion, and maybe we shouldn’t overtax them at this juncture. It would be great if they could wrap their minds around some basics:

It is pretty much impossible to deny the fact that Ahmadinejad’s take on the holocaust and Israel is coherent, consistent and valid. He seems to have three main issues with the narrative:

1. Around sixty Million died in WWII, the vast majority of them were innocent civilians. How is it, asks Ahmadinejad, that we insist to concentrate on the particularity of the suffering of one ‘very’ specific group of people i.e. the Jews?

2. The Iranian president rightly maintains that this historical chapter must be historically examined. This would mean as well that every event in the past should be subject to scrutiny, elaboration and revision. “If we allow ourselves to question God and the Prophets, we may as well allow ourselves to question the holocaust.”

3. Regardless of the truthfulness of the holocaust, it is not a trivial fact that the suffering of the Jews in Europe had nothing to do with the Palestinian people. Hence, there is no reason for the Palestinians to pay for crimes committed by others. If some Western Leaders feel guilty for crimes committed against the Jews by their ancestors, which they seem to claim, they better allocate some land for the Jews within their territories rather than expect the Palestinians to keep upholding the Zionist murderous burden.

As much as it is obviously clear that the above points raised by Ahmadinejad are totally valid, it is also painfully transparent that the West lacks the means to address those issues. Instead we seem to revert to supremacy and pseudo scientific discourse dwelling on blood, pathology and lame psychoanalysis.

For the extra-curious: Hmm, WHY DOES “The West” lack the means to address those issues? How has this happened? What is the explanation for such massive obtuseness?

Well, you know, in order to answer those questions you have to look into Conspiracy Facts like who owns the media, who owns money, who owns the politicians, who directs the NGOs and think tanks and medicine and the food supply and education and entertainment, and what goes into these things and what comes out of them. And the next thing you know you’re talking about a surprisingly small group of people who travel in certain circles and have their hands in seemingly everything: the Illuminati and their bloodlines. But be advised, attempting to follow this fascinating train-wreck might cause you to “revert to supremacy and pseudo scientific discourse dwelling on blood, pathology and lame psychoanalysis.” Oh well. We work with what we have. Truth seekers are nothing if not scrappy, especially since the “professionals” refuse to touch this stuff with a nine foot pole with a ten foot handle, because let’s face it, they might offend someone and lose their cushy jobs.

So Israel loves to hate Ahmadinejad. He is a tool. But is he a tool wittingly or unwittingly? THAT is the question.

When you realize that world leaders are being directed as actors on a stage, executing a grand agenda spread out over generations, you can not simply dismiss the importance of knowing about things like bloodlines. The fact that it *shouldn’t* matter to normal thinking people is beside the point! It *DOES* matter to the people calling the shots.

As for gate-keeping, people who fear the truth have something to hide. What is the danger for normal people to research and question the relationships of people in power? If you’re not a racist, finding out that other people *are* racists will not turn you into a racist. If you’re not a liar, finding out that other people *are* liars will not make you a liar. The truth poses no danger except to those in power. The truth is simply the truth.