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Joint Statement on Nigeria by the US and the EU, January 30, 2010

We express our deep regret at the recent violence and tragic loss of lives in Jos, and extend our sympathies to the bereaved and injured.

We urge all parties to exercise restraint and seek peaceful means to resolve differences between religious and ethnic groups in Nigeria.

We call on the federal government to ensure that the perpetrators of acts of violence are brought to justice and to support interethnic and interfaith dialogue.
Nigeria is one of the most important countries in sub-Saharan Africa, a member of the UN Security Council, a global oil producer, a leader in ECOWAS, a major peacekeeping contributing country, and a stabilizing force in West Africa. Nigeria’s stability and democracy carry great significance beyond its immediate borders.We therefore extend our support to the people of Nigeria during the current period of uncertainty, caused by President Yar’Adua’s illness. We extend our best wishes to the president and his family, and join the Nigerian people in wishing him a full recovery.
Nigeria has expressed its resolve to adhere to constitutional processes during this difficult time. We commend that determination to address the current situation through appropriate democratic institutions. Nigeria’s continued commitment and adherence to its democratic norms and values are key to addressing the many challenges it faces, including electoral reform, post-amnesty programs in the Niger Delta, economic development, inter-faith discord and transparency. The gubernatorial elections in Anambra on 6 February will be a milestone in the journey towards electoral reform and a signal of Nigeria’s commitment to the principles of democracy.
We are committed to continue working with Nigeria on the internal issues it faces while working together as partners on the global stage.

Signed: US Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton; British Foreign Secretary, David Miliband; French Foreign Minister, Bernard Kouchner; EU High Representative Catherine Ashton, London, United Kingdom

Translation: You are going down. Make it look believable. Kiss kiss hug hug, your friends at the NWO. Our motto: One big happy family!


First let’s review what our esteemed leaders cite as the CAUSE of Nigeria’s problems: Yar’Adua’s illness.

As reported in The Guardian on January 8, 2010, Nigeria’s president has literally been missing for 45 days (now 68 days). Allegedly he went to Saudi Arabia for treatment of a health problem, without telling anyone, and he hasn’t been heard from since. Just up and left, he did. His absence has paralyzed the Nigerian government at a time of severe crisis. A constitutional crisis at the worst possible time, dragging on interminably. Nobody seems to have any power to unstick the problem.

How convenient is that? I suggest that it is exceedingly convenient for some people — who you might guess would be the sorts of people who like chaos and instability — while being impossibly inconvenient for Nigerians.

After all, Nigeria is a critically important country in West Africa, and West Africa is a critically important component in various contrived narratives driving our world to the brink of destruction. One need only look at the joint US and UN statement to realize that if Nigeria falls apart politically, it becomes a blow-up doll for the NWO mind-fuckers. That is why Hillary and friends very properly encourage the Nigerians to cross every democratic t and dot every democratic i, and color within the lines at all times please (rule of law rule of law), while they hope and pray for Yar’Adua’s “full recovery.” Surely they have also heard that:

President Umaru Yar’Adua is seriously brain damaged, is not able to recognise anyone, including his wife Turai, and can no longer perform the functions of the office of the president, according to multiple sources who have spoken to NEXT on Sunday.

That was two weeks ago. For all we know he may not even be alive.

But nobody wants to talk about that. They might loosen the log-jam. And the log-jam happens to be useful because it breeds chaos.


Yesterday in Nigeria, a militant group called MEND called off a truce with the paralyzed Nigerian government. I guess that was to be expected, given the log-jam.

The main militant group in the oil-rich Niger Delta called off its cease-fire with the government Saturday morning, dealing a potential death blow to a presidential amnesty program aimed at ending violence that has crippled production in the West African nation.

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta issued a statement saying it would no longer abide by the unconditional Oct. 25 cease-fire President Umaru Yar’Adua had negotiated with the group. The militants warned oil producers with pipelines and personnel working in the creeks and swamps of the Delta that it would wage an “an all-out onslaught” against them.

The MEND “warns all oil companies to halt operations as any operational installation attacked will be burnt to the ground,” the statement read. “Oil companies are responsible for the safety and welfare of their workers and will bear the guilt should any harm come upon their staff in the event of an attack.”

The group added: “Nothing will be spared.”

Militants in the Niger Delta have attacked pipelines, kidnapped petroleum company employees and fought government troops since January 2006. They demand that the federal government send more oil-industry funds to Nigeria’s southern region, which remains poor despite five decades of oil production.

In response, Shell has decided to sell off some assets in the Niger Delta. Chevron announced that 20,000 barrels of oil per day had been shut in due to sabotage threats.

According to Reuters:

The rebel group [MEND] was severely weakened after its senior leaders and thousands of others accepted clemency and disarmed under a presidential amnesty which ended last October. It is unclear who is now running the group.

Candidates include:

Ateke Tom: A former gang leader in Rivers State in the eastern Niger Delta for around a decade, Ateke Tom set up the Niger Delta Vigilante (NDV), one of several groups to enjoy strong backing from politicians who used them to help rig elections….Security sources say he was also heavily involved in oil bunkering, a lucrative trade in industrial quantities of stolen crude smuggled onto the international market.

Farah Dagogo: Also based in Rivers state, Dagogo started out as a top commander loyal to former militant leader Mujahid Dokubo-Asari, whose Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force turned over thousands of weapons in return for amnesty in 2004.

Government Tompolo: He was responsible in particular for attacks on Chevron and thought to be a major oil bunkerer. Security forces used helicopters and gunboats to attack his camps around Warri, capital of Delta state, last May.

Well, it was awfully good of those chaps to give such clear and menacing warnings so that the oil company people can get out of the way. Let’s give credit where credit is due. I mean, *some* terrorists would just go right in there and start firing away, bombing wedding parties and marketplaces, and killing a bunch of innocent people. You know what I’m saying?

All the same, Something Must Be Done.


Actually, there was a peculiar incident last week in the Niger Delta. (map from wikipedia, click to enlarge)

A helicopter flying from Bonny to Port Harcourt crashed on Tuesday afternoon at Isiokpo, near Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, killing all four persons aboard….The zonal coordinator of the Nigerian Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Emenike Umesi, said the four occupants comprised two pilots and two engineers, said to be of Lieutenant Commander Rank.

The NEMA chief, in charge of the south-south zone, said the aircraft took off from Bonny, which is home to the Liquefied Natural Gas plant….Security agents at the accident scene however said naval personnel recovered “some vital documents” at the scene.

Vital documents?

Addressing journalists on the incident, Naval spokesperson, Commodore David Nabaida, said the names and identities of four dead naval officers were the Pilot of the Helicopter, Lt Commodore Ahmed Tijani Yusuf with official number NNL/2071; Co-Pilot, Lt Commodore Ahmadu Yahaya; Lt Commodore Mailafia Ibrahim, who is the Base Intelligence Officer, Delta and Seaman Illiya Uyuhili, the aircraft’s technician.

…He said the aircraft was on a routine patrol, to investigate a case of illegal bunkering around Akasa and had left from its Warri base and after carrying out its surveillance, was to go to Port Harcourt Airport to refuel before returning to its base but crashed a few kilometers to the airport.

Asked whether there was any connection of the crash with the remnant of militants still operating in the creeks, Nabaida said: “Absolutely not; as I told you, we were at the site of the aircraft accident, the President’s amnesty programme has been working, beside, there is nothing that shows that the crash is connected with anything militancy”.

Riiight. So even though two of the three possible suspected candidates who might be running MEND have been involved in oil bunkering in the past, there’s absolutely no reason to suspect that a naval helicopter investigating oil bunkering would be shot down by said militants, a couple of days before they called off their truce no less.


In February 2007, National Geographic published a piece about the Niger Delta.

Nigeria had all the makings of an uplifting tale: poor African nation blessed with enormous sudden wealth. Visions of prosperity rose with the same force as the oil that first gushed from the Niger Delta’s marshy ground in 1956….
Everything looked possible—but everything went wrong.

Dense, garbage-heaped slums stretch for miles. Choking black smoke from an open-air slaughterhouse rolls over housetops. Streets are cratered with potholes and ruts. Vicious gangs roam school grounds. Peddlers and beggars rush up to vehicles stalled in gas lines. This is Port Harcourt, Nigeria’s oil hub, capital of Rivers state, smack-dab in the middle of oil reserves bigger than the United States’ and Mexico’s combined. Port Harcourt should gleam; instead, it rots.

Beyond the city, within the labyrinth of creeks, rivers, and pipeline channels that vein the delta—one of the world’s largest wetlands—exists a netherworld. Villages and towns cling to the banks, little more than heaps of mud-walled huts and rusty shacks. Groups of hungry, half-naked children and sullen, idle adults wander dirt paths. There is no electricity, no clean water, no medicine, no schools. Fishing nets hang dry; dugout canoes sit unused on muddy banks. Decades of oil spills, acid rain from gas flares, and the stripping away of mangroves for pipelines have killed off fish.

Nigeria has been subverted by the very thing that gave it promise—oil, which accounts for 95 percent of the country’s export earnings and 80 percent of its revenue.

The sense of relentless crisis has deepened since last year, when a secretive group of armed, hooded rebels operating under the name of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, or MEND, intensified attacks on oil platforms and pumping stations, most operated by Shell Nigeria.

With each disruption, the daily price of oil on the world market climbed. According to the Brussels-based International Crisis Group, escalating violence in a region teeming with angry, frustrated people is creating a “militant time bomb.”
Isaac Asume Osuoka, director of Social Action, Nigeria, believes that callousness toward the people of the delta stems from their economic irrelevance. “With all the oil money coming in, the state doesn’t need taxes from people. Rather than being a resource for the state, the people are impediments. There is no incentive anymore for the government to build schools or hospitals.”I can say this,” Osuoka said firmly. “Nigeria was a much better place without oil.”

Well, that’s just it. The poor people happen to be in the way, from the perspective of the very important people who would like to go about extracting Nigeria’s natural resources in peace and quiet, thank you very much.

No one can deny the sheer technological achievement of building an infrastructure to extract oil from a waterlogged equatorial forest. Intense swampy heat, nearly impenetrable mangrove thickets, swarming insects, and torrential downpours bedevil operations to this day. But mastering the physical environment has proved almost simple compared with dealing with the social and cultural landscape. The oil firms entered a region splintered by ethnic rivalries.

Ahh, yes, the impossible to please poor people and their interminable “ethnic rivalries.” That’s always a good justification. That way when the oil companies go in there to take over the natural resources and make life next to impossible for people who lived off the land, without providing any consolation prizes like electricity or clean water or schools or medicine, those damn poor people are bound to get all uppity and start causing trouble. Happens every time.

Who could have predicted??

“After 50 years, the oil companies are still searching for a way to operate successfully with communities,” says Antony Goldman, a London-based risk consultant. The delta is littered with failed projects started by oil companies and government agencies—water tanks without operating pumps, clinics with no medicine, schools with no teachers or books, fishponds with no fish. “The companies didn’t consult with villagers,” says Michael Watts, director of the African Studies Program at the University of California, Berkeley. “They basically handed out cash to chiefs. It wasn’t effective at all.”

A fifty fucking years learning curve? How about they know exactly what they’re doing. How about they do this on purpose. It’s a critical part of the business model to make the land inhospitable so that the people die or leave. The People Are In The Way. OK? That’s what’s going on. And everybody involved knows it. That’s why Hillary Clinton had to complain about all the corruption in Nigeria just this last week. It’s UNBELIEVABLE she says, making sure to mention patsy underpants. Yes, those corrupt Africans. Where do they get off?


Well, it’s like this. Those corrupt African leaders hook up with corrupt leaders from The West. One big happy family. Even Lev Leviev.

1. Former Nigerian leader Olusegun Obasanjo came under fire for selecting Yar’Adua, knowing him to be sickly. He vehemently denied this. Perish the thought.

2. But, last May US investigators asserted that Obasanjo and others took millions of dollars in bribes from American and European contractors, including Halliburton, to allow the companies to build a liquid natural gas plant in Bonny. This scandal goes back years and ensnares various countries and Important People of The West.

3. Another of the accused in that very scandal, Sani Abacha, has been fighting Swiss authorities for ten years over an estimated three billion dollars misappropriated from Nigeria and stashed in Swiss bank accounts. The money laundering case has dragged on for so long with the help of people in London and elsewhere (see time line here). The Swiss authorities ordered $350 million to be returned to Nigeria last week. An unnamed person in Monaco has been charged.

4. France would like to invest in Imo state (look at the map), to help Nigeria branch out from their dependence on oil and gas. More like a twig than a branch…

5. Nigeria and Angola vie for top petroleum producer spot, and Angola has been able to pull ahead in 2009 due to the violence in Nigeria. Lucky break for the Angola investors.

6. Angola hydrocarbon sector investors: Lev Leviev, China, India…

7. To insure that all these deals will go along smoothly, Angola’s parliament prepares to expand the powers of the president, making him head of state, head of government, and head of the armed forces. The new constitution eliminates the position of prime minister and adds a vice president. VPs are always very useful. And the president may serve two five year terms. All of which contrasts markedly from the situation in Nigeria.

So it looks like Nigeria will be violently dismantled and reassembled somewhere down the road, after the “militants” take over the place and wreck havoc, and tie into some drug smuggling or terrorist operations against The People of The West, justifying some military intervention or something.

And Angola will go on to a brighter future, perhaps marred by the occasional terrorist incident but otherwise firmly in the grip of a sponsored dictatorship.

That’s how it goes in the big happy family.

passports and terrorism

1. passport fraud is a global threat according to chief of Interpol. the man makes sense! airport scanners are misguided.

DAVOS - THE biggest travel threat facing the world now is passport fraud, according to the chief of Interpol - the millions of stolen documents that could be used by terrorists or criminals to travel worldwide.

Airport body scanners, embraced by many in the aftermath of the attempted Christmas Day airplane bombing, are a misguided solution to travel threats, Interpol Secretary-General Ronald K. Noble told The Associated Press in an interview Thursday night.

‘The greatest threat in the world is that last year there were 500 million, half a billion, international air arrivals worldwide where travel documents were not compared against Interpol databases,’ he said on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum, where 2,500 business and political leaders are gathered in this Alpine resort.

‘Right now in our database we have over 11 million stolen or lost passports,’ he said. ‘These passports are being used, fraudulently altered and are being given to terrorists, war criminals, drug traffickers, human traffickers.’ The solution, he said, is better intelligence, and better intelligence sharing, among countries. [as long as they are not corrupt!!! - ed.]

‘You don’t know the motivation behind the person carrying the passport,’ he said. If you’re a terrorist, he said, ‘Are you going to carry explosives that are going to be detected? No.’

Many US airports use the body-scanning machines and airports in other countries are adopting them after Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab allegedly tried to detonate explosives hidden in his underwear Dec 25 on the Detroit-bound flight. But Noble cited a case two weeks ago in a Caribbean country where five people were caught after they were found to be carrying stolen passports - one stolen back in 2001. — AP

source: straits times

2. US state dept say they let patsy underpants keep his visa, at the request of counterterrorism officials (CIA? DHS?), “to avoid tipping off larger investigation.” i see. so how does that work?  is it that the people on the plane were never in danger because our agencies were running an operation? and therefore all the bloviating after-the-fact is simply a giant mind-fuck? or they were in danger but our agencies did a cost-benefit analysis and decided that all those people’s potential lives were worth the risk?

Nathan Hurst / Detroit News Washington Bureau

Washington –The State Department didn’t revoke the visa of foiled terrorism suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab because federal counterterrorism officials had begged off revocation, a top State Department official revealed Wednesday.

Patrick F. Kennedy, an undersecretary for management at the State Department, said Abdulmutallab’s visa wasn’t taken away because intelligence officials asked his agency not to deny a visa to the suspected terrorist over concerns that a denial would’ve foiled a larger investigation into al-Qaida threats against the United States.

“Revocation action would’ve disclosed what they were doing,” Kennedy said in testimony before the House Committee on Homeland Security. Allowing Adbulmutallab to keep the visa increased chances federal investigators would be able to get closer to apprehending the terror network he is accused of working with, “rather than simply knocking out one solider in that effort.”

3. jpost: ‘assassins came to Dubai with Landau’ - possibly using forged documents. so you see, INTELLIGENCE OPERATIVES might use forged documents. let us say, they probably do. that would be an expected part of INTELLIGENCE WORK. and INTELLIGENCE OPERATIVES might knowingly allow people with FORGED DOCUMENTS to travel to accomplish their INTELLIGENCE WORK, which may or may not involve KILLING PEOPLE.

Israeli agents who accompanied National Infrastructures Minister Uzi Landau to two weeks ago may have assassinated Hamas operative Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, senior Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar said Saturday. Speaking to Al Jazeera, Zahar added that the agents possibly entered the with forged documents.

On Friday, Hamas claimed that Israeli agents assassinated one of the Islamist group’s veteran operatives in a killing allegedly carried out last week in , and vowed to retaliate. The group blamed for Mabhouh’s slaying, but offered no evidence of foul play or Israeli involvement in the man’s death. The government had no immediate comment.

4. and then the INTELLIGENCE PEOPLE will say things like this:

Mumbai An alert has been sounded in the city following fresh intelligence inputs that two terror suspects might have sneaked into the metropolis to carry out strikes, police said on Thursday. The inputs, which even specified the names of the suspects, say that the duo from a neighbouring country might masquerade as taxi drivers to conduct recce and execute their plans, sources said. They, however, declined to divulge the names of the suspects and their nationality lest it should hamper investigation.

The police have intensified patrolling and checking of taxis across the metropolis. Traffic police are also conducting random checks of licences. Intelligence inputs about possible terror strikes have become a frequent occurrence since 26/11 attacks and all precautions in this regard have been taken, they said. Special Branch officials are searching various lodges and hotels to check if any foreign national was staying without proper documentation. All police stations and Mumbai police’s various units are working on the inputs to prevent any terror attacks, the sources said.

source: express india

5. more vague and POINTLESS requests from INTELLIGENCE people, simply designed to make the public paranoid when obviously, the problem is the INTELLIGENCE PEOPLE THEMSELVES.

Washington The US continues to receive information about terrorist groups planning attacks against India; the State Department has said and advised its nationals to be alert during their travel to the country in the coming months. “The Department of State alerts US citizens to ongoing security concerns in India. The US government continues to receive information that terrorist groups may be planning attacks in India,” the US State Department said in its latest terror alert.

Terrorists and their sympathisers have demonstrated their willingness and capability to attack targets where US citizens or Westerners are known to congregate or visit. The recent advise replaces the travel Alert dated December 29 that expired on April 30, the State Department said. Noting that 26/11 Mumbai attacks provide a vivid reminder that hotels, markets and other public places are especially targeted by terrorist groups, the State Department asked its nationals to always practice good security, maintain a heightened situational awareness and a low profile. “US citizens are advised to monitor local news reports and consider the level of security present when visiting public places, including religious sites, or choosing hotels, restaurants, entertainment and recreation venues,” it said.

source: express india

6. meanwhile, some “young, hip US jews” have taken to wearing the new “israeli keffiyeh”. how special. to horn in on a symbol long associated with the Arab world, to suddenly decide that hey, why can’t we wear the keffiyeh too? now it means nothing, or everything, or anything. how convenient. now one might think about the al qaeda woman decoy idea: women who “look” western but are al qaeda terrorists, and note that now we will also have women who may “look” arab but are jewish, etc. so much confusion, so many opportunities for things to go wrong, especially with 11 million lost or stolen passports floating around and intelligences agencies who intentionally overlook people they assure us that they’re watching 247 365….

It might be considered by some as a symbol of Palestinian “resistance” or solidarity, but for a group of young, hip US Jews, wearing a keffiyeh – especially one with blue embroidered Stars of David – is just as much their right as anyone else’s.

“We did have some negative comments [about the keffiyeh] when we initially sent it out to our mailing list,” Erez Safar, founder and director of Shemspeed, a Jewish music label and promotion company that started selling the traditional Arab headdress about two weeks ago, told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday….However, he is not oblivious to the fact that this new “Israeli keffiyeh,” which has been selling fairly well, has already engendered controversy among some who feel it might be inappropriate for Jews to use it as a pro-Israel symbol. [d'ya think?]

“We have had some Arab friends take offense to our new scarf-remix,” acknowledged Safar. “We have some Muslim rappers who have taken part in our Hip Hop Sulha series, which is a Jewish and Muslim reconciliation concert series featuring Hip Hop groups from around the world. We are having a concert in February and one of the performers has actually backed out because of these scarves.”

“As a Jew, I am not offended by the pope who wears a ‘kippa,’ and in the same respect, I don’t feel there is any reason for anyone to take offense to a Jewish person wearing a version of the keffiyeh, which they also identify with,” he said in the statement. [too funny. the problem only comes if the pope *didn't* wear the 'kippa' when the rabbis tell him to...]

“The way that symbols are politicized and used to divide people, rather than as common ground for discussion and dialogue, is exactly the kind of thought-provoking topic that we at Shemspeed want to explore with our music, as well as our programming. Our Israeli remix of the keffiyeh is just one more interpretation of a scarf worn by our brothers for thousands of years.” [oh sure, yes, we're all one big happy family right? ]

Safar said that the scarves, which also have “Am Israel Chai” embroidered in Hebrew into the fabric, were created purely to express a deep love for and “the unity it creates among Jews.” [and who could possibly argue with that? ]

more at jpost

7. the frosting on the cake. PLEASE READ! aangirfan: Sledgehammer; 911. see for yourself how so-called al qaeda militants work closely with our very own INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES to plot murder, mayhem and chaos, using, among other tools, FRAUDULENT PASSPORTS.


Ercan Gun, at (TODAY’S ZAMAN ), 15 Agust 2005, reported on the Syrian ‘Al Qaeda Militant’ Luai Sakra (Saqa) who was arrested for organizing the double bomb attacks in Istanbul on 15-23 November 2003.

Sakra ‘has confessed to Turkish police that he provided the attackers of 9 11 with passports’.

Sakra ‘claims that he knew Muhammad Ata’.

Sakra ‘claims he drinks alcohol and does not pray’.

Sarka reportedly said: “I was one of the people who knew the perpetrators of September 11, and knew the time and plan before the attacks. I also participated in the preparations for the attacks to WTI and Pentagon. I provided money and passports.”

Reportedly, some of the passports, which Sakra claimed to have provided himself, were found in the ruins of World Trade Centre I.

Ercan Gun wonders if Al-Qaeda is a Secret Service operation.

Sakra was interrogated for 4 days at the Istanbul Anti-Terror Department Headquarters. Reportedly this has provided some important information.

According to Ercan Gun, Turkish intelligence specialists now believe:

1. Al-Qaeda is the name of a secret service operation.

2. Al Qaeda is linked to a strategy of tension.

3. Sakra, the fifth most senior man in al-Qaeda, was offered employment by the CIA. The CIA gave him a large sum of money.

read the whole thing @ aangirfan

the problem that defies executive summary

I’ve heard it said that prisoners establish a pecking order, and that child molesters and abusers reside at the bottom. The lowest of the low. Lower than whale shit, which is at the bottom of the ocean, to quote my father. Supposedly even prisoners enforce this moral code in their closed societies. Because it’s that bad. Sexually abusing children, torturing children, is the most loathsome crime, even amongst those who may hold a rather nuanced view of right and wrong.


Here are the sources for Part 1 (of 5) of Dave McGowan’s The Pedophocracy, in which he reveals the worldwide scope of organized pedophilia:

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  • 55. “Mexico Under Fire Over Child Abuse,” BBC News, November 14, 1997
  • 56. “Dutch Investigate Child Pornography Ring Claim,” The Irish Times, July 17, 1998
  • 57. “Child Pornographer Found Dead in His Home,” New York Times, September 9, 1998
  • 58. “Child Porn ‘Ringleaders’ Go On Trial,” BBC News, June 23, 1999
  • 59. “Verdicts Due in French Pornography Trial,” BBC News, May 10, 2000
  • 60. “Porn Ring ‘Was Real Child Abuse,’” BBC News, January 10, 2001
  • 61. “13 Arrested in Child Porn Raids,” Guardian UK, January 17, 2001
  • 62. “International Child Porn Ring Smashed,” BBC News, March 26, 2001
  • 63. Encyclopaedia Britannica,
  • 64. Microsoft’s Encarta Encyclopedia

Oh, sorry. Too much information? You’re in luck. Dave McGowan has already read it all, processed it, and organized it into The Pedophocracy.

Of course, he wrote it about ten years ago, so we have to extrapolate, somehow, the litany of abuses which have transpired since.

He begins with Marc Dutroux, and the expansive number of people involved with the associated cover-up in Belgium.

Outrage continued to grow as more arrests were made and evidence of high-level government and police complicity continued to emerge. One of Dutroux’s accomplices, businessman Jean-Michel Nihoul, confessed to organizing an ‘orgy’ at a Belgian chateau that had been attended by government officials, a former European Commissioner, and a number of law enforcement officers. A Belgian senator would note, quite accurately, that such parties were part of a system “which operates to this day and is used to blackmail the highly placed people who take part.” …

On October 20, 350,000 citizens of the tiny nation took to the streets of Brussels dressed all in white, demanding the reform of a system so corrupt that it would protect the abusers, rapists, torturers, and killers of children. The political fallout from the case would ultimately bring about the resignation of Belgium’s State Police Chief, Interior Minister, and Justice Minister – likely sacrificial lambs tossed to the outraged masses to avoid what could easily have exploded into a full-scale insurrection by the people, particularly after police ‘incompetence’ allowed Dutroux to escape and remain at large for a brief time in April of 1998.

There were in fact calls from the people for the entire coalition government to step down. Months later, an opinion survey by Brussels’ Le Soir newspaper found that only one-in-five Belgians still had confidence in the federal government and the nation’s justice system. As the Los Angeles Times reported in January of 1998, “the conviction remains stubbornly widespread that members of the upper crust - government ministers, the Roman Catholic Church, the court of King Albert II - belonged to child sex rings, or protected them.”

The lingering distrust of the people was not alleviated by the fact that a parliamentary inquiry had, in April of 1997, identified thirty officials who had, as the Times tactfully put it, “failed to uncover Dutroux’s misdeeds.” Nearly a year later, none of them had yet suffered any repercussions. Additionally, at least ten missing children suspected of having fallen prey to Dutroux’s operation have never been found.

That’s just one case, one country. McGowan touches upon many other networks.

The BBC reported in June of 1999 that two unnamed German men had “gone on trial, accused of running a child pornography ring in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.” The pair, along with at least eleven identified but unindicted accomplices, “made video recordings of the gang sexually abusing children between the ages of three and 14 since 1993.”
…The BBC also filed a brief report on a 1996 case that went almost completely unreported in the English language press: “Mexican police broke up an international child pornography ring based in the resort of Acapulco which they said had at least four thousand clients in the United States,” (emphasis added). A UN envoy investigating the case said that the “child pornography sometimes involved babies of less than one month old.”

On September 29 of 2000, The Irish Times reported that: “Eight people were arrested in Italy and three in Russia, and police said 1,700 people were being investigated in Italy,” as yet another pedophile network surfaced. The images traded by this ring were “divided into several categories … The most gruesome, police said, was coded ‘Necros Pedo,’ in which children were raped and tortured to death.”

And so it is that we first confront that most disturbing of topics – snuff films, which we all know don’t really exist. As recently as February of 1999, the New York Post assured readers that: “Snuff films are the stuff of urban legend … how did this legend get started? No one knows.” The unfortunate truth though is that they do, as it turns out, actually exist, and they likely have existed for as long as film has existed, though they weren’t always known by that name.

Code names. Of course they use codes. Note the rampant use of satanic symbolism throughout our culture, in music on teevee in corporate logos…. everywhere. Haven’t people with hidden agendas always used codes to communicate? Americans slaves used codes in their music to escape through the Underground Railroad. Low tech. It’s an old technique. Hide things in plain sight. That way you always retain plausible deniability.

An account of the Italian case carried by the Guardian affirmed the existence of snuff films: “police have discovered a massive international paedophile network selling violent child-pornography videos to clients in Italy, the US and Germany … (authorities are) trying to identify 5,000 people who are suspected of attempting to purchase the videos, some of which appear to contain images of children being tortured and murdered.”

The UK’s Independent, in a follow-up published in November of 2000, also confirmed that the seized materials did in fact include child snuff films: “Horrified investigators gathered images of more than 2,000 children who were filmed while being abused, raped, and … killed.” By that time, close to 1,500 people had been charged in the case, but not - as the Guardian noted - “those in high places who are believed to form a ‘paedophile lobby.’”

As in the Belgian and Latvian cases, there were clear indications of high-level complicity and a strong belief among the Italian people that the facts of the case were being covered up. And as with the other cases, the magistrate heading up the inquiry “provoked a furore by denouncing a ‘paedophile lobby’ supported by politicians which he said openly obstructed the investigators and worked to prevent tougher sanctions for the consumers of child pornography,” according to the Independent.

In 1998, another large-scale international ring was discovered operating out of the Netherlands and Berlin, Germany. The New York Times reported that investigators called the case “nauseating,” in that “images of abuse of even babies and infants were peddled via the Internet and other media.” Police discovered “voluminous records of what appear to be clients and suppliers from countries including Israel, Ukraine, Britain, Russia and the United States.”

The ring was first uncovered when a key member was found dead in Italy. According to The Irish Times, he was murdered by another member of the ring. His apartment in the Dutch town of Zandvoort was found to contain “thousands of digital images stored on computer disks,” as well as “hundreds of addresses of suspected suppliers and clients,” according to the New York Times. The images shocked even veteran sex-crimes investigators, one of whom stated that the seized evidence “left [him] speechless … It looks like the perpetrators are not dealing with human beings but with objects.”

It goes on and on and on and on. You can’t even begin to comprehend how enormous this problem is until you read The Pedophocracy. It defies executive summary, except to declare that the most loathsome, despicable criminals on earth apparently have unlimited power to cover up their crimes. It’s not just that they implement diabolical strategies of hegemony, endless war, financial destruction, depopulation and mind-control, which they do. But they also participate in and/or cover-up organized rings for pedophilia, child pornography, human trafficking, organ trafficking, etc.

A few exposes:

Beyond the Dutroux Affair
Belgian “Nubuleuse” tied to child abuse networks, Iran Contra, and the BCCI’s “Black Network”
The Organ of Last Resort
Butchers: The hidden truth about Israel’s kidney theft ring
Pedophile Investigation is Huge


Hardened criminals, the ethically obtuse, know what to do with people like this. That’s because criminals are not innocent of knowledge. Nor are their victims, those who survive, innocent of knowledge. They pay the toll for such knowledge.

Should you decide not to look, because, admittedly, it is beyond disturbing, and no one can blame you or judge you thereby, certainly not I…but…

Cui bono?


He has shown you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you But to do justly, and to love mercy, And to walk humbly with your God? Micah 6:8

riddle me this - with updates and logic bombs

i’m sorry. i mean no disrespect but there are some very strange things about this plane crash.

1. yesterday they said they found the black boxes of the plane, and it was a matter of recovering them, and it depended whether they were inside the plane or not, and was the wreckage in a trench, etc. there were a lot of caveats.

“The boxes were found approximately 10 kilometers (six miles) west of the airport, 1,300 meters (4,265 feet) below the surface of the sea,” an army spokesman told AFP. The Lebanese army said in a statement issued before midday Thursday that the Ocean Alert, a civilan vessel, was trying to find the Ethiopian plane’s flight recorders after the U.S. navy destroyer the USS Ramage detected new signals from the black boxes.

UPDATE: friday night: boxes now three miles farther out and a couple hundred feet deeper. source gee, one more adjustment like that and they’ll be unrecoverable.

Information Minister Tareq Mitri said late Thursday that the black boxes were about 14 kilometers (9 miles) off the coast at a depth of 1,500 meters (4,920 feet) and in an area of seven square kilometers (2.7 square miles).

An army official had earlier said the US navy destroyer USS Ramage, part of an international search operation, had picked up the signals approximately 10 kilometers west of Beirut airport at a depth of 1,300 meters.

Ocean Alert is equipped to access objects 2000 meters (6,561 feet) below sea level.

UPDATE: friday night: Ocean Alert leaving for a time, logistical reasons, to be replaced by a French vessel. source

The Ocean Alert, a privately-operated U.S. civilian vessel stationed in Cyprus, will leave Lebanon tomorrow for logistic reasons related to refueling its tanks and it will return later to continue its mission, LBC TV network reported on Friday.
Ocean Alert will be replaced by a French ship until it returns from Cyprus, according to the report.

The report of LBC TV network added: “If the black boxes (from the crashed Ethiopian plane) are located outside of what is left of the plane’s body, then there is a possibility to send a submarine — that can pull weights ranging from 150 to 200 kilograms from the sea bottom – in order to pull out the boxes. But if the boxes exist inside of what is left of the plane’s body, then the search-and-rescue teams will have to use submarines with bigger capabilities – not available at the moment — in case the plane’s debris weighs more than 200 kilograms.”

The Ocean Alert is equipped to reach objects 2000 meters (6,561 feet) below sea level.

Transport Minister Ghazi Aridi has earlier said: “We expect to have them sometime today.”

He told AFP that the body of the Boeing 737-800 had yet to be located four days after the tragedy.

Aridi said that while search teams had picked up the flight data recorder signals, it remained unclear whether the boxes were still inside the body of the Boeing 737-800, which plunged into the Mediterranean on Monday with 90 people on board.

“If the black boxes are not in the body of the plane, it is easier to access them,” Aridi said. “But if they are still inside the plane, this will necessitate another procedure completely.”

The boxes were located in a seafloor trench and their recovery may take time, a defense ministry official told AFP.

more @ naharnet

2. well now that didn’t work out. no boxes yet.  it’s apparently very, very difficult to find these boxes. they keep throwing depth numbers around like maybe there’s some limit to how deep they can go, and i’m starting to get the impression that the boxes will be unrecoverable or lost in some trench. maybe they should call James Cameron seeing as he was able to reach the titanic two miles underwater to make a gazillion dollars on a hollywood movie, and ask him how he did that. so we still can’t find out what really happened, and why the pilot made that strange turn was he avoiding something? and the strangest statement yet …keep reading…..

The two ships Ocean Alert and USS Ramage tasked with finding the black boxes of the doomed Ethiopian plane are receiving signals emitted by them, but the exact location has not yet been determined, Transport Minister Ghazi Aridi said Thursday, stressing that operations are underway to precisely locate the boxes and pull them from the sea. The operation of pulling out the black boxes requires using the submarine specialized in this field existing on board of the civilian rescue vessel, Ocean Alert, which had detected the whereabouts of the black boxes through special sonar equipment able to access objects 2000 meters (6,561 feet) below sea level.

On Wednesday, the situation room operating under the command of the Lebanese Army received information from the U.S. navy destroyer USS Ramage about detecting new signals from the black boxes which were reportedly found approximately 10 kilometers (six miles) west of the airport, 1,300 meters (4,265 feet) below the surface of the sea. The boxes were located in a seafloor trench and their recovery may take time, a defense ministry official told AFP.

After Cabinet’s extraordinary session Thursday evening under PM Saad Hariri, Information Minister Tarek Mitri said “the black boxes had been detected at a depth ranging from 200 to 1400 meters below the surface of the sea.”

Mitri added that the submarine which will be sent after locating the place is for taking pictures and determining the exact position of the boxes as another submarine will be used to pull them from the sea. On the other hand, Health Minister Mohammed Jawad Khalife declared Thursday that the DNA genetic diagram of the plane victims had been completed as testing had identified the bodies of the two victims Anna Mohammed Abes and Ali Ahmed Jaber whose body was handed over to his family to be buried Friday in his hometown Nabatiyeh.

Khalife confirmed that Rafik Hariri state hospital had received many body parts and that tests revealed they do not belong to humans. [is this a typo? what the....?? ]

yeah. i don’t know what to make of that. more @ naharnet

3. well we had heard numbers like 34 bodies recovered as of Monday. but now the number is 14. ?????????

BEIRUT — An Ethiopian Airlines plane carrying 90 people caught fire and crashed into the sea minutes after taking off from Beirut early Monday, setting off a frantic search as passenger seats, baby sandals and other debris washed ashore. At least 34 bodies were recovered.

All 83 passengers and seven crew are presumed dead. Only 14 bodies, including those of two toddlers, and body parts have been found so far.

4. also, isn’t it a little strange that, given that only 14 bodies have been identified so far, and this has required DNA testing because the bodies are burned and/or dismembered, that Hassan Tajideen was found and identified and buried so quickly? that just seems super extra odd to me, given the incredible difficulty we hear now about finding the body of the plane and the rest of the passengers and the black boxes. Tajideen was buried on Tuesday, but good luck finding out any info. there’s no coverage of it.

Al-Liwaa also pointed to Hizbullah’s noteworthy presence in the funeral of one of the plane victims identified as Hassan Tajeddine in the southern town of Hanaway.

more @ naharnet

totally, totally bizarre.

5. UPDATE: answers lead to more questions…

The eight identified victims from the Ethiopian doomed plane were business class passengers, hence they were seated in the plane’s front, knowing that the business class seats count 16 out of 138 seats available on the plane, An Nahar daily reported on Saturday.

The business class compartment had also additional three passengers, hence totaling the passengers at 14 added to Ethiopian security guard whose body has been found without being officially identified, knowing that his wallet and gun were found with the body. According to aviation sources, the security guard is usually situated in the front part of the plane.

An Nahar added that the victim Hasan Tajeddine, a businessman, occupied the seat A1 located behind the cockpit, knowing that the plane’s first door is located between the cockpit and the seat A1, and that Tajeddine used to choose this seat for its nearness to the door. His body was found with no major deformations.

The report suggested that the head of the plane — including the business class compartment and the toilet allocated for this section — had been detached from its body, knowing that the civil defense members had previously found the remains of one of the plane’s toilets near Ramlet al-Bayda shore, and that the seats recovered until today are mostly blue, indicating they belong to the aforementioned compartment.

Two bodies for Ethiopian hostesses exist at Rafik Hariri state hospital, according to medical sources.

Following the same analysis, the passengers of the economy class totaled 66, situated in the second part of the plane – the seats starting from row 11 to row 33, knowing that each row had six seats.

Hence, the passengers of economy class are still confined to their seatbelts inside the biggest part of the plane at the sea bottom. The probability for their bodies to float on the surface is related to the unfastening of the seatbelt, according to the report.

more @ naharnet

LOGIC BOMB: well, let’s see here. if the head of the plane detached from the body, then the cockpit, which is with the head of the plane, should be where they found the recovered bodies.

seeing as the black boxes would be in the cockpit, they should be recoverable too.

and seeing as tajideen was sitting right behind the cockpit, and his body is not burnt, then we can presume that the black boxes would also be in good condition and near the area where tajideen was recovered. NO? does that all not follow?????

why would the black boxes be in the trench with the body of the plane? that makes no sense.

2/11/10 — i was wrong. there is a data collection unit in the cockpit but the data goes to the black boxes, which are in the tail end of the plane.

terrorist arrests in Malaysia

1. terror suspects arrested in Malaysia linked to patsy underpants, according to unnamed foreign anti-terrorism agencies

Terrorism suspects from Jordan, Nigeria, Syria and Yemen have been detained in Malaysia, activists say as a report linked them to the Nigerian behind the botched Christmas plane bombing….“It was learnt that foreign anti-terrorism agencies informed Malaysian authorities that the 10 were linked to Abdulmutallab and that they were in Malaysia,” said the daily on Thursday, which did not cite any sources for its report.

Malaysia’s controversial ISA has been used in the past against alleged militants, including members of Southeast Asian extremist group Jemaah Islamiyah, which is linked to Osama bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda network. One JI member released in 2008 is accused of hosting a planning meeting ahead of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Analysts say that other militants affiliated with Al-Qaeda have used Kuala Lumpur for meetings and logistics.

more @ sydney morning herald

2. GMI claims 14, not 10, held under ISA

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 28 — The Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI) today claimed that 14 people, including a Malaysian, were being held under the recent Internal Security Act (ISA) swoop, as opposed to the 10 announced by the Home Ministry yesterday.

It identified nine of the detainees as Azzahari Murad (Malaysia); Aiman Al Dakkak (Syria); Mohamed Hozifa (Syria); Kutiba Al-Issa (Syria); Khalid Salem (Yemen); Luqman Abdul Salam (Nigeria); Hassan Barudi (Syria); Hussam Khalid (Jordan); and Abdul Alhi Bolajoko Uthman (Nigeria).

It has yet to determine the identities of the remaining three while another two were detained earlier. GMI said the 14 were part of 50 detained in a security operation in Sungai Cincin, Gombak near here, GMI chairman Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh disclosed today. Syed Ibrahim told reporters that all 50 were picked up on Jan 21, after having stayed there since 2003. “So they are not foreigners who have just arrived here,” he said, disputing Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein’s statement that those detained had just come to Malaysia and were part of an international terror ring.

Syed Ibrahim disclosed that of the 50 picked up, all but 12 were released at 3am the next day. “From the 12, GMI obtained nine names and we are trying to establish the [identities of the] other three and two more we just found out today,” he added. He said the latter two were identified as Abdullah Ahmad Alsehine (Saudi Arabia) who was detained on Jan 17, and Ibrahim (Nigeria) who was initially detained on Jan 21.“Ibrahim has yet to be detected with the other four until now,” he added. Syed Ibrahim also said information from the Saudi Arabian embassy showed that Abdullah was still in the country.

A witness to the security operation, Muhammad Yunus Zainal Abidin, 25, who was also at today’s press conference, recounted how armed policemen had burst into the house at about 9.30pm that night, disrupting the study session led by Aiman. “They said: ‘Ini operasi keselamatan dalam negeri’ (this is a home affairs security operation),” Yunus told reporters. It is understood that this is the first time that a large number of foreign students have been detained under the ISA since the Sept 11 attacks in the United States.

“Using the ISA to get forced confessions and creating a plot without proof is unfair. “ISA is the easiest tool to shift international pressure by making foreign nationals, in this case [from] the Middle East, as the scapegoats,” he added. “GMI believes that the new detentions may have been initiated in response to international pressure on terrorist threats in Malaysia,” said Syed Ibrahim.

“It might be related to the US travel advisory two weeks ago about criminals and terrorists targeting foreigners in east Sabah or to what is happening in the US and UK,” he said. “But nothing can be confirmed,” he said, and added that he will raise the issue directly with Hishammuddin this afternoon at the government briefing on itst plans to revamp the ISA. Syed Ibrahim added that the latest developments showed double standards by the government, which has promised to reform the ISA. The ISA is a preventive security law that allows for detention without trial.

Media reports today said that those detained were linked to the Nigerian underwear bomber who tried to detonate explosives aboard a US-bound flight last Christmas Day.

source: malaysian insider

3. some Malaysians believe their government is behind the civil unrest

Doc: Why do I believe it was Umno? Because:

(i) The Herald case failed to galvanise Malay support and backfired on them terribly, serving only to alienate them further from Malays. They needed to try something, anything, to regain popularity among the masses;
(ii) Placing boars’ head in mosques is not a good idea because things may really get out of hand (few dare to do this);
(iii) Exploiting racial and religions issues is a trademark of Umno;
(iv) Inspector-general of police Musa Hassan was at the scene of the incident as soon as it happened. Musa’s response is usually rapid in matters concerning Umno’s interests;
(v) These are desperate times for Umno and desperate measures are needed to regain lost support.

Christopher: So Umno has done what they know best when under siege - create public chaos. I suspect that they are planning something big, like declaring emergency rule or embarking on mass arrests under the Internal Security Act.

Watchman: Umno stands to gain if there is any racial disturbance. It tried to rile up the Christians with their church burnings and other minor acts of destruction. They are cunning enough not to create too much damage or stay too long as to get caught. It didn’t work. The Christians didn’t bite.

Umno tried the same tactics on the Sikhs. They also didn’t bite. Now Umno is trying it on the Muslims. Right-thinking Muslims will also not bite, despite prodding from Umno and Jakim (Islamic Development Department ).

Pak Ubu: Only an idiot would believe that these provocative acts are spontaneous and not part of Umno’s desperate plan to trigger racial-religious violence in the streets, which would give them an excuse to declare a national emergency and impose martial law.

Malaysian for Malaysia: This is more likely the work agent provocateurs trying to instigate Muslims into retaliating violently. Non-Muslims in Malaysia aren’t so stupid or suicidal as to start an outright religious clash with Muslims who make up 70 percent of the population in Peninsular Malaysia.

Someone is trying to instigate Muslims, and this does not bode well. What are the police doing? Sitting on their hands when not harassing opposition ceramahs?

more @ malaysiakini

updates on various fronts

1. black box found. what will it say? let us hope the box is recovered without incident. so many experts around…

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board and the French body for civil aviation security Bureau D’Enquetes et D’Analyses (BEA) have sent experts to join a team investigating the tragedy. The search operation has been led by Lebanese navy troops, the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) as well as US navy destroyer the USS Ramage and a civilian boat from Cyprus with sonar equipment.

more @ naharnet

2. Headley pleads not guilty, said to be cooperating with investigators

CHICAGO - AN AMERICAN pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to US charges that he scouted targets for a militant Pakistani group blamed for the attack on Mumbai in 2008 that killed more than 160 people. David Headley, 49, has been cooperating with US investigators since his arrest in October….

Headley, who was born in the United States but spent several years in Pakistan, has previously pleaded not guilty to similar charges. His accused co-conspirator, 49-year-old Pakistani-born Chicago businessman Tahawwur Rana, entered a not-guilty plea on Monday to charges he provided material support to the plots and to Lashkar. — REUTERS

source: straits times

3. did Headley cut a deal with DoJ? and why does Dana Perino come out of the woodwork all of a sudden??? to support the intelligence services having maximum latitude and political cover at all times, or they can’t do their job and we’ll all be killed.

As Mumbai terror plot accused David Coleman Headley pleaded not-guilty during an arraignment in Chicago, he could become the centrepiece of a debate on how to treat terror suspects in the US. Headley, who was presented before US Magistrate Judge Arlander Keys on Wednesday morning, expectedly entered a plea of not guilty to all the 12 counts of indictment against him.

Just one day before the arraignment former Bush White House press secretary Dana Perino used his case to challenge the Obama administration’s strategy to deal with such cases. The main point of contention of President Barack Obama’s detractors and critics is that in such cases it makes no sense to treat suspects as criminal defendants.

Citing the Obama administration’s supposed argument Perino and Bill Burck, a former federal prosecutor and deputy counsel to president Bush, wrote in the National Review Online: “Most recently, David Headley, who has been indicted in Chicago for helping plan the 2008 Mumbai attacks, has given us information of enormous intelligence value.”

The two then countered it saying: “So the Justice Department has cut a deal with Headley to get him to talk. It will be interesting to see how much prison time will be shaved off for his cooperation. We’ll find out after he pleads guilty and is sentenced. Headley’s deal might give us a preview of how much time the Justice Department is contemplating for Abdulmutallab: 50 years? 20? Two?”

The reference to Abdulmutallab is about Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the 23-year-old Nigerian who nearly blew up a Delta jet on Dec 25 flying in from Amsterdam.

Perino’s mention of Headley is part of a larger piece titled “Obfuscation after obfuscation” that wonders whether the Obama administration’s statement on Abdulmutallab’s interrogation hides more than it reveals. It is critical of the decision to treat Abdulmutallab as a criminal defendant “with Miranda rights, a decision we now know was made without consulting the intelligence services whose job it is to protect the country from attacks”.

source: hindustan times

4. Philippines: air force general and 8 others killed in Cotabato City, southern Philippines, near Jolo Island. general stationed in Zamboango City, very near to Jolo Island, where Abu Sayyaf allegedly operates from.

COTABATO CITY, Philippines—(UPDATE 4) An Air Force general and eight other people were killed when a military Nomad plane crashed into a residential area here before noon Thursday, authorities said. Mayor Muslimin Sema said the Nomad plane crashed into at least two houses in Barangay Rosary Heights here around 11:35 a.m., killing all eight passengers, including Maj. Gen. Mario Lacson of the 3rd Air Division based in Zamboanga City.

Gumitom said she heard a loud noise before the plane hit her house.

…Maj. Randolph Cabangbang, spokesperson of the Eastern Mindanao Command, said Lacson and his party were on their way to Zamboanga City. “The plane crashed two minutes after takeoff,” Cabangbang said by phone.

Maj. Gen. Carlix Donila, commander of the 5053rd Search and Rescue Squadron based in Davao City, said moments before the crash the “pilot made a call (to the Cotabato airport tower) and he said ‘power loss.’” Sema said based on witnesses’ account, the plane was trying to land again at the airport after takeoff and appeared to be having “some trouble.” “It was flying in a zig-zag mode and crashed.”

more @ enquirer

5. tension in Sri Lanka — Colombo also involved in the recent capture of Mohammed Abdul Khwaja, a purported LeT terrorist, who during interrogation made statements that led to the recent terrorist warnings in the UK

COLOMBO - SRI Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse won his second war in a year, crushing an electoral challenge by his former army chief, who was left holed up in a hotel surrounded by troops yesterday. But a defiant General Sarath Fonseka refused to accept the result, which gave Mr Rajapakse 57.9 per cent of the popular vote in Tuesday’s presidential election against his own 40.1 per cent.

He vowed to challenge the result in court because of ‘obvious rigging’. In an apparent effort to dispel the acrimony of the campaign, the 64-year-old President said: ‘From today onwards, I am the President of everyone, whether they voted for me or not.’ He urged Sri Lankans to join together to rebuild the country, which is still recovering from a 26-year civil war with Tamil Tiger rebels that ended last year.

Speaking from the Colombo hotel where he has been encamped since Tuesday evening, Gen Fonseka accused Mr Rajapakse of intimidation and said his staff had received threatening phone calls.

source: straits times

excitement always follows lev leviev

1. Lev Leviev tied to Chinese intelligence, business interests in Angola — Sonagol

The suspicions were spelled out in a report recently compiled by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, which was established by Congress in 2000 in order to “monitor, investigate and submit to Congress an annual report on the national security implications of the bilateral trade and economic relationship between the United States and the People’s Republic of China, and to provide recommendations, where appropriate, to Congress for legislative and administrative action.” The report noted, among other things, that the group of Chinese corporations has business ties with Israeli businessman and diamond magnate Lev Leviev.

Us ing the group, Chinese intelligence acquires oil and energy companies and other important assets in countries in Africa, Latin American, Southeast Asia, as well as in the United States. In this way it promotes Chinese national interests, increases its influence and guarantees the supply of raw materials - first and foremost oil - necessary for its economy.

…The Chinese companies are assisted in some of their international activities by the Angolan government, a rising economic power in Africa, and particularly its national oil company Sonangol. The report mentions three international businessmen connected to the Angolan-Chinese cooperation, with the help of a company called China-Sonangol, which is registered in Hong Kong. China-Sonangol is part of the 88 Queensway Group.

One is Helder Battaglia, a Portuguese businessman with close ties to Angolan President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, as well as Chavez and Kirchner. Battaglia has varied investments in Angola, Congo and Latin America. The second is Pierre Falcone, a French businessman who was Arcadi Gaydamak’s partner, and together with Gaydamak was involved in supplying arms to the tune of about $800 million to Angola in the 1990s. Falcone, Gaydamak and others were recently convicted in a French court for illegal arms trade conducted in the ’90s. In recent years, Falcone moved the main center of his business to Beijing, and has become the person who opens Angola’s doors to China (for huge fees). Gaydamak is not mentioned at all in the report; it is known that he is at odds with Falcone and the two are embroiled in legal proceedings over the profits of the arms deal.

The third businessman mentioned in the American report is Lev Leviev, who was Gaydamak’s partner and who according to the report continues to have a strong standing in Angola, where he has mines, diamond polishing plants and a diamond trade company.

more @ haaretz

2. India, Angola agree to cooperation for hydrocarbon sector — there’s Sonagol again

Luanda (Angola), Jan 27: India and Angola on Wednesday said that the two countries will enter into Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to provide an overarching framework for cooperation in the hydrocarbon sector.

During the meeting a MoU was signed between ONGC Videsh Ltd. (OVL) and the National Oil Company of Angola namely, Sonangol, for cooperation in the exploration sector.

OVL, which is partnering Sonangol in their South Pars acreage in Iran, offered to enter joint venture operations in the existing deep-water blocks of Sonangol.

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3. China-based Singapore firms rapidly collapsing amidst debt and fraud — time to buy some cheap assets?

Since late 2007, a spate of so-called S-chips - mainland companies listed on the Singapore exchange - have borrowed money then failed to repay the debts, with some becoming mired in fraud scandals….Not surprisingly, global investment banks have been involved in pushing the S-chips’ debt onto investors.

banks involved include Deutsche, Morgan Stanley.  - ed.

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politics, terrorism and sports

This story appeared recently (1/21/10) in what appears to be an Indian tabloid-style paper. It has several important details about Mohammed Abdul Khwaja, a purported terrorist.

According to the Indian police:

  • Khwaja, age 30, commands a militant group, Huji for South India
  • Khwaja was caught by the Hyderabad Special Task Force recently
  • Khwaja recruited local youth for training
  • Khwaja recruited and/or trained Raziuddin Nasir, who was arrested, to conduct suicide attacks on Western tourists in Goa
  • Khwaja is a close associate of Shahid Bilal, who masterminded the suicide attack on Hyderabad’s Special Task Force headquarters in 2005
  • Khwaja is also linked to the Hyderabad twin blasts of 2007
  • Khwaja worked in Saudi Arabia
  • Khwaja is Nasir’s handler

Click here to watch some television reports about this by an Indian program, Inside Story (a la Fox News). Some points made:

  • RAW nabs Khwaja, Huji commander and pointman for arranging terrorists locally (part 1)
  • ISI planning to strike oil refineries in India, RSS headquarters, and public events
  • with the aim of wrecking the Indian economy
  • senior ISI officer Mohd coordinates strikes against India
  • ISI coordinating activities of LeT, HuM, JeM and manages terror camps
  • RAW lured him into a trap in Colombo, Sri Lanka (part 2)
  • Khwaja has named names to RAW
  • terrorism, politics and sports are interlinked, since athletes are the “ambassadors” of a country (part 3)
  • the passions from a sports snub have taken on a life of their own (part 4)


“Terrible events produce outrage, and when people are outraged, they are all the more likely to seek causes that justify their emotional states, and also to attribute those events to intentional action.” — from Cass Sunstein’s conspiracy paper, download here and hang upside by your ankles while you read it — it’s basically their mind-fucking instruction manual


Attacks against India conflate with attacks against the UK. According to a report in the Sri Lanka Guardian, it was Khwaja who provided the intelligence that led to the UK terrorism alert last weekend. Worth a read, as he manages to mention every talking point plus the kitchen sink.

According to the “Sunday Times” of the UK as quoted by “The Hindu” of January 25,2010, the Indian intelligence agencies are reported to have alerted MI-5, the British security service,about the suspected plans of Pakistan-based pro-Al Qaeda elements to hijack an Indian aircraft originating from Delhi or Mumbai and crash it into a British city. The recent upgradation of threat level in the UK from “substantial” to “severe” but one below “imminent” has been attributed to this Indian warning. There is a possibility that the terrorist plans might be related to the January 28 London conference on Afghanistan. According to the “Sunday Times”, the Indian intelligence came to know of this plot during the interrogation of Amjad Khwaja of the HUJI, who was arrested recently in India.

Another source: The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) has asked all airlines to conduct a mandatory 100 percent secondary ladder point check until January 31 on all aircraft flying between Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Hmm. I wonder what happens after January 31st.

In any event, India’s response for public celebrations: With intelligence inputs warning of threats posed by LeT and other militant groups, security establishments in Delhi and the state capitals on Monday went on top alert putting in place a ground-to-air apparatus to thwart any attempt to disrupt the Republic Day celebrations. A heavy security blanket was thrown around the capital with snipers and mobile hit teams fanning across the city and nearly 15,000 police and paramilitary personnel being deployed to guard the 8-km-long route of the Republic Day parade and other key installations. Anti-aircraft guns have also been stationed in certain crucial areas.

Good timing huh?


Some recent attacks on athletes — Sri Lanka, Angola, Mexico (they’re getting closer…):

3/4/09 - Sri Lankan cricket team: Pakistani police hunted on Wednesday for gunmen who mounted a bold attack on Sri Lanka’s cricket team in Lahore as officials tried to figure out who was behind it. The attack on Tuesday killed seven Pakistanis — six police and the driver of a bus carrying match officials. Six members of the Sri Lankan team and a British coach were among 16 wounded in the daylight attack as their bus approached the cricket stadium.

That attack was linked to Huji: The prosecution on Friday, told a Delhi court that a Pakistan-based Harkat-ul-jehadi Islami (HUJI) terrorist, who along with five others are accused of plotting to kidnap Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly, had confessed that he came to abduct the cricketers and then bargain the release of two members of the outfit….Besides three Pakistan-based accused, Tariq Mohammed, Ashfaq Ahmed and Arshad Khan, the others are - Mufti Israr, Ghulam Qadir Bhatt and Ghulam Mohd Dar.

1/3/10 - Attack on Togo’s football team in Angola: Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor escaped unharmed after a bus carrying the Togo national team came under attack from gunfire in Angola. … According to reports, at least three Togo players and the bus driver suffered injuries during the attack. Some reports suggest the driver was killed.

South African response for the World Cup: South Africa’s police force has bought helicopters for air surveillance, acquired mobile police stations to be stationed at all key venues and will supply a 24-hour ground patrol using more than 40,000 specially trained officers and private security guards. The military has also been called in to provide additional security.

1/26/10 - Salvadore Cabanas shot in Mexico City nightclub: Two suspects were captured on a security camera walking out of the nightclub toilet where Cabañas was found. Another camera filmed them leaving the building less than a minute later and driving away in a car without number plates. Mexico City’s attorney general, Miguel Angel Mancera, said the suspects were José J Balderas Garza, nicknamed El Modelo, and his bodyguard. Balderas was a regular at the Bar Bar club, which was also popular with footballers and other celebrities. With robbery ruled out by the authorities, the motive remains a mystery. Balderas is reportedly from Sinaloa, a state in Mexico renowned for its drug traffickers, although no evidence has yet emerged of any link to organised crime.

Not yet.


Now, this is just me, but I can’t help but wonder if the evidence will lead in a certain direction, like, for instance, to Lebanon and Hizbollah, perhaps. Because we have lately heard about connections and drug smuggling between Venezuela, West Africa and over to Europe and then Lebanon. And corruption in Africa. And threats to Israel. And we’ve also seen the forward connections established in corporate media between Lebanon and West Africa, in light of the Ethiopian plane crash. So all this has been floating around in the herd attention space. All this stuff is part of the narrative. It’s part of preparing people, in baby steps, for what is going to happen next.

sabotage ruled back in and other news

1. CIA denies ever knowing David Headley, ever, at any point in time, ever. Period.

Washington, Dec 17: America’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) today strongly refuted reports that Pakistani- origin US national David Coleman Headley, charged with criminal conspiring in the 26/11 terror attacks, was its agent at any point of time.“I can’t comment on an ongoing investigation, but any suggestion that this individual worked for the CIA is flat wrong,” CIA spokesperson Marie E Harf told PTI when specifically asked about Headley and his links with CIA. Headley now languishing in a Chicago-jail was arrested by the FBI on October 3 when he was planning to go to Pakistan via Philadelphia. He has been charged by the federal prosecutors for being involved in the planning of the Mumbai terrorist attack.

News reports from India, quoting unnamed officials from investigating agencies, and several news reports in the US in the past few days have said that Headley may well have been a “double agent” working for the CIA as well as Pakistani terror groups including Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), which carried out the Mumbai terrorist attack.


many many sublinks re: headley if you click through to the source

2. Malaysia arrests 10, including 9 foreigners, for acts of terror — internationally linked, countries not identified

Malaysia said Wednesday it had arrested 10 people including nine foreigners for “acts of terrorism,” saying they were members of an international terror team and threatened national security. Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said the 10 were being held under the Internal Security Act (ISA) which allows for indefinite detention without trial.

“I can confirm that 10 people have been arrested under the ISA for acts of terrorism,” he told a press conference. “They are internationally linked and will affect the security of our country if we do not take action,” he said. “We have worked with international intelligence organizations in this operation.”

Hishammuddin said that “all 10 are involved in international terrorism” but would not reveal whether they had planned or carried out attacks. He also declined to say when and where they were arrested. Neither would he say which intelligence organizations had helped in the arrests, but said that “if they are with an international terror organization and if they are caught in Malaysia, then we will take action on them.”

Malaysia’s controversial ISA has been used in the past against alleged militants, including members of regional terrorist organization Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) which is linked to al-Qaida. Government officials said there were now 25 people, including the 10 new detainees, being held under the ISA. Detainees are typically held at the Kamunting detention centre in the northern state of Perak.

more @ naharnet, including a little “rule of law rule of law” whining…that might be a clue re: who is involved

3. Nigeria: four killed in naval helicopter crash, chopper left from Liquified Natural Gas plant, 4 dead, important documents retrieved

A helicopter flying from Bonny to Port Harcourt crashed on Tuesday afternoon at Isiokpo, near Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, killing all four persons aboard. The naval helicopter crashed into a swamp at about 2pm on Tuesday, at Isiokpo, headquarters of the Ikwerre local government area of Rivers State. The zonal coordinator of the Nigerian Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Emenike Umesi, said the four occupants comprised two pilots and two engineers, said to be of Lieutenant Commander Rank. The NEMA chief, in charge of the south-south zone, said the aircraft took off from Bonny, which is home to the Liquefied Natural Gas plant.

A search and rescue operation commenced immediately after the crash, with massive a crowd gathering around the crash site. Just one body had been recovered at the time of this report. The Joint Task Force (JTF) spokesperson, Timothy Antigha, also confirmed the crash, saying “a search party has been dispatched to the crash site which is in a swamp.” He offered no other details. Security agents at the accident scene however said naval personnel recovered “some vital documents” at the scene. Officials of the Accident Investigation Bureau of the ministry of aviation were yet to arrive at the scene to unravel the reason for the air crash at press time. The last time such a fatal crash happened in Nigeria was just a few months ago, when a Wings aircraft went down in Cross River State in May 2009.

source: next

4. Lebanon: Imam kidnapped

Imam of the eastern Lebanese town of Majdal Anjar, Sheikh Mohammed Abdel Fatah al-Majzoub, was kidnapped Tuesday night, the National News Agency reported. NNA said al-Majzoub was kidnapped by unknown assailants from outside the mosque at 11:30 pm Tuesday. The agency said his white Mercedes was still parked on the side of the road when Lebanese security forces arrived to the area. His white turban was also found on the floor. The army immediately threw a tight security dragnet around the town and internal security forces launched an investigation into the alleged kidnapping.


5. SABOTAGE ruled back in in Ethiopian plane crash in Lebanon

Hypotheses and speculations mounted about a “sabotage” action in the Ethiopian plane crash which plunged into the Mediterranean sea in stormy weather earlier this week with 90 passengers and crew on board feared dead. the Ethiopian plane crash which plunged into the Mediterranean sea in stormy weather earlier this week with 90 passengers and crew on board is likely a “deliberate” attack, some media reports said Wednesday.

While the daily al-Liwaa said the crash is likely a “deliberate” attack, pan-Arab Asharq al-Awsat did not rule out “sabotage” after the disaster presumably killed all 90 passengers and crew.

OTV, meanwhile, which is close to Hizbullah and is reputed to have strong ties with Hizbullah circles, cited official circles as saying that the Ethiopian plane was likely hit by a rocket.

Al-Liwaa based its hypothesis on Hizbullah’s heightened concern about the catastrophe and the fact that a Hizbullah delegation, including Hashem Safieddine and MP Nawar al-Sahili, was supposed to be on the plane. It said the trip was cancelled at the last minute upon instructions by Speaker Nabih Berri to allow Sahili to attend a parliamentary session scheduled for Monday. Berri, however, called off the meeting after the plane crash disaster.

Al-Liwaa also pointed to Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s keenness to “personally” attend the funeral of one of the plane victims identified as Hasan Tajeddine in the southern town of Hanaway. It said Tajeddine has close ties with Hizbullah.

Navigation sources, meanwhile, told Asharq al-Awsat that “all possibilities are open.” They said an “explosion” likely took place on the plane, pointing out that lightning by itself cannot bring down an aircraft.

The sources also raised the possibility that the lightning hit the plane in a “sensitive area” that, together with human and technical errors, led to the crash.

Witnesses said the aircraft was in flames as it dropped into the sea.

Lebanese leaders, including President Michel Suleiman, Defense Minister Elias Murr and Transportation Minister Ghazi Aridi, have ruled out sabotage in the plane crash. (AP photo inside shows Sheik Nabil Kaouk, right, Hizbullah’s commander in south Lebanon, and Hizbullah MP Hasan Fadlallah, left, attending Tajeddine’s funeral on Tuesday.)


North Korea, multi-purpose tool, links into all the hotspots

1. firms in 5 countries linked to N. Korean arms smuggling: Kazakhstan, Ukraine, New Zealand, UAE, Sri Lanka, Iran (natch)

Five companies in five countries were involved in a complex process of cargo laundering for a shipment of North Korean arms that was confiscated at Bangkok’s Don Mueang Airport last month, according to media reports.

Efforts to track the cargo were complicated by the involvement of a Kazakh arms dealer and his wife who handled the arms through a ghost company, AP said Tuesday. Thai police discovered 40 tons of North Korean arms including multiple rocket launchers, 40 surface-to-air missiles, and hundreds of rocket-propelled grenades worth an estimated US$18 million on an Ilyushin cargo plane operated by Air West of Georgia, which landed in Bangkok on Dec. 12.

All five crew were arrested, but it was not easy to trace the route the arms had taken. Alexander Zykov, a Kazakh dealer in illegal arms, is allegedly behind the transport. He hired five crew for an air freight company he owned named East Wing in Kiev, Ukraine, in July last year. Three days later, a friend of Zykov’s established a ghost company named SP Trading in New Zealand.

SP Trading then leased the cargo plane from Air West, which is also effectively run by Zykov and had earlier leased it to Overseas Trading FZE, a company in the United Arab Emirates owned by Zykov’s wife. Once SP Trading had leased the plane, it received an order from a Hong Kong-registered firm, Union Top Management, to transport “petroleum industry components” from the [North] Korean General Trading Corporation.

The plane took off from Kiev and flew via Azerbaijan and the UAE to North Korea. Once the freight had been loaded, it was scheduled to stop for refueling in Thailand and fly west to Ukraine by way of Sri Lanka and the UAE. From there, some reports say it was leapfrogged via Iran to Montenegro, but the tiny peaceful principality seems an unlikely final destination for the cargo.

source: chosun ilbo

2. North Korea also supplying ‘Congolese insurgents’

North Korea smuggled about 3,400 tons of weapons into the Democratic Republic of Congo in the midst of a civil war there in January, with some of them going to Congolese insurgents or nearby countries, VOA quoted a UN official as saying Wednesday.

Christian Dietrich, a member of the UN Security Council committee investigating Congo, told VOA that the North Korean ship Birobong arrived in the port of Boma, Congo on Jan. 21, where it unloaded some 3,400 tons of weapons, 100 times the amount seized in Thailand earlier this month.

more @ chosun ilbo

3. US congressional report says NK also passing WMD tech to Syria, through Iran of course — sorry no details classified into, you understand

A new U.S. congressional report claims North Korea is transferring weapons technology to Syria through Iran. In the report, the Congressional Research Service, an entity that works exclusively for the U.S. Congress, revealed that Iran was assisting in the procurement of weapons of mass destruction-related technology by providing North Korea with a platform for such trade with Syria. The report however does not offer further details on the alleged interaction.

source: chosun ilbo

4. Hillary Clinton — very worried about NK and Burma

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says military cooperation between North Korea and Burma would be very destabilizing for the region, and would pose a direct threat to Burma’s neighbors. She says Washington is taking regional concerns about this connection “very seriously.” Clinton addressed the concerns on Tuesday in Bangkok after meeting Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. She will join a regional security conference in Phuket on Wednesday.North Korea’s possible cooperation with Burma made headlines in June, when the U.S. Navy began tracking a North Korean ship believed to be traveling to Burma with suspicious cargo. The ship returned to North Korea without ever docking in Burma.

more @ chosun ilbo

5. Iran buys masses of arms from North Korea, ships them all over the world, including to Hamas and Hezbollah, according to WaPo, citing US and UN officials. yup they know all about it.

Iran has imported piles of North Korean-made conventional weapons, the Washington Post reported Thursday, even though both countries are under UN sanctions over their nuclear programs. Weapons also went to two Palestinian militant organizations, the Iran-backed Hezbollah and the Islamist Hamas, the paper said.

To avoid international pursuit, the North Korean weapons were “shipped halfway around the globe in sealed containers, labeled as oil-drilling supplies, that passed through a succession of freighters and ports,” including China, Southeast Asia and the Dubai free trade zone, before reaching Iran, it said.

One example was a shipment of North Korean weapons aboard the ANL Australia which was confiscated by United Arab Emirates authorities on July 22. According to U.S. and UN officials, the ship carried 2,030 detonators for 122 mm multiple rocket launchers, as well as electric circuitry and solid-fuel propellant for rockets, which Hamas and Hezbollah use when attacking Israel.

The UAE made no official announcement, but the paper said the shipment of North Korean weapons consisted of 10 cargo containers. They left the North Korean port of Nampo on May 30, five days after the North’s second nuclear test on May 25 and before the UN Security Council adopted a fresh resolution sanctioning the North.

The UNSC adopted Resolution 1874 on June 12, extending the arms embargo on North Korea and authorizing member states to inspect its cargo on land, sea, and air. By that time, the vessel carrying the arms had already arrived in China. The containers were transferred to a Chinese ship in the northern port of Dalian on June 13.

From there, they were ferried to Shanghai, where they were moved to a third ship, the ANL Australia, a 47,326 ton freighter. They were finally discovered at the port of Khor Fakkan in the UAE. The officials claimed that there were as many as five such smuggling attempts since early this year.

source: chosun ilbo

6. on top of all that, the North Koreans are firing away past an imaginary line in the ocean

North Korea vowed to continue artillery drills Wednesday along the West Sea border after firing dozens of shells on two separate occasions there, reiterating that the de-facto inter-Korean border should be redrawn. After the first batch of about 30 artillery shells in the morning, South Korea responded by firing warning shots, but no casualties or damage occurred.

The North began firing again at 3:25 p.m., with a dozen more shells landing north of the Northern Limit Line (NLL), the de facto western sea border. But the South did not respond.  This is the first time that the North has fired artillery into the NLL in the West Sea, though the navies from both Koreas have exchanged gunfire near the border before.  No casualties or injuries were reported as both sides fired in the air and no fishing boats were present, a spokesman for the South’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said.

more @ korea times