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What do you want ME to do?

I read this the other day. It makes my blood boil. Particularly this part:

Israel cleverly tries to use worldwide Jewry to promote its policies. [And has cleverly succeeded.] Critics err by publicly pressuring Jewish communities to rally against Israel’s oppressive policies. [Which would be useful.] Pressuring in private has benefits, [which are...?????] but public demonstrations promote the concept that world Jewry is indirectly responsible for the oppression. [World Jewry does not want to be held responsible for the oppression, but they also don't want to come out and say so "in public."] The approach is counter-productive because it reinforces the belief of a close attachment of all Jews with Israel, arouses anti-Jewish sentiments and forces Jews to seek assistance from Israel. [How this "forces" Jews to seek assistance from Israel escapes me.] It is also cowardly because it transfers the responsibility to directly attack the institutions and persons supporting Israel’s policies from the critics to Jewish persons. [Who are presumably "not critics," and therefore, "not responsible." Well they are sort of critics, but you know, not *that* much. I mean, c'mon. What do you want? You want them to say something in public? Are you crazy?] It’s almost as if these detractors fear a backlash from Jewish institutions, tread softly when criticizing Israel and solicit others to perform their tasks. [It's "almost as if" these detractors think they will hear from the ADL or something.] Making others seem powerful reinforces their power. [You don't say.]

You know, I’m sorry, but I’m so fucking distraught after looking at pictures of dead Palestinian children that I don’t really feel like explaining reality to this guy, so I’ll keep it short.

The reality is that non-Jews who criticize Israel are labeled “anti-semitic.” Hello???!!!????

That’s why Jewish Americans a b s o l u t e l y have an obligation to speak up unequivocally about the atrocities and crimes committed by Israel. It IS your problem, whether you want it to be or not. Now is not the time to play dumb.

Here’s more reality: you cannot enjoy all the benefits of the amazing Jewish-Israeli-American juggernaut and then whine that you’re not responsible for the problems it creates. This entire country has been relentlessly browbeaten to support Israel. Thus, non-Jews will assume that Jewish Americans support Israel. So if you want people to know that you oppose Israel, you are going to have to say it clearly just like everybody else; and if you’re afraid to speak up because Israel is out of control, welcome to our reality. Wash your hands of it because it’s uncomfortable? Ha. No shit.

People who believe their own hype will come to a bad end

I’m not even going to link to anything here. Surely you have been around the block and witnessed the rending of garments over the situation in Palestine — the rending of garments from Israel’s supporters! They’re so defensive. Nobody understands. The poor people of Sderot have to put up with unpredictable loud noises. They can’t sit out on their patios in peace. !!

And so forth. Such hystrionics, while little children die in Gaza by the dozens.

Let’s just cut through the bullshit. Israel is wrong. They are morally wrong. All the people busily debating the nuances of whose fault this is and the so-called peace process and everyone else’s burden and role to solve this supposedly intractable problem — blah blah blah — it is all beside the point. Israel drags the situation out interminably because Israel does not want peace. Israel wants all of Palestine. Israel makes the problem intractable, on purpose. And since Israel has a captive worldwide corporate media megaphone, Israel can proceed to muddy the waters ad nauseam, which of course they do, to this very end. It’s so helpful for them when everybody debates incessantly because it wastes time, and time works against the Palestinians, as it has now for over 60 years.

If Israel wanted peace, there would be peace. It is really as simple as that, because Israel always gets what Israel wants.

Look at the maps. The maps don’t lie, only the people do. There is precious little the Palestinians can give up but their lives, at this point. And that seems to be just fine with Israel, because Israel does not want peace. Israel does not want to share the land with the Palestinians. Not after 60 years. Not ever.

Israel always gets what Israel wants. And everybody knows it. And they will continue to carve up the Palestinians until they have satisfactorily carved themselves clean out of the human race.

And then humanity will say, “I know you not.”

A Few Observations

Israeli explanation for the attacks on Gaza defy rational thought. The web has erupted in full-blown outrage. Even the international community has seen fit to make some uncomfortable noises — all quite diplomatic of course — though Obama remains silent. “Vociferous” demonstrations have occurred at the Israeli embassy in London and New York, and also in France and Turkey. What? Didn’t you see the coverage on teevee?? Conclusion: Some people can still think. Some people still care. Maybe many more people than you know. Would that give you hope? Well then you must never find out from the corporate media.

The Middle East situation can spiral out of control in various ways. Meanwhile, Pakistan is continually compromised. Come to find out that India made agreements with Iran back in January 2003 to use Iranian military bases “in the event of any outbreak of tensions with Pakistan.” Just a thought…since Israel has infiltrated India — made clear by the Mumbai attacks — does this agreement give Israel a trojan horse opening to infiltrate Iranian military bases via India? Wouldn’t it be convenient for Mossad to start something from inside an Iranian military base? What more could one ask for but a totally deniable false flag operation on one’s arch enemy? Conclusion: Let us hope the Iranians have the matter well in hand.

Meanwhile, the Madoff scandal continues to percolate. A bankruptcy judge ordered the maximum compensation for “victims” capped at $100,000. This was reported on Christmas eve day. You were probably busy that day and missed it. This is a somewhat hopeful development. Related: Questions have arisen about the credibility of the author of The Madoff Double Bluff, Mohammed Rafiq. His piece first suggested (to my knowledge) the intriguing theory that Madoff admitted to fraud to prevent a process of discovery. It’s all here. In addition, another item has been circulating from an alleged Swiss whistleblower which supports the double bluff theory. You can read that here.

For the record I have known Rafiq for 15/20 years. Mohammed Rafiq was a banker but is not a Jewish convert to Islam. In fact he was baptised at Winchester Cathedral when he was a kid.

Neither is he from a line of bankers. His father was an army man of the lower ranks.

Why would somebody want to discredit Mohammed Rafiq? Hmm? Was he too close to the truth? Conclusion: This is far from over.

Final conclusion: It’s all connected. The wheels are coming off the bus in this period between the end of bush and the beginning of Obama. Qui bono?

There is a perfectly good explanation for all of this

On the heels of the Madoff scandal, which is challenging enough to spin, Israel now needs to be defended from the consequences of its own murderous behavior. In today’s Sunday papers opinion pages across the country, I’m guessing you will find shrill letters blaming everything on the Palestinians. Here’s one from the Boston Sunday Globe op ed page:

WHEN YOUSEF Munayyer (”Ignoring the plight in Gaza,” Op-ed, Dec. 21) compares Hamas and the people of Gaza to the people in 1949 Berlin during the Soviet blockade, he stands history on its head. Berliners were not firing missiles on civilians in neighboring towns. They were not holding a kidnapped Russian soldier hostage for years. They were not smuggling in arms to launch terrorist attacks.

[Oopsie. We better not mention the doubts about who, exactly, fires all those rockets. Also, the political prisoners? Um...1 Israeli prisoner vs 10,756 Palestinians as of 3/07. And the weapons? The US is giving Israel $2.55B in military aid alone for 2009. The little rockets are no match for the awesome military might of Israel, paid for by the US taxpayer.]

That is the reality of Gaza. Collective punishment? Well, as Munayyer suggests, the Gazans overwhelmingly support Hamas’s terrorist activities. They are reaping the consequences of their own choices. They are not simply innocent bystanders, like the neighboring Israelis who have seconds to react when a missile from Gaza is heading toward a residence or a school.

[Reality? The man cites nothing but lies. Hamas was democratically elected. Notice he does not deny the collective punishment. How could he? He justifies it because the Palestinians elected Hamas. In other words, in his mind they deserve to be collectively punished for displeasing the Israelis. They are not innocent bystanders, he says, like the neighboring Israelis. Racist much?]

Israel has shown time and again that is willing to negotiate peace with former enemies. It has done so with Egypt and Jordan. It has been attempting to do so with very limited success with the weak Palestinian Authority government in the West Bank. Hamas, however, can’t bring itself to end its acts of terrorism, even during the truce that recently ended.

[Get real. The US pays Egypt to support our Middle East policies, which of course mean sucking up to Israel. Mubarak is a dictator, and he's been there for 25 years. He is loathed by the Egyptian people, and his government does not reflect their wishes. Nothing in the Middle East can be taken at face value because the US government meddles incessantly on Israel's behalf. So spare us the hagiography.]

If you weep for the people of Gaza, place the responsibility where it belongs: on the Hamas thugs who run it, and the people there who support them.

[Well we do weep. And we will continue to place responsibility exactly where it belongs: with the thugs who run Israel and the people who support them.]

But it doesn’t stop there. We are also treated to a melodramatic apologia from a Rabbi about Madoff.

BERNARD MADOFF’S confessed Ponzi scheme assaults four core Jewish values.

Whom Can You Trust? In the wake of Madoff’s profound violation of his ethical and fiduciary duties, can we trust anyone any longer?

[Meaning can Jews trust other Jews.]

Sustenance and Spirituality. A classic Jewish text teaches no sustenance, no spirituality. What will happen to all those good organizations, that did all those good works, whose funding has been decimated?

[Those organizations being Jewish charities.]

Desecrating God’s Name. Madoff is a Jew. Jews are supposed to sanctify God’s name, kiddush hashem. That is, a non-Jew is to see how a Jew behaves in the world, in the marketplace, and sees authenticity, integrity, compassion, and says: “Wow, there is something beautiful about Jewish truth.” Madoff did just the opposite: not sanctification, but desecration.

[You see here a total disconnect from reality.]

Trashing the Jewish People’s Name. Jews are supposed to be an or la’goyim, a light unto the nations. But in a time of massive demoralization, uncertainty, and collapse - fertile soil for the seeking of scapegoats - Madoff gives anti-Semitic blogs just what they need: the face of a Jewish financier who is indeed unreconstructed evil.

[Again, total disconnect from reality.]

He goes on to bring up the Talmud, of all things, recommending that the Jewish people study it. If you’ve never looked into the Talmud, it’s quite an eye-popper. Click through for the many details.

Among other things, the Talmud teaches that harm must be done to the work of Christians.

Since the Goim minister to Jews like beasts of burden, belong to a Jew together with his life and all his faculties:

“The life of a Goi and all his physical powers belong to a Jew.” (A. Rohl. Die Polem. p.20)

It is an axiom of the Rabbis that a Jew may take anything that belongs to Christians for any reason whatsoever, even by fraud; nor can such be called robbery since it is merely taking what belongs to him.

In Babha Bathra (54 b) it says:

“All things pertaining to the Goim are like a desert; the first person to come along and take them can claim them for his own.”

And in a later passage, the Mossad motto makes an appearance:

In Zohar (I, 160a) it says:

“Rabbi Jehuda said to him [Rabbi Chezkia]: ‘He is to be praised who is able to free himself from the enemies of Israel, and the just are much to be praised who get free from them and fight against them. ‘Rabbi Chezkia asked, ‘How must we fight against them?’ Rabbi Jehuda said, ‘By wise counsel thou shalt war against them’ (Proverbs, ch. 24, 6). By what kind of war? The kind of war that every son of man must fight against his enemies, which Jacob used against Esau - by deceit and trickery whenever possible. They must be fought against without ceasing, until proper order be restored. Thus it is with satisfaction that I say we should free ourselves from them and rule over them.”

It would be very useful for people to understand the wide variety of brutal and unethical practices explicitly approved by the Talmud. When we say that someone like Michael Chertoff, for instance, is a Talmudic Jew, that means he has been formally instructed through religious indoctrination to lie to, deceive, steal from and kill non-Jews: approximately 97% of the population of the United States. Attorney General Mike Mukasey — same thing. It’s not like the difference between Episcopalians and Catholics; it’s the difference between following a religion or following a secret plan for murderous racism.

Such a hideous secret kept for such a long time. But no more.

Mass murderers expect your support and understanding

“Israel expects the support and understanding of the international community as it confronts terror.” - Tzipi Livni

Israeli air strikes in Gaza strip kill as many as 200 people

Dec. 27 (Bloomberg) — Israeli aircraft attacked police and security installations across the Gaza Strip, killing scores of people in the deadliest raid since the occupation of the coastal region ended in 2005, security and medical officials said.

As many as 200 people were killed and 750 injured, including women and children, Mu’awia Hassanien, a Palestinian medical-services official in Gaza, said today. Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, called the air strike a massacre and said it would retaliate. At least 30 rockets were fired from Gaza today, Israel Radio reported, killing a woman in Netivot.

Israel’s strikes started at 11:30 a.m. and in two minutes hit more than 30 targets, most of them security compounds run by Hamas, said an official of the movement who declined to be identified. They came after a week in which dozens of Qassam rockets were fired into Israel following the expiration Dec. 19 of a six-month cease-fire with Hamas.

“Israel expects the support and understanding of the international community as it confronts terror,” Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said. The government ordered the strikes on Hamas only after it saw no other way to stop rocket attacks on its southern towns. The attack comes amid an election campaign in Israel, with the ballot scheduled for Feb. 10.

Cryptogon notes how the price of gold spiked ahead of this attack and links this to other similar events.

And let’s talk about those rockets, the ones used to justify this attack. Here is Sarkozy, speaking presumably for the EU, citing them obliquely. The asshole Bush cites them directly:

President Nicholas Sarkozy of France, who holds the rotating European Union presidency, said he “firmly condemns the irresponsible provocations that have led to this situation, [the rockets] as well as the disproportionate use of force,” according to an e-mailed statement.

…In Washington, White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe said in an e-mailed statement from President George W. Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, that “Hamas’s continued rocket attacks into Israel must cease if the violence is to stop.” He also urged “Israel to avoid civilian casualties as it targets Hamas in Gaza.”

The rockets get top billing. Oh and by the way, watch that disproportionate force and try to avoid the women and children, ok? please & thanks. Love, Nick and George. We support you, because we mass murderers gotta stick together.

Here are some questions about those rockets:

The picture published at the ORF website is credited to “MOHAMED SABER/EPA”. Those are two first names and no family name. Who is this person? Why does he not present himself with a family name as any Arab would do? Does he exist at all or is he a fabrication?

The rockets depicted in that picture (and on the video) look more like the fancy bengalas which can be bought in many shops all over the world before festivities than any known weapon.

These so-called “rockets” appear to not have place for fuel or an engine, but they are supposed to fly 10-15Km? How do they accomplish this miracle?

How did ORF and other western media come into possession of this video which supposedly shows “Hamas fighters” shooting rockets from between fruit trees? Was it distributed by the Israeli embassy? Neither Austrian nor other western journalists are known to go to Gaza, so they can only have received them from the Israeli government, and that is what a link to exactly there from the ORF page suggests.

If the firing of these rockets from Gaza can be doubted, from where else could they have been fired? From within Israeli territory perhaps? Could it be that the firing of these rockets is a propaganda campaign implemented by the IDF in order to “justify” a long-planned massacre against the people of Gaza?

Could it be that the IDF is using the inhabitants of Sderot, Asqelon and other places around Gaza in order to construct a justification for genocide against a people who are already half hungered to death?

Why did nobody ask these questions before showing the clip at several European TV stations? If western media are not sloppy in their research and their checking of sources but still publish material which is obvious propaganda, is it possible to say that this irresponsible and less than professional attitude, the wholesale regurgitation of Israeli propaganda, is tantamount to complicity in the genocide against the Palestinian people?


Having an Epiphany

Doesn’t it all get so depressing sometimes? We’ve all been there. Once you get that burning curiosity and start digging around on the web, you soon find out things that plunge you directly into despair. From then on it’s a process of confirming, sorting, picking your jaw up off your lap, walking away in disgust, looking at your children with your heart in your throat, etc. etc. etc. Then you sit back down and do it all again. Some days you will laugh, and other days you will cry; but always you know this will surely end in prison camps for somebody.

To greatly oversimplify deeply convoluted things, the people causing the NWO problems worship dark forces. They participate in occult rituals. Evil really exists, and these people tap into it. These forces are unseen, yet they can be accessed and used by willing human beings. If you doubt this, please do some research. These people are not atheists. They believe in the unseen world and actively work against God. They despise the name of Jesus Christ and do everything possible to turn people away from him. And look what they’ve accomplished. What does that tell you?

Yes, God exists. Is he weak? No. It is we who are weak. It is we who deprive ourselves of his power and hand our wills over to the absolutely wrong people, even when we don’t mean to. That is what happens when we succumb to despair. We literally play into their hands. Despair feeds into the very thing we struggle against. They want us to be afraid. They want us to be in despair. They want us to wallow in negativity and hopelessness. That’s how they win. That’s how they crush our spirits. Like everything else about the NWO, their main goal is to convince people to destroy and enslave and imprison themselves! Because certainly, they could never outnumber us.

This is an unseen battle of wits and will and faith. The resistance begins within. It begins when people stop thinking We’re doomed. It begins when you get to the point where you say, in not so many words, eff these people. Who the hell do they think they are?

No. I do not accept this corruption. I do not accept their dominion. It is a lie. We deserve better. I believe that these corrupt people will fail. They will destroy each other, and then they will go to prison, where they surely belong. We will have peace on earth. I believe that good will prevail over evil.

And with that act of will, you have thrown your shoulder behind the unseen force of good. Notice that you don’t have to figure out how, exactly, this will happen. You only need to believe that it will happen and do your own small part, whatever that may be.


Come Lord Jesus

O Magnum Mysterium, Thomas Luis de Victoria (1548-1611)

O magnum mysterium et admirabile sacramentum ut animalia viderent Dominum natum jacentem in praesepio.

Beata virgo cujus viscera meruent partare Dominum Christum. Alleluia.

O great mystery and admirable sacrament that animals see the Lord born lying in a manger.

Blessed virgin whose womb was worthy to bear Lord Christ. Alleluia.

May the beauty, simplicity and mystery of Christ’s birth be with you tonight.

Environmental Disaster in Tennessee

usxp has the story at AA News:

There was a huge and terrible environmental disaster in Tennessee yesterday.

The Tennessee Valley Authority, better known as TVA, has a coal-burning power plant located near Harriman, Tennessee, along Interstate 40 between Knoxville and Nashville. The stuff that is left over after TVA burns their coal is called coal ash.

Coal ash contains mercury and dangerous heavy metals like lead and arsenic - materials found naturally in coal are concentrated in the ash.

TVA has a huge mountain of this coal waste material stored in a gigantic pile next to their Harriman (Kingston) power plant, alongside a tributary of the Tennessee River.

On Monday morning Dec. 22 around 1:00 am, the earthen retaining wall around this mountain of coal ash failed and approximately 500 million gallons of nasty black coal ash flowed into tributaries of the Tennessee River - the water supply for Chattanooga TN and millions of people living downstream in Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky.

This Tennessee TVA spill is over 40 times bigger than the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska, if local news accounts are correct.

This engineering failure has a familiar ring.

How about a nice poke in the eye?

Remember the dueling banjos?

Today we have the Dueling Hegelian Dialectic. We have a real problem (fiat currency), and we need a real reaction, and a real solution. But in parallel, we have a manufactured problem with a timing issue (the bailouts), and a manufactured reaction (provoking people to riot at the appointed scapegoats), and a manufactured solution (Martial Law, new currency, etc.)

Apparently, in about eight weeks, all hell is going to break loose with the real problem: hyperinflation.

But for our overlords, everything has not quite been put into place to manage the problem of our fiat money system imploding, and that’s why you have some messy problems like Bernie Madoff having to fall on his sword, and Hank Paulson looking all squirrely in public, and this unfortunate leadership vacuum between the merciful end of GWBush and the beginning of Obama. I really think this was all meant to hang together for just a few more months. It would have been much easier to manage — for scapegoating purposes — if Obama got in there before it all came unglued. It would have been nice and neat. The Republican bastards would take the blame, but they would be already gone so it wouldn’t matter. But as it stands now, scapegoats are desperately needed in real time, and nobody has left the stage yet. Can we get a volunteer to be the bad guy so we can make our escape? C’mon….somebody?…Bernie?? Super. We love you, baby. Anyone else? We need a few more. We have several trillion dollars of shit to cover up, people. No joke. Come on…who’s a team player?

So our overlords are focused on that timing issue. They have got to get everybody wrapped up in some big chocolate mess before the eight weeks are up, because when the problem of hyperinflation hits, there will be no more Mr. Nice Goys in America. And our overlords will have no place to hide. Therefore, somebody has got to be the scapegoat right now, and the bankers drew the short straw. Which is sort of fair, but not totally, as they did not do this all by themselves. They did it with the help of the corporate media and Congress, among others. But hey, those guys are not the designated scapegoats this time. No no no. Somebody has to direct the show.

Enter the REACTION PORTAL. You are getting very sleepy. Veeerrry sleeeepy. Now listen to me. It is time for you to outraged at bankers. Point all your rage at the bankers. Good. Soon you will riot in the streets, just like they did in Greece. Yessss. Veeerry goood. Listen to CNN. Listen to your Congresspeople. Yessss. They have your best interests at heart always. Always. Please riot so we can institute Martial Law. Yesss. We need you to be very upset and distracted now. Yessss. With bankers. Not with us. No No. Listen to us. Just be angry with the bankers. That’s right. Goood.

Well, Peasant, shouldn’t we be outraged at bankers? Oh yes. Most definitely. But hey, didn’t our Congresspeople totally neglect to put strings into the legislation after the American people made it crystal clear that we didn’t want any bailout in the first place? WHY is any of this a surprise?? It was very clear from the beginning that Congress had no intention of doing a thing to protect the taxpayers.

These assholes have supposedly worked it all out. So they say. (Does Henry Paulson look like a bloodsucking ghoul all the time?)

Behold the cornucopia of hedging language to describe this deal.

The plan calls for the Treasury Department to buy deeply distressed mortgage-backed securities and other bad debts held by banks and other investors. The money should help [or not help] troubled lenders make new loans and keep credit lines open. The government would later try [they will try, but they will fail] to sell the discounted loan packages at the best possible price.

At the insistence of House Republicans, some [unspecified amount] of the program’s $700 billion would be devoted to a program that would encourage [as opposed to require] holders of distressed mortgage-backed securities to keep them and buy government insurance to cover defaults.

The legislation would place “reasonable” limits [as determined by the ultra-rich] on severance packages for executives of companies that benefit from the rescue plan, said a senior administration official who was authorized to speak only on background. It would affect fired executives of financial firms, and executives of firms that go bankrupt. Some [unspecified] of the provisions would be retroactive and some [unspecified] prospective, the official said.

And so forth. I don’t even think it’s necessary to speculate about the bribes paid into Caymen Island bank accounts that made this legislation possible.

And CNN. Let’s talk about that little shop for a second. CNN, which lost the feed during a truthy rant. CNN, which neglected to report on the bailout protests. CNN, which played a role covering up events in Georgia (read the comments).

So what I’m trying to say is this: people really should cock an eyebrow at CNN’s (or any other) breathless reports about how outraged you should be that the bankers screwed us. You already know that it’s outrageous, don’t you? Do you really need CNN to tell you that the bankers have destroyed the world economy? Wouldn’t it have been much more helpful if CNN had done some fierce investigative reporting…you know…earlier?

And the same for Congress. Spare us the grave concern, you shameless people who have just given yourselves a raise over our dead bodies. I’ve never known a bunch of lawyers to make the lamest contracts possible for their clients, unless of course they pretend to work for the American people but in reality have been bought and paid for multiple times over by special interests.

All these people should just save their breath. And Americans should tuck their rage in for about eight more weeks and refuse to be baited and lured into some media-led reaction that is sure to make a nice getaway opportunity for the guilty parties. Just hold on for a while longer. Don’t react to their little timing problems while they scurry off to count their money stashed away in offshore banks. When it’s time to react, you will know. You don’t need CNNABCCBSMSNBCFOX to tell you when your money becomes worthless. That’s when it all stops. That’s when everybody will turn their eyes together on the enemy within. I hope they shit their pants for a change.